Who is not fascinated by ballroom dancing? When you observe graceful and graceful movements that clearly draw the style of music, willy-nilly you regret that you do not know how to dance. Each girl at such moments thinks: if I have a daughter, I will definitely give her to the dance.

And here you are - a happy mother and want to fulfilla promise that they gave to themselves. But in order for the child to like to go to the dance, it is not enough to choose a good school. Much depends on the stage costume, in the selection of which not the last role is played by rating dresses.

What is a rating dress?

The fact is that every stage performanceor, in other words, the rating must pass in accordance with the rules of the Dance Sport Federation. In this book, not the last place stands out for recommendations about the appearance of dancers.rating dresses

If the stage costume does not matchrules, then such a couple does not have the right to participate in the competition, so you should buy the rating dresses. Such models are sewn specially in accordance with the requirements of the Dance Sport Federation.

What are rating dresses?

What is there to say, performance without attireis impossible. Therefore, it is worthwhile seriously approaching the choice of a dance costume. After all, a lot depends on our appearance, and this is an emotional and in some way a physical state of health. Children are no exception, every girl wants to look good, especially if she has to speak to the audience.

ball gown rating

And the ratings will help you feel confidentdresses. This is a special model of stage attire, which is created for dancing. A feature of this dress is its tailoring. The fitted top and flared bottom help to feel comfortable and confident. A varied color scale raises the child's mood for a responsible performance.

Rating dresses for dances

In other words, such models of dresses are calledBASIC. Ball gown rating is intended for both the Latin American program, and for the European. It is worth considering that for different dances there are appropriate dresses, since the Latin American outfit is not suitable for the performance of a sensitive waltz and vice versa. The dress is chosen specially for the kind of ballroom dance and under his mood.

Rating dress: what color to give preference to

If you do not have questions with the form, then you have to get a little nervous when choosing a shade of clothes. Rating dresses are made of such materials as:

  • guipure;
  • velours;
  • stretch;
  • velvet.

As for the color gamut,bright colors, and it's not just that. After all, the first impression of a pair is created precisely by their attire. Before the performance of the jury, they evaluate the appearance of the dancers, and then only their skills.

The outfit itself should embody the style of the couple andthe nature of the dance. Therefore, when choosing it is necessary to be guided by individual preferences and not to miss the fact that girls do not get all the colors. It is important not to overdo it, so that the dancers do not look ridiculous on the floor or even unnoticed. The outfits of both partners must be combined with each other and be their face.Rating Dresses for Dancing

Dance is not movement on a parquet, ithistory of relations. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for a responsible event, so that the dance not only liked the technical side, but also conveyed feelings. So those parents who have expressed a desire to write children to dance, it is necessary to seriously approach a new hobby.

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