Quadrocycles "Suzuki KingQuad 750"

Few people know that the advent of ATVs,which have become an integral part of outdoor activities, we owe the Suzuki brand. It was their engineers who first developed this type of vehicle. The earliest model of the ATV "Suzuki" refers to 1983. She came in the stead of her three-wheeled fellows.

Today in Russia only three models are soldATVs produced by the Japanese company Suzuki Motors: KingQuad 500, 400 and the popular 750-ka, which is the most successful. It is about it will be discussed.

Excellent design and uncontrollable power

If you start to imagine quad bikes"Suzuki KingQuad 750", the imagination draws a ferocious and ruthless metal monster. After all, he received the most powerful single-cylinder engine. But at the first acquaintance, completely different impressions remain. It is a vehicle that hides uncontrollable power under a weather-cloth, which is not only a reliable protection, but also having a modern design.


The legend of the ruler KingQuad does not have rear-view mirrors, as well as dimensions, which makes it impossible to operate on city roads. Quadrocycles "Suzuki" 750-series are used only on the roads.

Quad bikes for public services

The peculiarity of Suzuki is that theyonly single-seat ATVs are manufactured, positioning this type of vehicle as mini-tractors. But our compatriots are not accustomed to using this technique in the agricultural sector. In Russia, extreme sports, as well as active recreation, are rapidly gaining popularity, where the use of the Suzuki ATVs has found its use. They have enough power and mobility to overcome the most difficult off-road sections. This is what allowed to get the best reviews from the owners of ATVs "Suzuki".

Mototehnika from the 750 series has proven itself on the roads of varying degrees of complexity and has found application in the ranks of mobile units of border services, the Ministry of Emergencies, and also in forestry.

Short story

The first model came off the assembly line in 2007 andfor a long time has not undergone serious changes. Only in 2009, began to install the power steering. This greatly increased the weight of the apparatus. To achieve the same characteristics, engineers had to abandon the manual starter, install alloy wheels and modify the bracket of the brake pedal, as well as the battery, reducing them.

Then it's time to work on the landinga place that has received a T-shaped saddle. It is now much more convenient, allowing the driver to straighten. The steering wheel, made with a certain inclination, became much higher, and control - more comfortable and light. Protective covers have been installed, which conceal the breathers of the reducer. Each element of protection began to be made of high-strength plastic, which is much lighter than metal. The only thing that remained unchanged - head optics.

atvs suzuki owners reviews

In the photo, the "Suzuki" ATVs are presented in their updated version.

A bit about the characteristics

KingQuad 750AXi - a real flagship amongATV "Suzuki". Its design is balanced and stable, which became possible due to the use of advanced technologies. Unlike many analogues, the ATV "Suzuki"turned out to be frisky. A four-stroke engine is capable of giving out more than fifty "horses".

Together with the single-cylinder engine work:

  • Automatic transmission with a variator;
  • Independent suspension on the wishbones;
  • Automatic multi-plate clutch;
  • Stabilizer of lateral stability;
  • Electric power steering with control unit;
  • Four-wheel drive;
  • Multi-plate clutch and rear brake (reducer).

suzuki ATV photos


Users claim: on ATVs Suzuki can remove the restriction of speed when reversing or a locked differential. This can help in situations where it is necessary to get out of mud or sand, making it the best option for extreme trips. Among the positive moments also note: reliability (during the ownership owners changed only the oil and filter), build quality, passability, inexpensive parts, low fuel consumption. Of the minuses, the most often called only the fact that with a tough operation (jumping from a springboard, for example) burst frame, which once again confirms the purpose of the device.

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