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The question becomes extremely relevant. The fact is that the central water supply is often absent, and if there is water, it is far from always. But if you have a well or a well, then you only need a pumping station. Thanks to this equipment you will be able to effectively pump water to the means of water intake. Of course, today there are a huge number of stations, many of them are very good, others are average, and still others are budget options.pumping station

What is this station for?

Even if in your summer cottage there is a well in which a submersible pump is installed, this does not solve the main problem. This is due to several simple reasons. Many submersible pumps are designed for continuous operation. In our case, the pump must be put into operation each time the faucet is opened in the house. This is very inconvenient, and can also cause damage to the device.However, pumping stations for the house work a little differently. They have a backup storage capacity. Its volume can be different, from 100 to several thousand liters, which completely depends on your needs. When water is taken from the reserve, the pump will replenish it.water pumping stationsIn addition, it makes sense to note that in our case not a submersible pump is used, but a surface pump, for this simple reason, the laboriousness of the work is reduced. All you need to do is to lower a hose of the appropriate length and diameter into the well; everything else will be done automatically by you.

For watering the garden

Pumping stations for the home are great for supplying water to the garden. For example, for watering plants and accumulating water in trolleys. The fact is that for such purposes are most often used sand wells with a small depth. For them, submersible pumps are not suitable, so the only way out is to use the surface option. In addition, the design itself is not too overall, although much here depends on performance. Therefore, at the end of the work you can take it to the garage or home.In the case of the garden, the station may not be connected to the storage tank. Simply connect the hose from the well, and the sprayer at the outlet, and you get what you need. Along with this, pumping stations for the house create enough pressure in the water supply system to ensure good pressure. Here we are talking about about 1.5 Atm.

Pump stations for giving and their features

You can say that the schematic diagram of the device, regardless of the manufacturer, remains the same. Small differences can still be found, but they do not play a special role. The main feature of such stations is that they can not work at a depth of more than 8 meters to the water mirror. Although if you buy a more expensive and productive unit, you can immerse the hose up to 30 meters, no more.home pumping stations

If the submersible pump does not require regular maintenance, then this cannot be said about our stations. They need constant cleaning and care. In particular, you need to monitor the condition of the accumulator, periodically clean the check valve and backup tanks. The station should be stored in a warm, heated room with a normal humidity level.Complicated automation without service may fail, repairs will be expensive.

What to look for when buying?

Without any doubt, the most difficult thing is to choose the right equipment. If you already have experience, then there will be no problems with this, but if you are a beginner, you should know that a number of criteria need to be guided. The main one is the performance of the device. Then you definitely need to take into account the height of the water intake, by the way, it is better with a small margin. For example, a well at 6 meters, and a pump at 7. It will also provide a small power reserve, which is also very good. Of course, if the station will be used not only for irrigation, you should always be able to optimally choose a backup tank.

pumping stations for giving

Take into account the fact that they can turn off the light for a few days, while you must have water to wash the dishes, and for other household needs. For example, a family of 2-3 people will be quite enough reserve in the 400-800 liters, which is enough for 2-4 days, depending on the activity of water use.

Pumping station: price and something else

Many make a choice depending on their financial capabilities, which is fully justified.As noted above, today there are a huge number of manufacturers, so the situation with the cost of equipment is not so clear. The fact is that the price is greatly influenced by performance, power, immersion depth of the pump and other characteristics. Naturally, the more powerful the device you want, the more you will have to pay for it. Nevertheless, you can always choose what will be suitable both in price and quality.

pump station reviews

Automatic pumping station "Dolphin" with a capacity of 370 watts will cost about 5,000 rubles. In this case, you can count on the performance of 40 liters per minute and a height of 40 meters when diving at 7 meters. This device has a cast-iron housing, which houses an asynchronous motor. To give such a pump is more than enough. But the pumping station, the price of which is much higher, is the eminent European brand AL-KO HW 4000. This unit with cleaning filters and a high lifting height is suitable for solving many problems.

About additional features

It is important to look at the technical specifications, of course, but do not forget about the additional features of the unit.Here it’s more likely not a matter of luxury, but of necessity. For example, protection against dry running and overheating makes the station more expensive by 15-20%. Many may say that this function is not needed, and they will be wrong. The fact is that if the water from the source for any reason ceases to go, and the pump will work, then with high probability it will fail. If the engine picks up increased speed and starts to warm up, it will also shut down. By the way, the pumping station for a private house should be automatic. In most cases, its installation is carried out under the floor or in the basement. So that after each shutdown of light, filling or emptying the reserve, it is not necessary to restart the equipment, and automation is needed.

Everyone should know

The accumulator may be made of steel, cast iron or plastic. The latter option is less preferred for many reasons. In particular, because its strength is rather low, and this directly affects durability.

private house pumping station

Of course, the steel hydroaccumulator shows itself best of all, but its price is rather big, so you can choose an alternative - cast iron.In addition, steel and cast iron tanks are less noisy and more reliably protected from mechanical effects. But practice shows that a tank installed in the basement or partially buried in the ground, even if it is plastic, serves for a long time and efficiently. In addition, the plastic has one significant advantage - it is not susceptible to corrosion.

What do buyers say?

Many say that the pumping station for a private house is simply irreplaceable. Of course, this is in the absence of a central water supply. Also, it is not advised to buy remote stations, as with them the most problems. In addition, users note that it is not necessary to acquire too expensive pumping stations for gardening with complex automation. Since the stay is seasonal, it is quite possible to do with manual control. In general, consumers are satisfied with the purchase, although much depends on the manufacturer of the equipment. In any case, before the pumping station is bought, consumer reviews and expert advice are simply a must to read.

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About manufacturers

As noted above, the quality of the product depends largely on the company that produced the equipment.Today, European-made pumping stations are very popular. The price for them, though higher, but the products are of high build quality. The domestic manufacturer also gradually becomes competitive and promotes its product on the market. In any case, we can advise you to buy equipment from Italy, companies "Marina", "Ergus". Not to mention a few German companies that are out of competition. Pay special attention to Grundfos and Metabo. Water pumping stations from these manufacturers will serve for a very long time, and you can be sure of their reliability. In principle, this is all the information that should be considered when choosing.

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