"Protargol" for children: reviews, instructions for use, composition, analogues

When the occurrence of parents begin to get nervous. does not allow him to breathe properly, and vasodilator drops are prohibited to use without a prescription But they help for a while. In such cases, pediatricians are discharged "Protargol." It is well known that the drops used for the child must be effective and safe. Does Protargol meet all these requirements?

The composition of the drug

"Protargol" is an aqueous solution of colloidal silver. Its active ingredient is silver proteinate. The structure of "Protargola" for children includes:

  • water;
  • silver - 7-8% in terms of metal.

"Protargol" for children reviews

Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of drops provide assistance during the treatment of purulent inflammatory processes in many branches of medicine (ophthalmology, urology and otorhinolaryngology).

Drug properties

According to the reviews, Protargol for children has an effect that is based on the disinfecting qualities of silver. The ions of this metal prevent the reproduction and development of bacteria and viruses, which makes it possible to use the remedy for colds, as well as for complications of the disease. Due to the destruction of pathogens appears anti-inflammatory effect, and the protein composition of the drug reduces nasal secretions.

Silver ions inhibit the reproduction of many species of bacteria and viruses, as well as prevent their penetration into the nasal mucosa, creating a protective film on its surface. Due to the main component, vasoconstriction occurs and tissue healing accelerates.

When is the drug prescribed?

According to the reviews, "Protargol" for children is suitable only for outdoor use, internal use can lead to serious consequences. He is appointed as a local antiseptic for mucous membranes. The main use of the drug is the treatment of inflammatory processes in the nasal cavity and sinuses, as well as the prevention of colds in the autumn-winter period.

"Protargol" instructions for use for children

Indications for use:

  1. Rhinitis of various origins.
  2. Inflammation of the middle ear (otitis).
  3. Adenoids.
  4. Conjunctivitis.
  5. Cystitis and urethritis.

Drops "Protargol" found their use as a preventive and therapeutic agent, which is used in the treatment of inflammatory and infectious diseases of the paranasal sinuses.

Instructions for use of the drug

In the process of therapy prescribed 1% or 2% solution of "Protargola".

How to drip "Protargol" child? The tool is applied 2 times a day, before the procedure, clear the nose. Permissible dosage is limited to 3-5 drops. Bury the drug most conveniently, lying on his back or throwing his head back.

Instructions for use "Protargol" for children in the treatment of sinusitis and rhinitis includes 1-2 drops of the drug in each nasal passage 3 times a day. Duration of treatment should not exceed 7 days. For therapy, children are prescribed a drug with a minimum content of silver ions (1%).

"Protargol" analogues for children

For otitis, use 3-5 drops of solution in each external auditory canal three times a day. The duration of treatment is 7 days.

In maternity hospitals, drops "Protargol" are used as a means of prevention in staphylococcus in newborns. In other situations, the use of "Protargola" for children under one year is a controversial issue, because WHO suggests using it from the age of 5 years.

Some pediatricians do not take into account such recommendations and prescribe medication to babies who have not reached this age. Therefore, parents should be especially careful to strictly follow the instructions for use and at the slightest adverse reactions of the child's body immediately stop using drops.

Self drug is best not to use.

Can I use the drug for a newborn?

In the instructions for the drug there is no point that they can be treated and infants. The age at which the drug can be safely used is indicated - 3 years.

Is it possible to drip "Protargol" in the nose to children under one year old? Some doctors prescribe a drug to babies. In this case, parents receive clear instructions about the duration of therapy and the required dose. Apply "Protargol" more than 7 days should not be. Some pediatricians recommend that during treatment with a drug not to bury it in the nose, but only to treat the mucous membranes of the child's nose. This therapy is effective and will not harm the baby’s body.

"Protargol" in the nose for children

According to the instructions for use, "Protargol" for children is used to prevent blepharitis in newborns, which occurs under the strict supervision of a physician.After all, the use of funds for more than 7 days is not recommended, it can lead to negative consequences. Among other things, it is necessary to take into account that the drug is used to treat a bacterial infection, and not a viral one.


According to reviews, "Protargol" for children should not be given to pregnant women and women during breastfeeding. Fully negative effect on the fetus has not been proven, but in order to avoid possible negative influence it is best not to use it.

It is not necessary to apply means at individual intolerance of its components.

Adverse reactions

According to reviews, Protargol for children can cause the following side effects:

  • burning and itching;
  • eye redness and lacrimation;
  • drowsiness;
  • headache;
  • dry mouth.

For children, the drug is used only in a concentration of 1%. Parents need to be aware of the high toxicity of the drug, which is manifested when it is used incorrectly. Silver is a metal with a level of permissible concentration. In high doses it causes a health hazard. When silver accumulates in the body, it is eliminated very slowly.Therefore, the drug is recommended to be used in strict accordance with the instructions.

The composition of "Protargola" for children

Getting through the organs of the digestive tract into the bloodstream, the components of the tool are deposited in the spleen, kidneys, brain and other organs. With excessive accumulation of silver in the body, a disease called argyria begins to develop.

It is best to dispose of the remedy after the course of therapy.

Analogs of the drug

Sometimes the pediatrician prescribes "Protargol" for a long time, but because of its side effects, it is necessary to look for analogues of the drug. Is it possible to find a tool that matches the composition?

The closest analogue of "Protargola" for children is "Kolargoll". In its composition there is the same active ingredient - silver proteinate. However, its concentration is higher, so the effectiveness of the tool is more pronounced.

Currently, pharmacies can buy drops that have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antiviral properties. The price for them is different. What means to choose depends on the state of health of the patient and the individual characteristics of his body.

The analogues of "Protargol" for children include "Argovit", "Vitargol", "Kolargoll".

"Protargol" children up to a year

Only a doctor will help to pick up a drug from existing analogues, taking into account all the features of the patient's body.

Reviews of doctors and parents

Opinions of experts about the "Protargola" divided. One group of pediatricians categorically prohibits the use of the drug for the treatment of rhinitis and otitis. They do not recommend the use of "Protargol" for the treatment of children under 5 years of age due to the presence of silver. Metal has the property of accumulating in vital organs (kidneys, liver, spleen, etc.), and then causing various complications.

Another group of pediatricians is confident that with strict adherence to instructions for taking the medicine will not be able to harm the body, and will bring him only benefit. They argue their point of view by the fact that the drug has been used to treat rhinitis and other diseases since the 70s of the last century and did not contribute to complications.

According to reviews, "Protargol" for children causes not only positive, but also negative feedback from parents. The majority of moms and dads are satisfied with the effect that the remedy has in the treatment of rhinitis, otitis and other diseases.

How to drip "Protargol" child

Other parents do not welcome the use of the drug due to the content of silver ions.

Another of the negative points that parents noted is the small shelf life of Protargola. Store the drug is allowed no more than 20 days.

Sometimes mothers were faced with the fact that the tool ceased to act. It is well known that the drug can not be used constantly, because it leads to addiction, and the treatment has no effect.

Drops "Protargol" - a drug that helps treat bacterial rhinitis. Like many drugs, it has contraindications and adverse reactions that must be considered when taking it.

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