Producer "Ranetok" Sergey Melnichenko

In the creative biography of Sergei Melnichenko a lot of interesting projects. We will recall some of them and dwell in more detail on his collaboration with the Ranetki group.Sergey Melnichenko

Biography of producer Sergey Melnichenko

Hometown of the Russian musician - Tomsk. Here he was born in 1966. He studied at vocational school. At the age of fifteen, he had an interest in playing bass. His first team was the group "Paradox". For several years the guys performed at different venues. Later, Sergey Melnichenko became interested in arranging. Among the educational institutions that he graduated from are the Tomsk Cultural and Vocational School and the Kemerovo Institute of Arts (although here he graduated from only three courses). "Conductor of a pop orchestra" - he received such a specialty.

Guitar, drum, keyboard saxophone - these are the musical instruments on which he plays beautifully. Sergey Melnichenko photos

Creative projects

The arranger for the popular group “Na-Na”, co-producer of the singer Andrei Gubin, guitarist and arranger of the album titled “I Will Rewrite Love” of the singer Jasmin, producer, author of music and lyrics of the Moscow collective Fantasy.In the creative baggage of Sergey Melnichenko, collaboration with Vladimir Asmolov and Mikhail Mikhailov (chanson performers). Later, he thought about the independent organization of the group. To do this, posted on the web ad to search for young people and girls with musical abilities. Apparently, this is how the acquaintance with Sergey Melnichenko’s young girl group “Ranetki” took place.Since 2005, he has been their music director and producer.Sergey Melnichenko producer

Successful tandem

The idea to organize a group came up with four friends: Evgenia Ogurtsova, Valeria Kozlova, Anna Rudneva and Natalia Schelkovo. The last in the maiden ranks joined Elena Tretyakova. It was impossible not to notice the group after its participation in major festivals “Megahaus-2006” and “Emaus-2006” (2006). A year later, they already performed at Emaus 2007. At that time, they had a good relationship with a number of well-known groups.

2007 Several songs of the group were included in the popular series “Kadetstvo” (CTC channel). The audience loved and remembered these songs. But at that time no one thought that very soon all the inhabitants of our country would see the young singers themselves on television screens.The success of the series "Kadetstvo" pushed its creators to begin work on a new project. It is based on the real story "Ranetok". The series received the same name. The roles themselves were played by the girls themselves, their names did not change, but only their surnames changed.

Family life

Sergey Melnichenko had several marriages. The first time he married in 1988 was Oksana, a professional dancer. The couple have a joint child - the daughter of Anastasia. When she was four years old, her parents separated. The reason was Sergey’s excessive passion for his career and complete disregard for his own family.

His second wife was named Larisa Alina. With this young singer, Sergey overcame quite a few household and material problems: poor housing, modest lunches in cheap eateries. But after a while the spouses had their own living space in Moscow. In 1998, Sergei became a father for the second time. The name for the girl chose a rare and unusual - Dawn.

The reason for parting with Alina was that the husband, in her opinion, spent a lot of time in the company of young girls. You can’t argue with that, because it was the period when the Ranetki group was created.

In the end, in 2006, Sergei decided to leave his wife. His new chosen one was an eighteen-year-old “rannet” Lera Kozlova. The nature of this beauty was not easy, the girl's favorite affair was scandals. Melnichenko had to suffer a bit of such a relationship, as the series was filming.Sergey Melnichenko

But the patience was over, and Lera was dismissed from the team. 24 years - this is the difference in age between the producer and his third wife Natalia Schelkova. Full spiritual well-being - with these words, Sergei Melnichenko, who formed the relations in this marriage. The photo that we see fully confirms his words. As for close relatives, the son-in-law was perfectly received by the girl’s parents, and the daughter of Dawn immediately became friends with her father’s young wife.

Today, the couple also have children - the daughter of the Story, she was born in 2011, and the daughter Iva (2013).

Sergey has many creative plans, ideas and ideas. And he is sure that he will bring them to life.

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