Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for the healing of a sick child or adult

This world exists only because the servants of God are present here. They are called old men, saints, wise men, gurus. But since many people want to cheaply receive an invaluable spiritual good, fake false prophets are also present. Both of them have a place, because a person expresses his desires and, by his causeless unlimited mercy, the Almighty fulfills them all. As for diseases, they, unfortunately, are inevitable in this world. Their appearance has its own reasons, but better than any people's doctors can heal the prayer of the saint. For example, the miraculous prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker performs real miracles. People are not only healed from severe ills, but their lives are transformed, many even come to rethink.

Many believers in the house must have an icon of Nicholas the Wonderworker. How does prayer help this great saint? The answer is everything.Not only in diseases you can call on Nicholas the Wonderworker. It also helps in everyday situations, in difficult periods, and especially in requests for children. The following simple prayer to St. Nicholas the Wonderworker for the healing of a child is immense.

How to pray

a prayer to nicholas for healing

A place to pray should be clean. It is necessary to light three candles, fill the vessel with consecrated water and place an icon of St. Nicholas next to them. Before the prayer, the saint should read "Our Father." The very prayer for the health of the child is very simple, but incredibly effective.

"Oh, most holy God the Blessed - Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker. Grant mercy for the recovery of my beloved offspring.

A prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for healing will bring great benefit, even if it is read in your own words. The main thing is that they go from the heart.

Why do people suffer?

As a rule, people forget about their very old desires and begin to lament their fate and not understand what is happening now and why. The problem of many is not that they do not know who the person really is and who God is, but that people do not even want to know it.There is no age at which someone would not die, whether before birth (abortion), at the time of birth, in a month, a year, a hundred years. All of us waiting for the inevitable death. And most importantly - we have fear when we think about it.

This feeling envelops for a reason, but because of sinful acts. After all, there are laws of the universe, believe in them or not - they exist. The scriptures describe what the sun is, the moon, the wind is blowing, it rains only because of the fear of God. We, in our deep ignorance, think that we can do what we want, and for that we will have nothing.

If you go, for example, to some millionaire on his private property, turn up beautiful flower beds, kill his dog, break furniture in his house - will the owner be pleased with this? Of course not! So why, when we are punished for the fact that in the creation of God we make every lawlessness, we somehow get offended? Even in our ordinary laws of the criminal code there is a clue that ignorance of the law does not exempt from punishment. But the Supreme is not some kind of tyrant, He just created this universe perfectly, so that everyone would live happily. And if someone encroaches on what is not supposed to be, then he inevitably bears the punishment.

First comes a warning - a hint of conscience, and if this voice is not heard, diseases arise that pacify our pride and give the person time to think. Illness is not bad! This is a sign from above that you do not live by the rules. The Lord sends his messengers to such an unhappy, so that they not only improve their health, but also give them the knowledge of how to live correctly and be happy forever, and not temporarily, as they promise us at every step. Often in sickness people turn to God through His messengers. And it really brings good results. Sincere prayer for healing the sick Nicholas the Wonderworker is able to expel the ailment forever.

Prayer for healing

prayer to Nicolas the miracle-worker for the healing of the disease

"Saint Nicholas the Miracle Worker, Savior of our lost souls. We appeal to you with a humble request for illness and infirmity. Remove from (name) damage and serious illness. Let (name) all sins that caused so much suffering. Accept repentance of the sick and his loved ones Let all illnesses leave his mortal body and arrive with indestructible health and grace. May the Lord through you hear our humble request and not condemn her. Ask about St. Nicholas that all adversities will be released and illnesses will leave forever. For all your will. Amen. "

This prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker about healing from a disease is especially effective if it is read by the close ones of the sick person. Prayer for others always brings quick results.

Saint Nicholas - who is he?

prayer for the healing of the miraculous

The Messenger of God, St. Nicholas the Great, known throughout the world for his amazing deeds. Surprisingly, he was born into a rich family. Usually, prophets ask God to be born with injuries in a simple family of the righteous, in order to avoid difficult temptations. Just because there is wealth in the family - there is no need for God. After all, they usually ask the Lord for something, and when you have all the blessings of civilization, then, accordingly, the need for petition disappears, pride rises, and to glorify Him, by whose grace, all this has got, they forget.

Nikolai was born in Asia Minor, in the city of Patara, in the year 270. Parents were not only rich, but also believed in God. Since childhood, he listened a lot and read about the acts of Jesus Christ. In the temple, he was appointed reader. Passing a lot of persecution, he preached and was a priest, and then he was appointed bishop in the city of Peace (now the city of Demre in Turkey), and earlier it was a province of the Roman Empire - Lycia. Hence the name of St. Nicholas of Mirlikiya.

For his actions, he was already called a saint and miracle worker during his lifetime. He patronizes all travelers, sailors, illegally convicted, slandered. Special mercy through God he shed on the children. For this, and became famous around the world, because children suffer and get sick everywhere. These are, of course, their sins for past lives in an adult body, through children also suppress the pride of their parents, but no one wants to think about it. The main thing for many is to solve the problem in any way and go on to sin further, and this is sad.

Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker on children is one of the most powerful.

St. Nicholas to help children

a prayer to nicholas about the children

You can contact the saint anywhere: at home, in the temple, hospital, and even on the street. Saint Nicholas helps kids in any circumstances. And even when the children are not yet, they pray to him for their talent. On successful births and the health of the mother and child, you can also pray to the Holy Satan.

In traveling, sickness and health, joy and grief, Nicholas the Wonderworker helps in everything.

Prayer for Children

Nicholas the Miracle-maker's prayer for children should not be read mechanically. Even if it is an akathist, it should be passed through the heart. Only sincere prayer brings results.

It is possible to pray to the Pleasant with these words:"O Almighty Nicholas, benefactor and intercessor! Show all your boundless generosity and give my children happiness, joy, health and well-being. Do not turn away from my children. Show mercy, do not turn away in a difficult hour, show them the right way. all your strength! Amen. "

More than prayer

prayer to Nicolas the miracle-worker for the healing of a loved one

Because of our contact with the Holy Personalities, our heart is purified, and we begin to live differently. In fact, each person can become holy, but not everyone is ready to give his life to the service of others (saving lost souls is the highest surrender to God). Saint Nicholas secretly distributed gifts, and now in the West he is called Santa Claus. But his mission was not to distribute earthly goods. He gave people faith and hope that God exists and loves them, caring even about pressing problems.

The wonderful acts of St. Nicholas

prayer to Nicolas the wonderworker for the healing of the child

In order not to attract attention and remain unidentified in his deeds, St. Nicholas threw money and food in stockings into the poor people's houses, which were hanging on the dryer. Now, in the west, because of this, the children took the tradition for Christmas and to hang out a festive sock on the feast day of the saint, where the miracle worker will give them a gift.

When he studied at Alexandria, he traveled by sea and performed miracles of healing to sailors, therefore all sailors in the world carry the image of Nicholas the Wonderworker with him.

One day, a beggar father of three beautiful daughters decided to make money on their charm with a noble deed (having surrendered them to the harem). Prelate Nikolay, seeing the purity of the young creatures, decided to help them by throwing the dowry in their house. They all got married well. The father, of course, tracked down Nicholas, and after catching up, he bowed at his feet. He took an oath with him that he would not tell anyone about this. Many he cured the sick and afflicted, their number has no end. Sincere prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker about healing from a disease always brought a good result.

Importance of repentance

miraculous prayer to nicholas

Asking for protection and healing, we must really try to understand that after that we need to change our life in order not to sin further and not to suffer anymore. After all, this is probably the biggest sin - to enjoy the confidence of the Holy One and continue to do your hard work. God can tolerate insults to himself, but he will not tolerate when he offends devotees. When we look at the image of the Holy in prayer, a connection is sure to happen - he hears us.And it is a great mercy that we can, at any time and in any place, call upon the Lord and his servants. Particularly strong appeal to the saints for others. A prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker to heal a loved one is much more beneficial than asking about your own health. Selflessness and sincerity are important aspects of each person’s life.

St. Nicholas is honored twice a year - December 19 and May 22. But it is important every day to remember his mercy to all.

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