Poppy cake: cooking options. Cream poppy cake

Do you know how home poppy cake is made? If you do not possess such information, we will present it in this article. In it the detailed recipe of this most delicious dessert with a photo will be considered.poppy cake

Making a cake "Ladies' whim" with poppy seeds

As a rule, poppy cakes are made using biscuit cakes. We will not deviate from the standards and will prepare a delicious dessert called "Ladies' Caprice."

What products do we need to make a poppy cake? The recipe for this delicacy requires that the following ingredients be present:

  • large raw eggs - about 3 pcs .;
  • medium-sized white sugar - about 1.5 cups;
  • thick sour cream of big fat content - 2 glasses;
  • baking soda - no more than 1.5 dessert spoons;
  • Natural apple vinegar - about 1 big spoon;
  • sunflower oil - to lubricate the bowl;
  • light flour - about 2 glasses;
  • poppy seeds - 2/3 cup;
  • walnuts - 2/3 cup;
  • black raisins - about ½ cup;
  • Cocoa - no more than 3 large spoons.

Dough preparation

How should cook poppy cake? The recipe for this dessert requires careful mixing of sponge dough.poppy cake recipe

Egg yolks are combined with sugar and frayed with a spoon. Then they add thick sour cream and thoroughly whipped proteins. Having a homogeneous liquid mass, they put out the vinegar-blasted soda and light flour to it.

After mixing the components, the dough is divided into three equal parts, and then proceed to laying out additional ingredients.

What cake is cream poppy cake?

The dessert in question makes them three different cakes. Before forming them and baking in the oven, you must prepare all the ingredients. Raisins are carefully washed and kept in boiling water for half an hour. After that, it is strongly shaken and dried. Walnuts are sorted, rinsed and fried in a frying pan. Subsequently, they are chopped with a knife or crushed with a tolkushka. As for poppy seeds, they are used in a dry form.

What makes a delicious homemade cake? Poppy, raisins and walnuts - all these ingredients are added to different parts of the dough and well mixed.For contrast, in the framework that contains dried fruit, you can additionally put cocoa.cream poppy cake

The process of forming and baking

Before you bake a poppy cake, you need to take three of the same shape and lubricate them with butter. Then put the kneaded dough into the dishes and immediately send them to the oven, preheated to 200 degrees.

At this temperature, cakes with poppy seeds, raisins and walnuts are baked for about 50 minutes. All biscuits should rise equally well, become fluffy and soft. If necessary, their readiness can be checked using a dry toothpick.

After the cakes are baked, they are carefully removed from the molds, and then spread on a flat surface and completely cooled. If required, the edges of the product are cut using a plate as a piece.

Cream Products

To make a poppy cake tender and tasty, it is recommended to make it using sour cream. For its preparation apply:

  • fresh medium-fat sour cream - about 500 ml;
  • granulated sugar - about 250 gcake poppy raisins

Making cream

Sour cream is made very easy. The medium-fat dairy product is whipped strongly with a mixer, and then the granulated sugar is gradually added.Having a homogeneous and fluffy sweet mass, it is immediately used for its intended purpose.

How to shape a dessert?

Formed poppy cake in exactly the same way as other desserts, for the preparation of which use biscuit cakes. For this you need to take a large cake bowl and a tablespoon.

First of all, they put chocolate cake with raisins in the dishes. It is plentifully greased with sour cream, and if necessary with a small amount of strawberry jam. This will make the cake more juicy and tender.

As a second cake use a sponge cake with poppy seeds. It is also smeared with cream, and then covered with a product with walnuts.

Homemade dessert decoration

After all the cakes are alternately laid out on the cake plate, they are lightly pressed with their hands and proceed to the decoration.sour cream cake with poppy seeds

Sour cream cake with poppy seeds is decorated with various ingredients. Someone uses chocolate crumb, someone - icing, and someone completely covers the dessert with whipped cream. We decided to do it easier and in advance prepared a small amount of shortbread cookies (such as “Jubilee”). It is ground into small crumb, and then combined with several large spoons of dry poppy seeds.

After the described actions, the surface and the side parts of the formed cake are smeared with the remnants of sour cream, and then sprinkled with the prepared crumb. The result is a very beautiful and delicious cake.

We bring dessert to the festive table

Preparing a poppy cake at home, it is immediately sent to the refrigerator. Dessert stand in the cold for about 4-6 hours. During this time, the cakes should be soaked with sweet cream, become as tender and juicy as possible.

After this time, the dessert is taken out and cut into pieces. After distributing the cake to saucers, it is served to guests along with a cup of tea. It should be noted that due to the use of different cakes, this delicacy is not only very tasty, but also incredibly beautiful, especially in the section.

Let's sum up

As you can see, in the preparation of homemade sponge cake is nothing complicated. It should be noted that desserts using poppy kernels can be made in different ways.lady's caprice cake with poppy seeds

The Ministerial cake with poppy seeds is very popular among cooks. Its cakes are based on kefir, and the cream is made from condensed milk and butter with the addition of a small amount of cocoa.

This dessert is prepared as easily and quickly as the cake "Ladies' whim".However, it turns out less beautiful. This is due to the fact that for its formation using the same type of light cakes. Therefore, to prepare the dessert for the festive table, we recommend using the first recipe. Thanks to him, you will surely surprise everyone with your culinary skills of all invited guests.

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