Plumbing: do-it-yourself installation. Plumbing installation work

Repair in the bathroom can be done by the owners of the house or apartment themselves. This will save significant family budget funds. This will require a lot of free time, as well as knowledge of the technology to perform such work.

Plumbing, installationwhich is done by hand, must be properly mounted. To do this, the master must adhere to a specific sequence of actions. Tips experienced plumbers will help make the repair as accurately as possible.

Repair planning

Plumbing, installationwhich will be done by hand, will work for a long time and efficiently if the master does all the work according to the established norms and rules. Such actions should be started with careful planning. The convenience and safety of using all elements of the system will depend on this process.

When choosing equipment, communications, as well as a place to install them, ensure ease of use and maintenance.Plumbing installation

Plumbing for the homeshould be of high quality, comfortable, as well as beautiful and harmoniously fit into the overall interior. The layout itself should be such that every centimeter of free space of the room is properly organized. This is especially important for small bathrooms or toilets.

The cost of private plumbing

Plumbing installation costdepends on the number of operations that the master will perform. If the owners do not have time to do this work on their own, they can always use the services of a professional. However, knowing how much money will have to be spent on the repair and installation of equipment in the bathroom, the toilet, many decide to perform all the necessary actions on their own.Plumbing installation

To estimate the cost of repairing a private plumber, one should consider the average cost of such work. Thus, the pipes in the new building will cost 7.5-9 thousand rubles. If communications should be replaced in the old house, then the price will rise to 9.5-11 thousand rubles.

Plumbing servicesthe replacement of the toilet will cost about 1.2-1.5 thousandrubles, and the mixer - about 1 thousand rubles. Connecting a washing machine, removing blockages, installing meters will also cost up to 1 thousand rubles. If the owners have minimal knowledge about the replacement and repair of plumbing, and also want to save their money, they do all the installation work on their own.

The method of laying the pipeline

Ifplumbing servicesare too expensive, you should consider the procedure for self-repair in the bathroom and toilet. You need to start with pipe laying. They can be installed in an open or closed way.Plumbing services

Both approaches will be reliable. However, hidden communications will make the interior more harmonious. Pipes will be held in the walls. They will not be visible. This is a more aesthetic installation option. However, it will be more difficult to maintain such communications. If a leak occurs, the owners will not find it immediately. Repair of pipes in this case will require more time and effort.

An open method for installing pipelines gives owners quick access to all elements of the system. Communications set over the walls. They can be closed with various decorative elements, boxes.This installation method is faster and easier. For beginners plumbers it will be preferable.

Pipe material

Installation of plumbing in the house is a responsible event. Therefore, the choice of communication materials should also be taken seriously. The easiest way is to install a plumbing communications system using metal-plastic or polypropylene pipes. They are easy to install and connect. At the same time the design turns out reliable. Installation time is greatly reduced.Plumbing installation cost

To connect metal pipes, purchase special fittings. These can be corners, couplings, adapters, etc. They are installed using special clamps. This is a simple tool, similar to ticks. It allows you to establish communications even in hard to reach places.

Polypropylene pipes are considered the most durable and easy to install. They are connected with a special soldering iron. It can be rented or bought. This approach is preferable for the beginner master. The disadvantage of this material is the impossibility of installation in hard to reach places.

Choice of layout

Plumbing installationcan be performed using a tee or collector method. The last option is preferable. In this case, each element of the system will be connected to the water supply separately. This reduces pressure drops. If necessary, repair or replace this or that sanitary device will not need to turn off the water supply to the house or apartment.Installation of plumbing in the house

For beginners plumbers collector installation method would be preferable. He is easier. However, the cost of materials in this case will be higher. It is for this reason that the connection circuit is still used. It is more complex than collector wiring.

At installation of triple-pinion wiring, a shut-off valve is installed on each branch. This will allow you to turn off when you need to repair a group of sanitary appliances.

Assembling water pipes

After choosing the type and materials of wiring, a plan is drawn up on which all the pipes, fittings and plumbing fixtures will be indicated by accurate measurements. Moreover, each element of the system (even fittings) should be numbered. This will allow you to purchase the minimum required amount of materials.When cutting pipes for the system, they are also numbered so as not to confuse parts during the assembly process.Plumbing installation work

When assembling pipes it is necessary to take into account several recommendations of professionals. They recommend installing filters in the system.Plumbing, installationwhich is done by hand, in this case will last longer.

The inlet pipe must have a larger diameter than all the elements of the wiring. Water pressure should be monitored. If necessary, it should be increased. Also note that when flush-mounted pipes are prohibited to make threaded connections inside the wall.


Installation of toilet fittingsand other diverting communications are also performed according to a specific scheme. First you need to replace the riser. To do this, remove the old toilet. Old strut notch 2 times in the middle. To do this, use the grinder. Cast iron will be difficult to cut, but it still needs to be done.

Insert metal wedges into the cuts. On them alternately tapped. It is necessary to drive the wedges into the cut to the depth of the riser. Can't hit hard. The top of the pipe should be fixed. Bottom loosen (preferably together with an assistant) to loosen the strut in the clutch. Old riser dismantled. The same procedure is performed with the upper part, the crosspiece.

The new riser is assembled from PVC pipes, which have noise-absorbing qualities. They are attached to the wall clamps with rubber pads. The gap between the overlap and the riser is not filled with foam, but with a vibration absorbing material.

Sewage layout, installation of toilet

Plumbing installationshould be done after installing the sewer pipe layout. When assembling them, the master must withstand a slope of 3 to 15 cm per 1 meter of communications. For hidden wiring in the walls, the channels will be broken down. This is done at the stage of arranging the floor in the room. At the same time use a powerful punch (at least 1.3 kW). Edge cuts make the grinder.

When creating a channel for sewer pipes, it is necessary to consider its width. In the same niche will be held and plumbing communications. All bends must be exclusively vertical.

The sewer line is conducted above the floor surface. It is necessary to take into account the thickness of the future coverage of the base. Regular gaskets before installation should be greased with a small amount of sealant. It is better if it is sanitary silicone.

After finishing the room, you can connect to the highway a toilet for 4 bolts, assemble the frame of the sanitary cabinet, sheathe it with drywall.

Sink installation

Continuingplumbing installation work, attention should be paid to the connection of basic plumbing fixtures. Sink is considered an integral element of the bathroom interior. Today there are many varieties of such products.

Suspended sink should be attached directly to the wall. It allows you to save space in the room. To hide the communications, led to the sink, it is recommended to install a bedside table under it. Here you can store the necessary things.

The shell-tulip is installed in the same way as the pendant variety. However, communications will be hidden inside the stand (legs). She will additionally support the sink.

Built-in sink comes with a bedside table. It cuts into the surface of the tabletop. This is a beautiful, elegant type of sanitary bath equipment. It does not need to mount on the wall.

Installation of bath, shower

One of the main points of the installation of plumbing is the installation of a bath or shower. Such work does not cause great difficulties. Assistance to the master will be required only when installing a cast-iron bath. Its hard to raise.

Under the bath or shower should create a perfectly flat finish. The tile here should have increased strength. Next, plumbing equipment contribute to the room. This must be done very carefully. The siphon is connected. It must be above the drain point to the sewer. For the bath you will need to install additional supports.Plumbing for the home

Next is performedinstalling a faucet in the bathroom. Moreover, this element of the interior can be mounted on the bath and the sink separately or be universal.


Installing the faucet in the bathroombegins with the assembly of eccentrics. Tow or fum-tape is wound on the narrow side with thread on its course. First, the cam is screwed by hand. If he stood correctly on the thread, you can tighten it with a wrench. On the eccentric wear decorative caps.

Further, it is possible to fit the mixer onto the obtained structural elements. Nuts are tightened first by hand. With a wrench, gently tighten the connection points alternately. Then you can supply water to the system. You need to check all communications for leaks. If it is not, you can fully operate the equipment.

Having considered how to mountplumbing installationwhich is done by hand, each owner will be able to perform such work quickly and efficiently.

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