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Pleve Vyacheslav Konstantinovich, brief biographywhich will be considered further, was born in the Kaluga province, in the town of Meshchovsk, in 1846, on April 8. This man was a prominent statesman, a real secret adviser. The politician was killed in St. Petersburg by Yegor Sozonov.pleve Vyacheslav Konstantinovich

Biography Pleve Vyacheslav Konstantinovich

The future politician was the only son of Elizaveta Shamaeva and Konstantin Plehve. The paternal grandfather was from the German nobles, and the mother came from the Kaluga small land family of the nobility.

Since 1851 the family lived in Warsaw. Up to grade 6, Vyacheslav was a student of the Warsaw Gymnasium. In connection with the Polish uprising in 1963, the boy was sent to Kaluga. In the local gymnasium, he graduated, graduating with a gold medal. His educationVyacheslav Konstantinovich Pleve (photostatesman presented in the article) continued at the Moscow University Law School. In 1867 he graduated from it, having received the degree of candidate rights.

Service activities

In 1867Vyacheslav Konstantinovich PleveHe was identified as a candidate for the post at the prosecutor of the Moscow court with the rank of collegiate secretary. Over the next 14 years, he served on the Ministry of Justice. Alternately, Plehve served as Deputy Prosecutor at the Tula and Vladimir Courts, Prosecutor in Vologda, Deputy Prosecutor in the Court of Justice in Warsaw.

In 1879 he was appointed prosecutor in the judicial chamber in St. Petersburg. Alexander II noticed Vyacheslav Konstantinovich and pointed him out to Count Loris-Melikov, who was then Minister of the Interior.plevé vyacheslav Konstantinovich brief biography

Activities after the murder of Alexander II

In 1881Vyacheslav Konstantinovich Plevebecame the director of the State Police Department. In this post, he very vigorously and successfully led the fight against Narodnaya Volya. Together with Lieutenant Colonel Sudeikin Plehve developed a system of covert intelligence network within the revolutionary associations.

In 1881Vyacheslav Konstantinovich Pleveparticipated in the Commission for the creation of the State Security Regulations.

From 1884 he became a senator and is present in the first department. In early January 1885, he was appointed deputy minister of internal affairs.In 1894 he received the position of Secretary of State and Chief Executive Officer of the codification part of the State Council. In 1899, Mr .. became a real secret adviser.

Work in the Finnish direction

In the middle of August 1899Vyacheslav Konstantinovich Plevebecomes Acting Minister of State Secretary of the Principality of Finland. As chairman, he participates in the Commission to discuss issues related to changes in the establishment of the Senate.

Plehve advocated the active Russification of Finland. He took an active part in the drafting of the new Charter on military service, the publication of a manifesto on the introduction of the Senate and the administrative institutions of the Russian language in the office work. With his assistance, the influence of the Governor-General on decision-making in cases considered in the local Senate was strengthened.Pleve Vyacheslav Konstantinovich photo

Work in the Ministry of Internal Affairs

In early April 1902, after the assassination of Sipyagin, Pleveh was appointed Minister of the Interior and Chief of the Gendarme Corps. In this post, in relation to the revolutionary and opposition associations, he spent a very toughpolicy. Vyacheslav Konstantinovich PleveI was able to suppress the peasants in the Kharkov and Poltava provinces.

In 1902, at the end of May, according to the report of the minister, the “highest commandment” took place, according to which the collection of statistical data in 12 provinces was stopped. In other rural areas, it could be continued at the discretion of the governors.

Pleve measures were taken to limit the functioning of local committees that dealt with the needs of the agricultural industry. In 1902, in November, the county committee of Voronezh was closed for "sharpness of judgment". Administrative penalties were applied to some members of the committee. In 1903, an administrative audit was conducted in the Zemstvo institutions of the Tver, Vyatka, Moscow and Kursk provinces.

The organization of the attempt

Plehve was killed on Izmailovsky Prospekt near Warsaw Railway Station. Yegor Sozonov threw a bomb into his carriage.

The reason for the murder of the politician became the Jewish pogroms in 1903 in Chisinau. At that time, all revolutionary unions took advantage of these events, blaming them on Plehve. Vyacheslav Konstantinovich, in his turn, actively opposed all opposition parties.plevé Vyacheslav Konstantinovich biography

The assassination organization was taken over by the militant wing of the social revolutionaries.They considered terror the only method of fighting state power. Operations gave the name "Trek on Plehve". The leader was Yevno Azef.

The assassination plan was as follows. It was necessary to study the direction of weekly trips to Plehve in Tsarskoye Selo, to send a group to a pre-determined place. Azef personally handled the selection of candidates. Boris Savinkov was to lead and coordinate the communication.

It was decided to make an attempt on March 18, 1904. However, the operation failed because Abram Borishansky left the post, suspecting surveillance.

The next attempt was scheduled after 6 days, on March 24th. Borishansky and Pokotilov were on duty on the route of Plehve. The first volunteered for the operation, as he sought to rehabilitate himself before his fellow party members. But on this day, Plehve took another route.

The next attempt was planned for April 1st. However, on the night of that day, Pokotilov died in the Severnaya Hotel. All participants in the attempt were forced to leave Petersburg quickly.

Yevno Azef after several failures gathered a group in Switzerland. At the meeting, he first of all excluded from the party all those who were suspected of cowardice.Savinkov was reprimanded.pleve Vyacheslav Konstantinovich politician


The next attempt was scheduled for July 15th. The first was Borishansky with a bomb. He had to miss the crew of Plehve. Sozonov followed him. He was appointed as the main metalworker. He was followed by Sikorsky and Kalyaev. Their task was to make an attempt if Sozonov missed. If the crew suddenly turned back, Borishansky would have entered the case. Seeing the carriage, Sozonov threw a bomb. Pleve died immediately.

Later, Sozonov, having recovered from the injuries that he received during the assassination, wrote in his memoirs that he prayed for the death of Plehve that day.

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