Philip Avdeev. Art is a window to infinity.

Art, in particular, cinema is a window to infinity, so says young actor Philip Avdeev. Philip wakes up with the idea of ​​living every day so that in the evening it would not be a shame for his actions. At ten, the boy had to endure the tragedy that occurred in the theater on Dubrovka during the musical “Nord-Ost”.


He was a member of the musical, and when the bandits seized the theater, Philip managed to escape through the lattice fence. This event left its mark on the young man, made him serious and collected. Despite his youth, Philip Avdeev deeply thinks and understands himself, goes his own way.Philip Avdeev

The actor was born on November 10, 1991 in Moscow. At one time, the boy dreamed of becoming an architect, but he changed his mind, because he didn’t really like drawing, gradually began to teach poetry with his grandmother, began dancing, went on to the drama school, and the question of who he was was dropped by itself. Especially after he entered the huge children's troupe participating in the musical “Nord-Ost”. There he worked for three years - from 2001 to 2003.The guys rehearsed from morning to evening as adults, often skipping school.

Roles in teen films

In the same period, Philip Avdeev played in the children's comic magazine “Yeralash”, then he was put on shooting the children's adventure film “The Mystery of the Blue Valley”, where his hero Artem and two friends find themselves in the magical Blue Valley, and there they meet the modern Mowgli, whom they want to save from the Bigfoot. In the same year (2004), the boy acted in the film “The Hope is the Last to Go”, where he plays the hero of the film, the boy Petya Shakhnovsky.Filip Avdeev films

And again, during his teenage years, Philip gets an interesting role in the fantastic children's film Aziris Noona, where he plays the role of one of two teenage brothers making adventures in time.

Philip Avdeev is a serious and self-critical actor, so he doesn’t take his children's pictures and participation in Yeralash seriously. For him, these roles were more a kind of play than work.

Cyril Serebrennikov course

After graduating from high school, the young man enters the Moscow Art Theater School-Studio for the course of Kirill Serebrennikov, after which he enrolls at the Moscow Drama Theater named after N. V.Gogol, artistic director of which was then appointed Kirill Serebryannikov. Subsequently, by the decision of Serebrennikov, the theater was reformatted into the “Gogol Center”, where there are three resident groups, concerts, lectures, discussions are held, and film screenings programs are developed.

Now Philip Avdeev is busy in the play “Thugs”, staged by Kirill Serebrennikov based on the novel “Sanya” by Zahar Prilepin. The plot of the book includes events on Manezhnaya Square, which occurred in 1991. To get used to the image of a modern revolutionary, the director sent young actors to rallies as observers of their characters. Of course, the guys did not participate in political debates, but were able to visit the headquarters of the Other Russia party, attended their meetings, tried to get used to the image of people, members of these parties.

Philip Avdeev understood that he does not have a specific prototype for his character, his Grisha Zhilin is rather a collective image. The actor says that his character is characterized by energy, the desire to change something. At first, it was difficult for Philip to understand Zilina, they were too different from each other, but then, after talking to people at rallies, becoming interested in politics, the actor gradually found that niche for which he could cling.Filip Avdeev actor

This was facilitated by the tragic event that occurred shortly before the start of the performance. On Manezhnaya Square a Spartak fan was killed. Philip realized that there are still people who are ready to make a mess.

Philip Avdeev. Filmography

Currently, the actor has appeared in several films, among which there are in addition to children's films:

  • "By the sea."
  • "The danger of complete extinction."
  • Insight.
  • "Correction class".
  • "City Birds".
  • "Blind love".

The young man does not seek to be removed as much as possible so that they recognize him He believes that if you strive for success, then art ends, then the actor turns into a careerist. Success is the final product of a creative approach to anything. In the case of actors, this is the ability of reincarnation on the stage or in movies.

Phillip believes that the scene is a kind of magnifying glass through which, above all, a person is visible, and not an actor. It is impossible to deceive the viewer and, if the actor is not sincere, then there is no notice, the auditorium is empty. To leave a mark in art or at least do something, you need to live in a theater or a movie.Filip Avdeev Filmography

Philip Avdeev, whose films are presented in the article, tries not to think about ambitions, but loads himself with work and is engaged in something interesting.

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