Perfume One million Paco Rabanne: reviews

Every smell has power over man. Consider: what flavor is left behind you when you leave the room? Floral, woody or notes of sea breeze?

The smell is able to penetrate into the mind of a person faster than a musical composition. If our bodies sleep at night, then the organs, including the nose, are not! He perceives any odors, which he later remembers and stores in our memory. And this information is not erased, and a few years later we can remember any fragrance that once felt and preserved our sense of smell.

When you buy perfume, think about what impression it will leave with others after you leave. As they say, "first the smell, then the man." Therefore, choose fragrances that not only you like, but also are able to show your status and emphasize individuality. And one million Paco Rabanne fragrance will help you achieve this. It's really a million perfume, which took more than a year of tireless work to create.

The first masterpiece

Before starting the review of the One million perfume line, I would like to tell you about the very first creation of the designer.According to him, the fragrance is the identification mark of each of us. The debut bottle was Calandre. On the one hand, it was the first step for self-expression not through dresses, but through smells, on the other - the fashion designer wanted to present the fruits of his work to more people. Creating each fragrance, he tells the professionals about his vision of the final result, and only then the perfumers begin to work on creating unique masterpieces.

About perfume line

Fashion designer Paco Rabanne was famous for violating the laws of world podiums. Metallic dresses created by him, models showing barefoot outfits — all this was done so boldly and skillfully that other famous designers did not dare to challenge him.

one million paco rabanne photo

The very first bottle of perfume went on sale in 1969. Since then, the brand Paco Rabanne has created many masterpieces, many of which are part of the history of the world of perfume. Each eau de toilette released for sale is distinguished by its unique style, exhilarating aroma and peculiar charm. One million Paco Rabanne men's and women's perfumes perfectly combine artificial ingredients with the natural scent of a person.This effect does not allow the perfume to be perceived separately from its owner.

Men's fragrance

Paco Rabanne One million - men's perfumes that are associated with a beautiful life, delicious food and, undoubtedly, a chic companion. To create them, the designer had to connect his extensive knowledge in numerology, the structure of metals and astrology. The famous perfumer Christopher Raynaud and 2 others worked on this masterpiece for a year and a half. Before the designer chose the best fragrance, 1,700 probes were created One million Paco Rabanne. It was the copper note that made the perfume so unique and unique, and the bottle created by Ducheshofur-Lawrence in the form of an ingot of gold only emphasized the personality of the brand and its perfume line.

one million paco rabanne

Perfume One million Paco Rabanne - is the choice of men who under no circumstances change their life principles. The stunning aroma is so well sparkling with an abundance of natural ingredients that it charms the most inaccessible women who, having known all its beauty, dream of a date and a serious relationship with their owner.

When you feel for the first time the smell of these perfumes, the organs of smell can be attacked by a whole army of colorful notes of mandarin, grapefruit and mint, which it is simply impossible to resist.Then they are replaced by a more persistent rose extract and notes of spices, which open the door to the world of oriental tales, harmoniously combined with male power and authority. And this idyll encloses wood tar, patchouli, and also smells of leather and copper. Only perfumes from Paco Rabanne are able to give you this world of unusual smells, which no other perfumery line can create.

paco rabanne one million male

This luxury perfumery will perfectly complement a business suit, a Swiss watch and the whole image of a man who is proud of his success.

The cost of Paco Rabanne One million. Customer Reviews

You can purchase a miniature bottle of men's perfume One million for 500–800 rubles, depending on your region. Eau de toilette in the form of a gold ingot and a volume of 50 ml will cost approximately 1,500–2,000 rubles. The cost of 100 ml starts from 2000 rubles.

paco rabanne one million reviews

According to buyers, the Paco Rabanne men's fragrance is associated with a bronze tan, a full body, a bottle of Hennessey and an expensive luxury car. According to female reviews, perfume can turn even the simplest guy into a stylish and domineering man who always takes the best from life. The woody spicy scent insanely excites the beautiful ladies.Is this the most important thing for any macho?

Women's perfume

One million Paco Rabanne - women's perfume - appeared 2 years after the male "gold bullion". This is another successful addition to the already proven line of fragrances from Paco Rabanne. One of the creators was Anne Flipo, who was able to express the whole essence of female nature through perfume. If the perfume is a nice gift, appropriate for any occasion. A bottle of One million Paco Rabanne, whose photo is shown below, is a true work of art. Whatever perfume surrounds this fragrance, they can never overshadow the luster of the packaging.

Appearance Description

If men pay attention to the content, then women, when choosing the fragrance, consider how attractive the appearance of the perfume is. Male perfume from Paco Raban was dressed in a gold bar, which demonstrated its luxury and wealth. The glamor bottle of women's perfume was invented by Lady Millene. Without chic and brilliance, it was not done. Perfume is a huge faceted diamond with a cap in the form of an ingot of gold. Unfortunately, this is not a precious metal, but only skillfully disguised plastic.

 one million paco rabanne women


Why is Lady One million perfume so attractive? The main role in any fragrance is played by the effect of the first impression. Here it is expressed in the form of fresh oriental charm. But it is worth noting that he is not so cloying and saturated, but feminine and light, he plunges into a world of tranquility and bliss. Compared to the male line, the female has no spices and musk. The base was honey, which is considered the most powerful aphrodisiac.

The initial notes are a successful trio in the form of orange, neroli and sweet raspberries. It is they who beckon a man and promise to plunge into the world of pleasure. Further, the fragrance passes into a more intense flower phase of jasmine and orange blossom petals.

The advantage of perfume is its stability. The fragrance will delight its femininity, gentleness and floral luxury for many hours.

Customer Reviews

According to the reviews, the Lady One million perfume was in doubt. When women saw the brilliance of a luxurious bottle, they could not believe that such a famous brand and such luxurious packaging could cost so cheap. But, having resettled all the doubts and having acquired this fragrant decoration, the owners of the perfume came to the same opinion: the expensive not only appearance, but also the smell itself.A light, not cloying and nauseating train was appreciated.


For fashion designer Paco Raban, perfume and eau de toilette became the hallmark. That perfume line was able to give an accurate description of the inner world and lifestyle of the designer. A person is remembered for his fragrance, and after many years he will become recognizable in the society that surrounded him.

perfume one million paco rabanne

The contents of each bottle of the creation of a great designer has a woody metal range, but packaging deserves a separate word. At first glance, it seems that the creators of the fragrance paid more attention to how to attract attention and lure customers with the appearance of the product. But, as you know, creative people pay attention to every little thing, ranging from smells and finishing design.

If you are interested in the Paco Rabanne perfume line, then immediately go to the cosmetics store and purchase its fragrant works of art.

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