Perfect eyebrows. Perfect eyebrow shape: how to make

It happens that a person seems to be pretty, and his hair is thick and good, and for some reason his face is unpleasant. How so? Because of which? Yes, just his brows are awkward,
That spoil the overall impression!
perfect eyebrowsEven such a trifle as the shape of the eyebrows can play an important role in creating the first impression. Too bushy or too thin? Or maybe rounded, when it would be just right? These are questions that men do not understand, and which can be brought under one denominator - are there perfect eyebrows?

Poet's dream

Remember the descriptions of the beauties of old fairy tales: spit to the waist, red lips, and eyebrows arc. Resolute, bold image, seducing and captivating. And it didn’t matter what color the eyelashes were, what perfumes the woman had, or rather, the perfume, it wasn’t at all.
how to make perfect eyebrowsIn their own way, everyone smelled and nobody complained. Anyway, perfect eyebrows, thick and wide - the dream of every girl. When creating makeup, eyebrows immediately follow the base. As soon as the girl has washed and powdered her face, she begins to correct her eyebrows.And this is the right approach, because otherwise the makeup will be simply incomplete. From the shape of the eyebrows depends on the expression and expression of the look.

What's wrong?

Let's try to figure out why eyebrows can be far from ideal? Imagine very thick hairs that grow together, forming one big eyebrow. Beautiful sight? Of course, there are no comrades to taste and color, but at the beauty contest a candidate with such a twist will not be missed. Therefore, we conclude that the ideal eyebrows are smooth and even, hair to hair. There are even special patterns, which are applied to the face, you can see where the extra hairs. Sometimes, too carried away by the girls, they come to the opposite effect and leave instead of eyebrows a thin thread or an empty space, believing that tattooing will be a salvation from all misfortunes, and painted eyebrows are no worse than real ones.
perfect eyebrow shape how to makeBut is it possible to compare the beauty of naturalness with an artificial ideal pattern? Everyone decides for himself. Extremes are quite common, but sometimes the very fact of the search becomes a problem. What is your ideal eyebrow shape? How to make it? And what are you doing wrong, if time after time experiments end in failure, and facial expressions are all more comical?

Rational approach

Beauty is not a generally accepted concept, but something special for each of us. Nevertheless, with the help of accurate calculation and attention to detail can
to form the perfect shape of the eyebrows. How to make it?
perfect eyebrow shapeAt home, you can use an ordinary pencil. The main points of the brow arc are the beginning, the highest point and the ending. Take a pencil or any other flat object. Attach it to the right side of the nose to connect the tip of the nostrils with the inner corner of the eye. If the hairs remain on the left side of the straight line, they can be safely removed, as they only spoil the overall picture. Mark the highest point of the eyebrow - move the ruler or pencil so that the straight line passes through the tip of the nostrils and the middle of the pupil. This is a kind of peak brows. And we mark the end when we lay a line from the tip of the nostril to the outer corner of the eye. All hairs behind this line must also be removed. The first stage is completed, now the ideal shape of the eyebrows depends on the width adjustment.

Focusing on the shape of the face

Fashion - the girl is changeable, and each season dictates its own conditions. But if fashionable clothes can be removed or tailored to your image with accessories, then makeup and eyebrow shape should be perfect for you.How many times you have to see the sad picture, when pretty girls spoil themselves by replacing the natural bend of the eyebrow with a trendy straight line, scarlet lips mask Gothic-black lipstick or give up at all to the mercy of progress and choose tattoo. No doubt, in some cases, this approach is justified and gives impressive results. How to make perfect eyebrows, based on their natural data?
perfect eyebrows picsOf course, considering your face shape. The easiest way for owners of an oval shape. The only recommendation for them is smoothness. So the face remains pretty and tender. A slight curvature adds a touch of bitchiness and sharpness, but slightly shorter eyebrows will visually reduce the age. Do not give in to transient fashion and do not turn eyebrows into a thread. Remember that nothing is more seductive than naturalness. Ideal eyebrows for an oval face are distinguished by a certain roundness, completeness and uniform thickness along the entire length.

Peculiarity in fashion

How to make perfect eyebrows if the shape of the face itself seems imperfect? Many girls are concerned about this problem.Sadly scowling at their reflection in the mirror, they harass tons of powder and tone, trying to disguise their cheekbones, soften their chin and shrink their nose. But even eyebrows in the hard work of self-improvement can provide all possible assistance. Chubby beauties - so homely and cozy, can complement your image with a rounded eyebrow shape with elevation from the center to the end. But do not overdo it, because too round eyebrows will create an expression of surprise on the face, which looks a bit strange. You can make it thinner at the tip of the eyebrow to soften the transition.
perfect eyebrows for an oval face
Girls with square faces often consider themselves too rude and do not want to emphasize brow arcs, thinking that in this way they will only make themselves sharper. It should be noted that the square face will not decorate the wide and horizontal eyebrows. It is best to adjust the arc, gradually narrowing them to the end. Ideal eyebrows can be thinned out, which will make them more tender and neater. The triangular face shape suggests rounded eyebrows from the middle part. This is a great way to make a face visually young.

Is volume important?

What else the perfect eyebrows depend on? Perhaps the width of the face.Girls with miniature shapes and thin lines should not choose wide eyebrows, uniform in width. So will visually increase the top of the face. But the girls with a broad face and well-defined cheekbones do not look good with arched eyebrows. It ages the girl herself and visually adds completeness.

Deceitfulness of being

What woman has become a symbol of today? Strong, decisive and businesslike. She is set on a successful take-off on the career ladder, she manages to do everything and remains attractive until sunset. Is it possible after this to call a woman the weaker sex? Hardly. It is not surprising that fashion offers smooth eyebrows, not showing weakness and grace. But the trouble is that even eyebrows go very few people, so the experiment can be initially doomed to failure. With proper makeup and lighting, these are the perfect eyebrows. Photographs in the magazine encourage them to copy, without warning how such a form is problematic in life.

No longer relevant

And what eyebrows are not in trend? This is not a fashion for costumes, but harmony with one’s own face. Therefore, the main thing is your perception.Not many go long eyebrows with the tips down. Short eyebrows look only at miniature girls. In a situation with wide cheekbones recommendations are the opposite. Eyebrows are a good way to visually correct the shape of a face. Think about how to make perfect eyebrows before applying makeup. Treat them like a frame that adorns the eyes. Focus on the natural line of the superciliary arch, then the shape will be perfect. Do not forget that a form adjustment is not a one-time action; brush your eyebrows, apply cosmetic oil overnight to accelerate growth and soften sticking hairs. That's all the rules of the perfect shape of the eyebrows.

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