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Today we will get acquainted with such a drug as "Furamag." Reviews show that it is one of the best in the fight against various microorganisms and helps to cope with cystitis. Very often, people confuse it with an antibiotic and refuse to take it. It is in vain, since the spectrum of action is completely different, as is the effect on the body. Due to the fact that this drug does not inhibit, but on the contrary, activates the immune system, many doctors prefer to use “Furamag” for treatment. Patient reviews about him are also quite good.

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pharmachologic effect

In what cases is prescribed the drug "Furamag"? Reviews of doctors suggest that its action is aimed at inhibiting the growth and development of microbes that are resistant to other antiseptic drugs. This is due to a specific process: drugs from the group of nitrofurans weaken the respiratory chain, which inhibits the vital activity of microorganisms.It is possible to note the high activity of drugs against streptococci and Salmonella, Giardia and enterobacteria.


What is the basis of the effect of the drug "Furamag"? Reviews of people treated by him say that the effect of the reception is very noticeable, but the taste means very bitter, it is bad for children. The main active ingredient is furazidin, potassium and magnesium carbonates act as auxiliary. Available in the form of gelatin capsules, which facilitates the reception. The composition of one capsule can be 25 or 50 mg of active ingredient. In addition, the packages are different - for 20, 30, 40 or 50 capsules.

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Instructions for use

Let's look at how to take the drug "Furamag." Instructions for use, price, reviews - all this information must be carefully studied before you decide to use this drug. Be sure to check with your doctor. Take the drug after a meal, drinking water. The dosage is prescribed individually, depending on the problem. Usually, the doctor suggests taking 50 or 100 mg three times a day. The duration of treatment is 7-10 days, but if there is a need, the doctor may recommend to repeat the treatment after a short break.

It should be noted that the drug "Furamag" is also prescribed to children. Instructions for use, price and reviews have the fact that its popularity among pediatricians is only growing. The maximum dosage is 5 mg per kilogram of child's weight, usually the doctor prescribes 25-50 mg three times a day.

Do not self-medicate, the drug is serious enough to necessarily consult a doctor before taking it.

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Application spectrum

Very often, the preparation Furamag is used to prepare the body for a variety of surgical interventions (instructions for use, price, reviews, analogues and other information will be reviewed today in the framework of the article). These are procedures such as catheterization, cystoscopy and urological surgery.

However, most often the drug is prescribed for the treatment of gynecological infections and diseases of the urinary system. These are the most common ailments of children and adults: pyelonephritis, urethritis, acute and chronic cystitis. Clinical research and personal experience of many doctors suggests that one of the most effective medicines to solve these problems is Furamag.Instructions for use, price, reviews, analogues - all this information provides the attending physician, but for informational purposes, we also consider it.

Additionally, I want to note the fact that the drug is used in the treatment of skin infections, sepsis. This opens another great direction for the application, that is, the treatment of infected burns and soft tissue. In addition, the drug Furamag (price, reviews of this tool are very attractive) is actively used in the treatment of diseases of the respiratory system - pneumonia and bronchitis. Finally, the last disease that is treated with this drug is cholecystitis, that is, the pathology of the digestive system.

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Cost and analogues

We have already noted several times that the drug is quite affordable. "Furamag" 25 mg in pharmacies costs 415 rubles. The number of capsules in a package is 30 pcs. The drug, containing 50 mg of active substance, costs 605 rubles per pack. However, there are also similar drugs that are similar in their effects on the body. Let's consider the most optimal analogue of Furamag. Reviews of doctors indicate that it is not completely identical in composition.The active substance is the same, but in the "Furamag" additionally there is calcium hydroxycarbonate. It provides the best absorption of the drug, that is, the analog is slightly inferior to him in effectiveness. But at the same time it is very affordable. We are now talking about the drug "Furagin", its price is from 150 to 205 rubles. In addition, for the local application produced "Furasol", it is a powder for gargling. Another popular counterpart is Furadonin. This is the most consumed product, it is most often prescribed by doctors and advised by pharmacists. The cost of it is about 100 rubles per pack.
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The most commonly prescribed drug in the treatment of diseases of the genitourinary system. Therefore, it is the female audience that is its main consumer. What do reviews say about drug "Furamag"? In case of cystitis, the patients note a rapid improvement of the condition and the removal of the pain syndrome. The urination is normalized almost instantly, the edemas disappear, and the state of health improves.

Do not forget that the drug has a number of contraindications, which means that its appointment should be handled by a doctor who will assess your health and be able to prevent most of the negative effects.

Do not use the drug for the treatment of children under three years of age, as well as for pregnant women. Hypersensitivity is possible about the individual components of Furamag, which means that before prescribing a therapeutic dose, you need to do a small test - take a minimum amount and observe the condition. The drug is contraindicated in toxic hepatitis and polyneuritis. In severe kidney damage, chronic insufficiency, the use of the drug should be determined by the attending physician.analog furamaga reviews

Side effects

The human body is very complex, so it is not always possible to predict how it will respond to a particular drug. If contraindications can be determined in advance, the possibility of the occurrence of side effects is much more difficult to predict. That is why you need to contact an experienced doctor.

What can be said in this regard about the drug "Furamag"? Instructions for use, reviews of doctors and patients agree that it is well tolerated. In rare cases, dizziness and pain may occur, in exceptional cases, polyneuritis develops.Such is the possible reaction of the nervous system. Taking the drug may affect the work of the digestive system. In this case, there is a loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, in severe cases, admission can adversely affect the functioning of the liver. Most often, patients experience various skin rashes.

To reduce the risk of these unpleasant manifestations, it is necessary to follow the recommendations given by the doctor. That is, you need to take the drug after a meal, drinking it down with a large amount of water, and not exceed the indicated dosage. This is the most important point, since a large dose leads to the development of toxic hepatitis and neurotoxic reactions.

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The interaction of the drug with other drugs

Your doctor will ask you in detail if you are taking any medications to reduce the risk of complications. However, it is necessary to take into account that the joint intake of a drug with alcohol can lead to serious consequences, therefore, postpone the use of strong drinks until the end of the course of therapy. Alcohol significantly enhances the manifestation of side effects.

Simultaneous use of this group of drugs with sulfonamides can lead to the suppression of the blood formation process.

Do not forget that even innocuous vitamins can interact with medications. It is not recommended to take ascorbic acid together with the means "Furamag". Instructions, reviews of doctors and patients say that it can change the pH of urine in the acidic side, which can be expressed in the accelerated growth and development of pathogenic bacteria.


So far, cases of drug poisoning have not been recorded. However, if you exceed the indicated dosages, the patient may experience headache and nausea, tinnitus, loss of appetite, and allergic reactions may occur. In this case, it is recommended to wash the stomach, take inside sorbents and antihistamines. In most cases, for the speedy recovery of the body, doctors will offer a course of B vitamins.

Summing up, I would like to say that this drug is one of the most accessible and effective in the treatment of various diseases of the urogenital system and gynecological infections.That is why it is an indispensable tool for women, which regularly helps thousands of women in the fight against cystitis.

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