Parking in reverse between cars: the scheme. Parallel parking in reverse

You just got behind the wheel of your own car, passed all the necessary exams, got the rights. In a driving school, you were given all the necessary knowledge about the intricacies and nuances of traffic on the roads, and you also tried all this in practice at the circuit and on city streets. But this is not enough.
Often, beginners do not have enough parking skills. Without it, in the conditions of the city it will be very difficult. In any cities there is often not enough parking spaces, the space is limited. Novice drivers may even experience fear. Incorrect actions can lead to accidents. And even if a car enthusiast knows how to park in front, parking in reverse can be a big problem for most. Consider the basic schemes, rules, nuances of such a process. These tips are very useful to those who recently got behind the wheel of their own cars.

How to master reversing?

Maneuvering in reverse in the city is dangerous enough.Often the danger lies in the fact that the driver does not receive enough information about people on the road or about other objects that are behind the car. That is why for confident movement backwards you need to adjust the side mirrors. Experienced car enthusiasts recommend adjusting the mirrors so that the rear wings can be seen by 15%, and the rest is an overview of the situation. You need to make sure that the mirrors are not skewed either up or down.
parking in reverse

But you still have to tilt the side mirrors down. Reversing parking near the curb is impossible without a proper tilt of the mirror.

Do not trust the mirror

Experienced drivers say with confidence that you should not rely too much on a mirror. Especially do not trust the curved saloon. They too distort real distances to objects or obstacles. Naturally, this fact prevents the beginner from parking correctly.
In order to fully control the movement and situation behind your car, it is better to turn around and watch back through the rear window. So you can get a much larger amount of information.

The ability to correctly steer and get under way is a pledge of security when parking the rear

Theoretically, to drive backwards is very simple. If you turn the steering wheel to the right side, the car will turn right and vice versa. When a novice motorist leaves the walls of an autodrome, and there is no longer an experienced instructor near him, this knowledge disappears somewhere.parking in reverse between two carsTo park the car in reverse does not lead to emergency situations, you need to master the skill of slow movement backwards. If not, then you do not need to fully release the clutch pedal. It is recommended to work more impulsively. You need to move - release the pedal, roll down - push the clutch pedal to the floor. Gas should not push too much.
Some novice drivers, who gain important knowledge and driving lessons in various driving schools, learn to drive in reverse only on the clutch. No gas at all. It is not right. In real conditions there are different situations.
Regarding the steering, you can still notice that for beginners it is better to use the rear window as a windshield. So, just turn the case back. Turning the steering wheel will turn the back of the car to the right, and vice versa. It is important to understand that absolutely any machine is more maneuverable during the back course.Here, sharper angles of rotation. It is important not to lose the position of the steering wheel, in which the car goes straight.
This knowledge and skills are very important. Without them, you will not be able to park properly. This can lead to ridiculous accidents, scratched foreign cars and various troubles.

Reversing parking for beginners

If you want to improve your skills or learn to park backwards from scratch, then do not do without training. For this fit a special platform. It may already be marked, and if not, then you can place pegs or stands on the platform. They play the role of other machines. The distance between these "cars" should be twice the length of your car.
reverse parking for beginnersPegs are not only an excellent training method. It is also cost effective. If your car collides with the counter, it is much cheaper than colliding with an expensive foreign car.

Feel the dimensions

Parking in reverse without a sense of size is almost impossible. It is acquired with experience, and those drivers who perfectly represent the size of their cars, worked on this for a couple of years. This can not be taught, you only need to try.

How to park correctly?

When a car enthusiast tries to park somewhere, it is necessary to ensure the proper separation of attention. When reversing, it is important not only to turn your head in all directions, but also to look into the mirrors. Just looking back is great, but everything below the level is hidden from the review. Mirrors provide more accurate information about the obstacles. So you can in all senses to control the situation, and the car will be more maneuverable.
Carrying out the reverse movement, let it be reverse parking between two cars, it is necessary to take into account that those vehicles that have a rear-wheel drive have a minimum turning radius. In all-wheel drive cars, this figure is the maximum. If you are going to complete the parking, mentally draw the trajectory of the movement, and then you will understand much more quickly how and what to do.

Parking in reverse

Parallel parking in reverse is one of the typical ones. This scheme is really complicated. Here you need to take into account literally every little thing. Preparing for the maneuver, you need to get along with the cars near your place.The distance between your car and the other should not be more than 1.5 m.
First of all, set your car parallel to the car, which after the maneuver will be in front. The rear wheels of your car should be as clearly as possible opposite the wheels of this car. It’s not easy to understand how reverse parking is performed. The scheme will help you get your bearings.parallel parking in reverseNow unscrew the steering wheel all the way to the right and gently start to move backwards. In this case, the situation must be controlled in the left mirror. Continue driving until you see the headlight of the car behind you.
Then you can set the steering wheel straight and go like this until you see the back of the car in front of you. Now you can turn the steering wheel to the left, while continuing to move. Auto parked parallel curb.
When parallel parking is performed in reverse, carefully watch the front of your car. It is important not to damage the object in front. It remains only to align the car. This is done in order to simplify departure from your place.
Learning to park under this scheme is quite realistic.The main thing is to understand the procedure and work out the theory in practice. If you have something wrong, do not be upset. After all, parallel parking in reverse for beginners is not so easy.

About rear perpendicular parking

This scheme is a way in which the car is installed in parallel with other cars that are near you, but also perpendicular to the curb. For those who have this method will not cause difficulties, it will make it very easy to stand at the parking lot and drive into the garages.
If you want perpendicular parking in reverse to get you perfect, it is worth practicing again. To do this, you can not look for a suitable site. As such, your garage will do. Try to gently drive into the garage, and then leave it. You should strive to perform all actions practically on the machine. Many novice drivers prefer to use for this pre-drawn scheme.


Choose a suitable place where you put your car, drive up to it. Your task is parking in reverse. The scheme provides for a stop about a meter from other parkedcars. Next, draw a mental line. It will start at the center of the rear wheel and end at the level of the seat. When you connect it to another vertical line, you get a point. It should be somewhere around the rear wheel arch. Mentally find a point on the markup, for which you will turn.
Turn right and reverse. When the line connects to a point in the parking lot, turn the steering wheel one and a half turns. Move as slowly as possible. It is important to feel the dimensions of your car. Head straight to the center of the parking lot. When you stand parallel to the other, align the wheels. Move further back until you stand next to the others. Always look back and sideways. Also pay attention to the mirrors. Parking in reverse between two cars or any other method requires concentration and attention, especially for parking in reverseAlso keep in mind that you will need to somehow go out. Therefore, estimate the distance, which is enough to open the door. Master this algorithm until everything comes out automatically. If you are not sure yet, buy parking sensors.So you protect yourself and other cars.
Such a scheme and skills will be very useful to you on the road. It is nothing like reverse parking between cars. Just instead of other cars you have a garage. But the algorithm of action is the same.

We study direct parking

This is a very simple and necessary way in the city. Here the car is put along something in a straight line. If you decide to park like this, you do not need to drive up to objects in front of you too close. Also do not forget about the doors. Pay attention to the obstacles near your doors.
departure from the parking lotFor direct parking, drive up to the car in front of you as precisely as 1.5 m as possible. Then start moving towards the curb. Not reaching the front wheels to the curb 0.5 m, turn the car to the left. Align further. Here you need the skill of precise control. Focus on the dimensions of the car in front of you. Also consider a safe exit.

Leaving in reverse

In order for the back-up departure from the parking lot to be safe for you and those around you, give it back until your front bumper is located at the end of the bodies of the neighboring cars. Now unscrew the steering wheel to the other side from the exit and back again until you can move freely forward. Then turn where you need, and go boldly.

A few parking tips

If you choose a place for yourself, then pick one where nothing will threaten the car. Here are some simple rules. If you have to stop on the rise, then turn the wheels in the direction of the curb. It will save if the brakes fail.

parallel reverse parking for beginners

Do not attempt to crawl into narrow places. So you get a chance to hurt the neighboring cars and make yourself problems. If you manage to climb into a bottleneck, then you will not be able to exit normally.
Before you park in the selected area, examine it for high curbs, flower beds or posts. This is a common cause of scratches, dents and other troubles. This happens with experienced drivers, and with beginners all the more.

reverse parking scheme

Do not overly hope for parking sensors. It often happens that the electronics do not work on time. Cameras have higher reliability.
Therefore, do not trust technology, but rather work off parking skills to automatism and become a first-class driver. You will succeed, parking in reverse has now become a little easier.

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