Parables of Jesus Christ with interpretation

All Gospel parables are surprisingly short. There is no such writer or philosopher who would leave behind himself such a scanty legacy. However, the words spoken by Jesus Christ and conveyed in the Gospels, we reread all our lives many times. They do not become obsolete and remain relevant for more than two thousand years. During this time, entire volumes of research and interpretation have been written.parables of Jesus Christ

Simple stories that open the way to salvation

Maybe the parables of Jesus Christ are so florid that not everyone who reads them is able to understand the meaning of what the Lord said? Far from it. They are extremely simple and logical, and the parables of Jesus Christ for children are altogether rewritten by various writers in such a language that against them the folk tales for the little ones look much more mysterious. Jesus Christ was the first to turn to people without sharing them by religion, nationality, or social status. The parables of the Lord Jesus Christ in simple words reveal to people what the meaning of life is.Christ with his parables showed us the shortest way to the salvation of the soul. And soul salvation is peace, peace, happiness, well-being and harmony. He also showed that this path is not at all easy, but by sacrificing Himself to all mankind, He guaranteed that the Lord Himself would take care of the salvation of everyone who turned his heart to Him.

All the words of the Savior are imbued with love for everyone.

The parables of Jesus Christ cover all aspects of a person’s life. They can be explored from various perspectives, for example, by considering how the relationship between God and man or between man and other people. Each of them can be projected on separate life situations, but can be considered as the whole life course of a person. For comparison, you can take the parables of Jesus Christ and the parables written by renowned writers. One famous Russian writer, who left behind himself wonderful novels, in which he preserved for us the details of the war of 1812, and also revealed the traditions, customs, customs and life of our ancestors who lived in the 19th century, at some point in their life turned to the moralizing genre parables Reading the parables of Jesus Christ and this writer, one involuntarily draws attention to the fact that in the stories of Christ there is not a shadow of annoyance on unreasonable people.parables of Jesus Christ

Christian thinkers, who took the courage to interpret the short parables of Jesus Christ, unanimously agree that the Lord loves each of us and understands to the most hidden corners of the soul that He exists only to save and give happiness to each of his creations, we are with you, no matter how different we are and no matter how tempted our souls are.

The interpretation of the story of a sheep otbivshey from the herd

The lost beast in the parable of Jesus Christ about the sheep that beat off the flock shows how important every person is to the Lord. At least, many theologians believe that this parable deals with the righteous and the one sinner. According to them, the Lord rejoices to every sinner who repented of his sins and joined the ranks of the righteous. However, Theophylact Bulgarian sees another meaning in this story. The lost sheep are people, and the flock is all the other intelligent creatures. In other words, he believes that the Lord, of all living beings on earth and in the universe, considers only man a lost sheep. The return of people under His shelter He considers the greatest joy for Himself.

Another theologian, Archbishop Averky (Taushev), by the herd implies a host of angels, and by a lost sheep, a sinful man.parables of Jesus Christ

The parable says that God allows the possibility that a person, like a sheep, sooner or later, for one reason or another, will be beaten from the flock. However, He will not abandon him, but will make every effort to bring him back. The words of Christ, conveyed by His disciples, about the joy of the Master from the return of the lost sheep are not the joy from the replenishment of lost property. This is completely different.

The story of a lost sheep, projected on the family relationship between the parent and his child

Imagine yourself in the place of this Host. Sheep is your little child who has gone to explore the neighboring yard. It is extremely difficult to draw such a parallel, because you do not have the opportunity, like the Master of the parable, that is, God, to see a child fearlessly walking past a sandbox with scattered debris or a big dog, and take serious dangers from it in time. You cannot read in the child’s heart how at some point he remembered you and how ardently he wanted to be with you, how he felt great love for you and longing, how he was afraid of life without you, and how he decided to return.The Lord saw all this and accepted his child with open arms. In this case, the parable does not say how many times a person can go and return. This means that God does not limit us. We ourselves decide to go with the herd or deviate from it. He will always rejoice at our return and will not punish. How to live according to this parable, you ask? After all, we are the sheep who make mistakes from time to time, repent of them, and then receive grace from the Lord. This parable is as multidimensional as all the parables about Jesus Christ. If your sheep has strayed from the herd, that is, your child has gone on a dangerous path, turn to the Lord so that He will protect him and save him from destruction. Think and pray for a loved one constantly, and then you, as well as a lost child, will experience the same joy that is spoken of in the parable.

We are all prodigal sons

The same theme touches the parable of Jesus Christ about the prodigal son. However, these two stories cannot be considered completely analogous, for Holy Scripture does not contain a single superfluous or random word. The story of the younger son, who left the house and squandered his father's inheritance, about his older brother,who remained in the house and all these years conscientiously worked on his father's fields, as well as how he met his impoverished child who had become completely impoverished, who had returned from wanderings, is also a parable about Jesus Christ. The short stories told by the Savior to His disciples always imply the participation of the Lord in them. In the story of the prodigal son, the father is a type of the Lord, and his sons are we humans.parables of Jesus Christ

The Lord urges us to learn to forgive

This parable teaches us to forgive without backward thinking, to accept repentance without edifying suggestions, without intellectuals and moralizing. The Lord is trying to convince us that we are not afraid that a repentant close person, having received a absolution, will again go to hell. This should not concern us. The ability to forgive is no less important than the ability to ask for forgiveness. It is not a secret for anyone that the fact that a son abandons his family and spends his father’s property to satisfy his own whims is the fault of his father. In ordinary human life this happens quite often. Within the family, throughout the entire existence we occasionally recall past grievances to each other. It creates hostile relations from which you want to escape,and from time to time we give up the family and begin to live only with our personal interests, convincing ourselves that we have suffered enough - you can live for yourself. The consequence of this is spiritual devastation.

The same situation, only slightly changed, repeats again and again. Different nations even developed proverbs: “You can’t wash a black dog white-hot”, “No matter how much a wolf you feed, but he still looks into the forest,” which means that forgiveness is meaningless. These proverbs, although they are popular wisdom, numbering many hundreds of years, are still imbued with hostility and contempt for man. They feel a biased attitude towards the sinner, the ascension of his own personality over the personality of a person who was called a black dog or a wolf. In none of His parables does the Lord seem to despise people.parables of Jesus Christ

Offended is also created in the image and likeness of God, just like the one who offended him

Man is created in the image and likeness of God. How easy it is to relate this truth to oneself and how difficult it is to perceive the Image of God in a person who brought trouble! Jesus Christ, talking with the disciples, did not set himself above them, for he understood better than anyone else that all people together and each person individually are the Image and Likeness of the Creator Himself.For the sake of each of us, He brought Himself to the sacrificial altar, following the will of the Father. The duty of every Christian is to perform his sacrifice in the name of the Lord. Is it possible for at least one of us to commit such an act for the salvation of mankind?

Fasting and prayer - this is what is required of every Christian, so that mankind does not have to pay in blood for their sins

Reading the Gospel and the interpretations to it, written by wonderful and holy people, we understand how little it takes from us that the world should not be shaken by tragedies with human sacrifices. We should only try to love, forgive and justify each other, always remember God and not lose touch with him. In order for this connection to be maintained, it is required to offer sacrifices with fasting and accompany each action with prayer - and nothing more. This is what Jesus said.parables of Jesus Christ

Famous interpreters of the Holy Scriptures

Almost all the parables of Jesus Christ with the interpretation of domestic and foreign priests and theologians are in such a book as “the Lord Speech ...”. For a long time, the holy fathers of the church attached great importance to the interpretation of the words of the Savior, which are preserved in the Gospel.It presents virtually all the parables of Jesus Christ with the interpretation of such revered Christendom theologians, like Meister Eckhart, St. John Chrysostom, Blessed Theophylact of Bulgaria, Archbishop of Alexandria, Athanasius, St. Luke Voyno-Yasenetsky, Gregory the Great Dialogist, the martyr Gregory Shlisselburgsky, St. Basil Kineshma, Archbishop Feofan Keramevs of Tavromi, Archimandrite John (Krestyankin), Archimandrite Kirill (Pavlov), Saint Filaret (Drozdov) Moscow and Kolomna, Archbishop Averky (Taushe) c) the holy righteous christian monk Euthymius Zigaben, as well as interpreters of the Bible Gladkov B.I. and Lopukhin A.P.parables of Jesus Christ

In each of the stories told by Christ, He Himself and each of us are present.

It is believed that the Gospels contain not much more than thirty parables:

- about the sower;

- about evil growers;

- about mustard seed;

- about ten virgins;

- about a lost sheep;

- about the prodigal son;

- about the wedding feast;

- about leaven;

- about the good sower and tares;

- about the barren fig tree;

- about workers in the vineyard;

- about the lost drachma;

- about talents;

- about the treasure hidden in the field;

- about the unmerciful debtor;

- about an abandoned seine;

- about a merchant looking for good pearls;

- about two sons;

- about a prudent slave;

- about the Pharisee and the Publican;

- about ten mines;

- about the rich man and Lazarus;

- about the worker who came from the field;

- about an unjust judge;

- about the wrong housekeeper;

- about the fig tree and trees;

- about a seed growing out of the ground in an inconspicuous manner;

- about a man who asks for bread from his friend at midnight;

- about the unreasonable richer;

- about two brothers;

- about the healing of the soul and body;

- about lilies, etc.

Incarnating Lord devils recognized immediately

During the period of His incarnation, the Lord walked on the land of Israel, healed the sick, and told people how to act in order to inherit eternal life and deserve the Kingdom of Heaven. Communicating with people of different types of upbringing, education, and faith, in order for them all to understand Him correctly, He used simple examples from ordinary, well-known to them daily life.The disciples wrote down His words. Being alone with them, the Lord clarified what he meant. Thus, the stories told by Jesus of Nazareth are the secret parables of the Living Jesus Christ. After all, it is unthinkable to recognize in the preacher, of whom there was then a great multitude, the embodiment of God Himself, to the common man. Everything that a person is able to perceive has already been. Everything new is, as you know, well forgotten old. And the Lord has never been before people. But he was immediately recognized by the servants of Satan. In Mark's gospel, there is a place where a man possessed by a devil recognized God in Him and shouted about it to everyone. The Lord banished this demon from a man, and forbade the man himself to speak about Himself and about the healing that had happened.parables of Jesus Christ

The meaning and confirmation of the phrase: "There is nothing secret that would not become apparent"

Theophylact Bulgarian this explains so. Never and no one should be notified of a good deed. Done secretly from people, it is open to God. A non-announced good deed is considered to be dedicated to God, so the Lord will see His mercy on him. A good deed that has become known to people receives reward from them, therefore, it is considered to be accomplished not for God, but for people.“There is nothing secret that would not be revealed,” says Jesus. This is confirmed by the fact that the Lord Himself, the Mystery of the Mysteries, became a manifestation for the people, embodied in the Son.

True mercy

One man was walking from Jerusalem to Jericho, and on the way he was attacked by robbers. They robbed him, beat him and left him to fend for themselves. The priest and the Levite, who were of the same religion and nationality with him, passed by without giving help, and a certain Samaritan, who was passing through this area, picked up the poor man and took him to the nearest hotel. There he asked to take care of the victim, left the money and said that he would come back on the way back, and if the owner spends more of the money left, he will also pay these expenses. This parable of Jesus Christ about mercy says that a person who is merciful in the name of God does not distinguish people by category. He shows it whenever help is needed.parables of Jesus Christ

Why did the Lord not reveal when the Day of Judgment Day would come?

Our whole life is a preparation for God's Judgment, when He will collect from everyone according to his deeds. The disciples asked him when this judgment would be accomplished. The parable of Jesus Christ about the Last Judgment does not give an answer to this question.If we knew that the end of times would not come during our life, we would not have begun to prepare for it, we would probably have started all bad times, because all the same we would not see it in our lives. In this way, we would also harm our descendants, since we could not by our example teach them the Christian life. And if they knew that it would come in the coming years, during our life, they would also have done a lot of harm to themselves, for they would have decided that nothing would change anyway. The Lord does not reveal the fateful year, He speaks in a parable about the called and chosen, as well as in the parable of the ten virgins, that we should always be waiting for the coming of the Judge, for when He comes, grief will be those who have not prepared for this Day.

Book of Books - Eternal Wisdom

The Lord brought to the people the Good News of the coming happiness for all who believed in Him and followed His way. In order to be honored to become a member of the wedding feast, that is, to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, we must constantly remember and honor the Savior's covenant "May you love each other." For this reason, for already two thousand years, parasites of Jesus Christ for children and grandchildren, responsible and loving their mothers and fathers, as well as grandparents, have been recited.And God forbid that this tradition will never stop.parables of Jesus Christ

Simple gospel parables, with each reading, reveal their new facets to us. Being recorded in the Holy Scriptures, they all relate to the life of each individual person in different guises. Each parable requires regular rethinking and projection on everyday circumstances. It is not by chance that wise people say that in order for life to develop safely, it is enough to study, comprehend and master only one book - the Bible.

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