Pants with pockets on the sides of men: a review of models

What are pants with pockets on the sides (male)? This is one of the modern fashion trends. Pants with pockets on the sides - men's pants are very popular. Practical and versatile. Men have long been appreciated this silhouette. It is used in both everyday dresses and ceremonial.pants with pockets on the sides of men

Pants with pockets on the sides. Men's comfortable trousers

So, more. Pants with pockets on the sides (for men) - a very comfortable thing. It is simply impossible to spoil an image with such trousers. They are suitable for a date, and for walking, and for a hike, and for sports. In short, a great solution for everyday life.pants with pockets on the sides


But still in order. What was the original pants with pockets on the sides (male)? Military - it was in this style that they performed. This style was created specifically for the equipment of the British soldiers. Capacious pockets allowed to carry ammunition, binoculars, radios and other things.

Such models have become particularly popular in the army after the end of WWII.With the emergence of casual style, these trousers appeared in the everyday fashion world. Such pants are distinguished by a certain brutality. The style fits perfectly into the overall concept of a “warlike” style.pants with patch pockets on the sides of men


Pants with pockets on the sides (for men) - the main component of each collection. They are usually sewn from velvet, denim or cotton. Cotton is used in summer models. This material is remarkably breathable, does not cause discomfort and maintains the optimal balance of the skin in the heat. In addition to cotton, linen is also used in summer collections.

As for the color solution, designers prefer natural colors. That is, sand, brown, black, blue, gray and khaki. These pants are perfectly combined with monochrome sweaters, white shirts, sports jackets and turtlenecks. In general, such a universal model is a successful acquisition for any season.

The decorative role in the design of the pants belongs not only to the pockets, but also to the cuffs, zippers, rivets, buttons, lines. For work wear, waterproof fabric is used.

In principle, trouser materials with new solutions are replenished regularly. The most popular, of course, is denim - durable and tight. For winter models added and insulation (fleece). This allows you to maintain a feeling of comfort in any weather.sweatpants with pockets on the sides of men

Where to wear?

For what cases suit pants with patch pockets on the sides (men)? In the official style of such an element of the wardrobe does not fit. In the office or theaters, these trousers are not worn at any official events. In other cases (with proper design of the image) pants can be fully used.

These pants are ideal for exploring the city or for sports. They allow you to maintain freedom of movement, to emphasize a sense of style of its owner. Pockets in urban versions, however, are used infrequently. Their role is decorative. But those men who don’t like to wear a purse and a bag will appreciate these pants.

Summer options are no less stylish and no less presentable. Such models can be put on not only on a city walk, but even on the beach. They are perfectly combined with shirts, T-shirts, vests and jackets.These pants - a worthy decoration of men's summer wardrobe. But most importantly - their convenience.skinny pants with pockets on the sides

Who will fit?

Sweatpants with pockets on the sides (men) will look good on any figure. Only here thin men need to pay attention to the model with a large number of decor and a classic fit.

For men of short stature fit pants with high waistline. It is worth while to use a dark-colored belt.

With the volumetric lower part of the figure, the baggy silhouette of the model will by no means fit. Fit should be tight. Cut - straight. Pants are tucked into boots or boots. Fit the figure they should pants with pockets on the sides


Skinny pants with pockets on the sides (male) look organic in sets of any season. Each urban look perfectly includes such jeans. These pants with leather jackets look stylish. Onions are created bold, harmonious and, importantly, practical. To beat a simple style, you can use the color contrast of other elements of the wardrobe. The versatility of the products makes it easy to do this.

Stylistic decisions can be very diverse.Spectacular images are obtained in the following cases. The urgency of the kit, its multi-layer is emphasized with the help of a cardigan and a shirt. Lovers of “casual” style will suit a fitted blazer or sports jacket. Thus, a man creates a more "relaxed" bow. Tight-fitting T-shirts look great on athletic men with powerful shoulders due to the beautiful combination of narrow top and rather wide pants. In colors, designers are encouraged to give preference to contrasting tones. Bombers are a win-win option for the autumn-winter collections. This combination fits perfectly into the urban images, retains maximum comfort. And men, of course, it is highly appreciated. Bombers, as a rule, are chosen in classic colors: black, coffee, khaki. In autumn or spring, knitted pullovers, which are universal in style and purpose, will fit perfectly. This can be a pullover with a rounded neckline, golf or turtleneck in any shade. The main thing - do not forget about the following rule: the larger the sweater, the more should be pants.

Another point - the choice of shoes.It is advisable to choose models made in the style of "casual". Designers prefer to combine pants with sneakers or sneakers, emphasizing the convenience and comfort of the selected image. In any case, with classic shoes such pants will not look. It is possible to conduct experiments, perhaps, with winter footwear - semi-boots or high boots. Models with rubber boots are also demonstrated. In spring or autumn wet weather is the most practical choice. In addition, a very original decision.


And finally. You can buy brown, blue or black pants with pockets on the sides (for men). Or pants bright colors. The main thing is to competently combine them with other elements of your wardrobe. This style is appreciated by men, it is used in various collections of the most fashionable brands. To create everyday images this choice is the most successful.

In short, men's pants with side pockets are a wonderful element of wardrobe. Pants are great for outdoor activities, romantic dates, club parties. In general, ideal for men of any age.Such an acquisition will never be superfluous in the wardrobe of the representative of the stronger sex.

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