North Karelia, Chupa: description, attractions and reviews

The village of Chupa is located in the Loukhsky district of Karelia. The population is just over two thousand people.

History of the name of the village

Its name Chupa (accent on the second syllable) received from the Karelian word chuppa, which means angle, dead end. There is another version, according to which the source of the name was the word from the Sami language: chuoppos - the end of the gulf.

Station Chupa Karelia

In the XX century there were two settlements with the same name - Chupa-pier (located on the coast) and Chupa-station (near the railway). Now the entire population lives on the shore of the White Sea.

Sights Chupa

  • The main attraction of Chupa (Karelia) as a whole is the northern nature. The rocky coast of the White Sea captivates with its cold, mysterious beauty. Century pines and spruces surround the village, creating a unique Karelian flavor. Autumn in the forests abundance of mushrooms and berries. In winter you can admire the amazing northern lights.
  • The maritime yacht club, built in the heyday of Chupa (1980s), deserves to be called a landmark of the village. Regularly the club regatta the Cup of Kandalaksha Bay. The route of the regatta is connected with the path of the ethnographic expedition of the scientist Sergey Vasilyevich Maximov, in whose honor the regatta is held.

Chupa Karelia Loukhsky district

  • The wooden Chupino church of Varlaam Keretsky, built in the 2000s, was in style reminiscent of a monument of ancient Russian architecture in the Kizhi reserve. Unfortunately, in 2010 it burned down, only the bell tower remained. Construction of a new brick church is underway.
  • In Chupino secondary school there is a museum named after the narrator Matthew Mikhailovich Korguyev. The exhibition presents the authentic items of the Pomeranian life - dishes, clothes and so on.
  • Since 2011, a youth outdoor art festival “White Noise” has been held every June-July near the village of Chupa in Karelia. Its basis is ethno-and electronic live music from obscure and professional musicians. Also at the festival are artwork, esoteric master classes (yoga and other practices), environmental lectures.


The climate of North Karelia is unfriendly (average annual temperature is only 0 ...- 3 ° C), but in summer it can be hot here. In the warm season, the water temperature of the Chupinsky Bay rises to +20 ... + 22 ° C.

Chupa Loukhsky district of Karelia

The northern nature has advantages and besides the beauty - do not need anti-tick remedies, because ticks do not spread so far to the north, and there are few mosquitoes in Chupa compared to the rest of Karelia. It is better to grab warm clothes anyway, especially if boat trips are planned, a perceptible wind is blowing from the White Sea.

How to get to Chupy

Every day there is a bus to the village from the capital of Karelia.

The trains going to Murmansk can be reached from Petrozavodsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg through the Chupa station in Karelia.

Chupa's Story

The settlement with the name Chupa is known from the first half of the XIV century, the mention of it is in the documents of the Solovetsky monastery. The settlement belonged to the Keretsky volost. In 1589, Chupu and the region ravaged and burned the "German people 700 people" in fact it was a Finnish predatory army. In 1590, after the invasion of the Swedes, the ruin repeated. Chupa was depopulated.

The modern settlement of Chupa Loukhsky district of Karelia arose in 1916-1918, when the construction of the Kirov (the former name of the Murmansk) railway began.Prisoners of war from various countries, including Slavs from the camps of Western Siberia, were involved in the construction. In the early 1920s, the timber industry enterprise, the Karelgranit enterprise, and the development of mica, quartz, and spar deposits were formed. With the advent of the railway and the development of industry, the village gradually gained life.

Village Chupa Karelia

There are bitter pages in the history of Karelia and Chupa - in the late 1920s, camps of political prisoners appeared. Chupa-pier was part of the Solovki camps. Many Chupinians, subsequently rehabilitated, died in the years of repression.

During the years of the Great Patriotic War, Chupa was on the front line, German troops stopped just a few kilometers from the settlement. Residents were evacuated. But in Chupu, the enemy failed to break through.

Most of the Chupino men died at the front, and immigrants from other regions of the country began to arrive in the village. In the years 1940-50, the village develops, as government funding is received for the development of the mining industry. The construction again attracted prisoners who called the center of Chupa zone. After the death of Stalin and the removal of Beria, the camps are closed, and the settlement becomes an industrial center. Until the early 1990s, welfare did not leave Chupa.It grows and develops, houses and roads are built, salaries of residents are rising. Having the status of an urban-type settlement, however, Chupa was a city with seven thousand inhabitants. But with the collapse of the USSR, the town-forming enterprise closes - Chupinsky GOK, as well as a fish factory, the timber industry enterprise is dying out, the economy is collapsing. People begin to leave the village in search of a better life.

Chupa today

Fortunately, the situation improved in the 2000s. Nevertheless, there are still no large productions in Chupa in Karelia. Currently, in the village and the region is developing tourism, culture, social life in Chupa are located recreation centers "Nereis", "Keret-Tour", the base of the yacht club, guest complex "Chupa". Regatta and music festival are held annually.

Chupa Karelia

Funny fact - in 2006, the village of Chupa almost left Karelia. After the words of the governor of Karelia that people should leave the settlement due to the lack of prospects, the residents suggested that they should join the Murmansk region. However, everything ended well and Chupa remained in the Loukhsky district of Karelia.

According to reviews of tourists who have visited the village, North Karelia impressed them with the beauty and grandeur of nature.Those who visited Chupu in the winter talk about the unforgettable northern lights, and summer guests talk about the abundance of nature gifts of mushrooms and berries, as well as about good fishing. In short, Chupa is worth it to go there.

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