SUV "Niva-Urban": reviews of the owners, technical characteristics and features

Each of us knows about this SUV, as the "Niva". But few people know his updated modification "Urban". It appeared in 2014. Now these SUVs can be purchased from authorized dealers, some have already begun to appear in the secondary market. But is Niva Urban good? Owners' reviews and car review - later in our article.


In the photo that is below, there are two versions of the "Niva". On the left - the updated “Urban”, on the right - the one that was made 40 years ago.Niva urban reviews of ownersIt is worth noting that the design of the car is really "urbanized." The car began to look like a compact urban crossover. Nevertheless, he has not lost the former off-road qualities. The design has been developed several elements. So, the SUV has acquired new bumpers in front and behind, grille and wheels. The side mirrors were also slightly modernized - now they are equipped with electric heating.But this option is not on all cars "Niva 4x4 Urban." Reviews of the owners point out that the heated mirrors are available only in luxury configuration. The shape and design of the lattice were worked out to the smallest detail. The same goes for the bumper. The car does not seem outdated in 2017, which can not be said about the rest of the previous versions. What else attracts the attention of the SUV "Niva Urban"? Reviews of the owners note that the car has received a new, metallized color. This makes it noticeable in the gray car stream. But the most impressive car looks in white.Niva 2131 urban reviews of ownersSuch an SUV obviously will not leave you indifferent. Another feature of the new jeep - alloy wheels. They are already included in the maximum configuration of the car "Niva Urban." Reviews of the owners say that the design of the discs looks great with the overall, updated silhouette of the Niva. Well, designers deserve a solid "5".


Let's move inside the car.Niva Urban 3 d owners specific feedbackUnfortunately, the interior design remained almost unchanged. Not even changed the architecture of the front panel in the car "Niva Urban." Reviews of the owners point out that it has become significantly outdated over the years and certainly does not look with the updated car design.Among the significant improvements are the new seats, which are equipped with electric heating in the luxury trim levels, as well as a four-spoke steering wheel, remotely resembling a “Sobolevsky” one. By the way, the chairs have a yellow line. The dashboard was borrowed from the "dozens". Not the best solution - to take the panel from the car, which was developed in the last century. Nevertheless, all this “hodgepodge” fit in the “Zhiguli” torpedo, whose architecture has not changed since Soviet times.Niva urban five-door owner reviewsInside you can see that the side mirrors are deprived of mechanical adjustment levers - now their position is set remotely using an electric drive. The steering column is still the same. Do not change their location and leverage "ponizhayka" and differential lock. They work on the same principle. There was a cup holder, changed the design of door cards. The glove compartment remained the same. Behind there is a mounting system for child seats. However, this feature is unlikely to be used by future car owners. After all, the main element of the “Niva” is the lack of roads, for which, in fact, they buy it.

Old problems

After a couple of years, there was a lot of negative feedback regarding the Niva Urban SUV (3 days). Specific reviews of the owners point to the old panel design. And if the developers managed to change the appearance by replacing the grille, bumpers and discs, then even the presence of heated seats and electric window lifters did not change the situation inside. Beauty at a speed just rattles - insulation is poor. There are huge gaps in the cabin. Plastic literally comes in waves, and this quality is already from the factory. But these are not all the hidden sides of the Niva 2131 Urban car.fuel consumption Niva urban reviews of ownersReviews of the owners allow us to conclude that the latter are negative about the stove. The adjustments are from the 70s, and the noise is comparable to the work of the turbines of a jet plane. The stove was an eternal problem for Niva. With the release of "Urbana" it would be very useful to modify its design, but this did not happen. As before, the control levers of the transmission and the transfer case stick out. Uncovered heads of self-tapping screws and clamps are noticeable all around the cabin.


Let's consider what engines the Niva Urban SUV is equipped with.Reviews of the owners say that in the range there is only one 1.7-liter unit, which was based on the old "Zhiguli" engine. The only difference is the injection injector system. This completes all the improvements. The power of this engine, according to car owners, frankly is not enough. There are 2 valves per cylinder here - in 2017, this timing technology is not used by anyone. The maximum power that this unit can develop is 83 horsepower. What is the fuel consumption of the Niva Urban? Reviews of the owners say that, despite the "injector" type intake system, the car was still voracious. Thus, it consumes about 15 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers, and even more when it is off-road. The minimum figure was 9 liters, but it is in the country mode.

SUV Niva Urban owner reviewsAs for the characteristics of the dynamics, the motor frankly lacks traction. Overtaking with such an engine is simply dangerous. To accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour, "Niva" takes 19 seconds. The maximum speed is 142 kilometers per hour for the three-door version and 137 - for the Niva Urban 5 doors. Reviews of the owners also note that at the speed of the transfer case buzzes.If you drive at a speed of more than 90 kilometers per hour, the cabin begins to see through the air. It is also worth noting the "congenital" defect - mounting the transfer case is made only on two supports.Niva Urban 5 doors owner reviewsAlong with this, drivers note the misalignment of the hand-outs with the main transmission. Because of this, at speeds above 80 in the cabin there is a wild noise and vibration. Even the use of new driveshafts with CV joints did not correct this "disease". The car behaves badly at high speeds.


Now about the main advantages of this car. Regardless of the configuration, the car is equipped with a full-fledged all-wheel drive and locks (and as we know, on foreign cars-crossovers, a 4x4 drive is often an option, and all locks are just electronic simulations). Also, "Niva" has in its arsenal transfer case with a reduction gear. All this, along with high ground clearance and short overhangs, gives her excellent off-road qualities. The car is still well overcomes fords, diagonals and other obstacles. The only thing that hinders, according to car owners, is plastic bumpers.fuel consumption Niva urban reviews of ownersOn large ups and downs, the car often “clings” them to the ground.Former, steel bumpers were more reliable - say experienced "nivovody."

"Niva Urban" five-door: reviews of the owners

In 2016, AvtoVAZ presented a new modification of the “Niva” - 2131 (“Urban”). This is the same SUV, but with a five-door body. The appearance of the car is almost the same as that of the "trehdverki".Niva Urban 3 d owners specific feedbackReviews of the owners noted the previous problems with the car. But as for the advantages, it is worth noting those that the three-door version does not have. And they relate to the luggage compartment, which is 585 liters versus 265 for the modification 2131 (“Urban”). With the rear seats folded down, it can be increased to 785 liters. This makes it easy to transport bulky items. Also, due to the long base, the internal space has significantly increased. And the rear passengers can now go through a separate door, and not through the front, as in the "three-door". The rest of the design and interior remained unchanged. The only negative long base - less throughput. Still, you have to sacrifice something for the sake of free space.

About the cost

The initial price for an SUV is 512 thousand rubles.The five-door modification is sold at a price of 553 thousand rubles.


The list of equipment in these two versions is the same. The equipment "Niva Urban" includes:

  • Air conditioning.
  • Electric windows.
  • Heated seats and mirrors.
  • Alloy wheels 16 inches (which is noteworthy, the spare wheel is on the "heads").
  • Hydraulic power steering.

Receivers and speakers are not even in the luxury performance.Niva 4x4 urban owner reviewsInside there is only an audio package. This is a significant drawback - the new car has to be finalized with its own hands. As an option, the buyer can choose a metallic body color. The cost of such a “Niva” is 11 thousand rubles more. But the effect of this color is fascinating.


So, we found out what Niva Urban has reviews and technical specifications. Attempting to update an old car is a pretty good idea. However, in order for the car to turn out to be really successful, it needs cardinal improvements. First of all, it is about the engine and interior design. Perhaps the “Niva” is still ahead. In the meantime, you have to be content with what the manufacturer offers.

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