Mythical creatures: list, pictures. Mythical creatures of ancient Greece

World folklore is inhabited by a huge number of amazing fantastic animals. In different cultures, they attributed incredible properties or skills. Despite the diversity and dissimilarity, all mythical creatures have an indisputable commonality - there is no scientific evidence of their existence in real life.

This did not stop the writers of the treatises, telling about the animal world of the planet, where the real facts intertwined with fiction, tales and legends. Most of them are described in the collection of articles on zoology, it is also called the "Bestiary of mythical creatures."


mythical creatures

The surrounding nature with its cataclysms, often not always clear phenomena, inspired horror. Unable to find an explanation or somehow logical to understand the chain of events, a person interpreted this or that incident in a peculiar way.The mythical creatures guilty, in the opinion of people, in what is happening were called to help.

In the old days, the forces of nature stood on a higher pedestal. Faith in them was unconditional. Ancient mythical creatures served as gods. They were worshiped, offered sacrifices in gratitude for a rich harvest, a successful hunt, and a successful outcome of any business. Angry and offend mythical creatures feared.

But there is another theory of their appearance. The probability of the coexistence of several parallel worlds is recognized by some scientists, relying on Einstein's theory of probability. There is an assumption that all these amazing individuals actually exist, but not in our reality.

What were they

The "bestiary of mythical creatures" was among the main sources of information. There were not so many publications systematizing the animal world of the planet. It is difficult to speak about its authenticity. There were recorded and described in great detail, including perfectly mythical creatures. The pencils made the illustrations were amazing, so carefully and in detail were drawn the smallest details of the monsters.

Usually, these individuals combined the features of several, sometimes sometimes logically, incompatible representatives of the animal world. Such, basically, were the mythical creatures of ancient Greece. But they could combine in themselves and human traits.

Many of the skills of mythical creatures are borrowed from the environment. The ability to grow new heads echoes the lizards' ability to repair a severed tail. The ability to spew flames can be compared with how some snakes can spit venom at a distance of up to 3 meters.

A separate group stand out serpentine and dragon-like monsters. Perhaps the ancient people lived at the same time as the last endangered dinosaurs. The remains of huge animals, too, could give food and will for imagination to imagine what mythical creatures look like. Pictures with their images have different nationalities.


In the fictional images were present and human features. They were used in different versions: an animal with parts of the human body, or vice versa - a person with the characteristics of an animal. Half-people (mythical creatures) represent a separate group in many cultures.The list is headed, perhaps, the most famous character - the centaur. The human torso on the horse's torso - that was how the ancient Greeks portrayed it. Strong individuals had a very violent temper. They lived in the mountains and forest thickets.

In all likelihood, his close relatives are Onokentaur, half-man-half-mongrel. Had a petty character and was considered a rare hypocrite, often compared with Satan.

what are you a mythical creature

The famous minotaur is directly related to the order of "mythical creatures." Pictures of his image are found on household items from the times of ancient Greece. The terrible creature with a bull's head, according to the myth, kept Athens in fear, demanding an annual sacrifice in the form of seven young men and women. The monster devoured the unfortunate in its labyrinth on the island of Crete.

The huge force of an individual with a torso of a man, with powerful horns and a torso of a bull was called a bukentavr (man-bull). He had the ability to cause hatred between members of different genders on the basis of jealousy.

The harpies were considered as spirits of the wind. The colorful semi-female half-birds, wild, predatory, with a disgusting unbearable smell. The gods sent them to punish the guilty people.It consisted in the fact that these swift creatures took away food from a person, condemning him to starvation. They attributed the theft of children and human souls.

Poludeva-half-snake echidna, attractive in appearance, but terrible in its serpentine essence. Specialized in the abduction of travelers. It was the mother of a number of monsters.

Sirens appeared before travelers in the form of predatory beauties, with the head and body of a graceful woman. Instead of hands they had terrible bird legs with huge claws. Beautiful melodic voice, inherited from his mother, served as a bait for people. Sailing to the fascinating singing, the ships crashed against the stones, and the sailors died, torn to pieces by sirens.

The Sphinx was a rare monster - the chest and face of a woman, the body of a lion with sweeping wings. His craving for riddles caused the death of a mass of people. He killed everyone who could not give the correct answer to his question. According to the Greeks, the Sphinx was the personification of wisdom.

Water creatures

Mythical creatures of Greecelived in the waters of the oceans, seas, rivers, marshes. They inhabited their naiads. The sources in which they lived were almost always curative.For disrespectful attitude to nature, such as pollution of the source, could punish a person with madness.

Scylla and Charybdis were once attractive nymphs. The wrath of the gods made them terrible monsters. Charybdis was able to create a mighty maelstrom that occurs three times a day. He was dragging all the ships sailing by. Scylla was waiting for the sailors near the cave in the rock of the Sicilian Channel. The trouble was on both sides of a narrow strip of water. And today the expression “to fall between Charybdis and Scylla” means a threat from two sides.

Another colorful representative of the sea depths - the hippocamus, or water horse. According to the description, he really looked like a horse, but his torso ended with a fish tail. It served as a vehicle for sea gods - the Nereid and the Triton.

Flying creatures

Some mythical creatures could fly. Only a person with a rich imagination could see a griffin. It is described as a bird with the body of a lion, the front legs replace bird legs with huge claws, and the head resembles an eagle. From his cry killed all living things. People believed that the griffins guarded the treasures of the Scythians.They were also used by the goddess Nemesis as animals for their wagon, which symbolized the inevitability and speed of punishment for their sins.

photos of mythical creatures

The phoenix was a mixture of different species of birds. In its appearance it was possible to detect the features of a crane, peacock, eagle. The ancient Greeks considered him immortal. And the ability of the phoenix to reborn symbolized the human desire for self-improvement.

There is no more noble being capable of self-sacrifice in mythology. Once every five hundred years in the temple of the Sun, the phoenix voluntarily rushes into the flames. His death returns harmony and happiness to the world of people. Three days later, an updated bird is being reborn from the ashes, ready to repeat its fate for the welfare of the human race.

Stymphalian birds, covered with bronze feathers, with copper claws and beaks, inspired fear to all who saw them. Their rapid reproduction did not give a chance for the survival of the surrounding area. Like locusts, they ate everything that they came across, turning the flowering valleys into deserts. Their feathers were a formidable weapon. Birds hit them like arrows.

The winged horse Pegasus, though born from the head of a dying gorgon, became a symbol of a reliable friend, talent and limitless intelligence.He combined the power of an independent being from gravity, a horse, and vitality. The graceful, swift, free, beautiful winged horse is still a source of inspiration for people of art.

ancient mythical creatures

Female mythical creatures

In Slavic culture, female mythical creatures served to kill people. A whole army of Kikimor, mermaids, witches at the first opportunity tried to lime a person with the light.

No less terrible and evil female mythical creatures of ancient Greece. Not all were originally born in the form of monsters. Many became such at the behest of the gods, taking a terrible image as a punishment for any wrongdoing. They differ in "place of residence" and lifestyle. They are united by their desire to destroy a person, and this is where the evil mythical creatures live. The list is long:

  • chimera;
  • Gorgon;
  • siren;
  • salamander;
  • puma;
  • nymph;
  • harpy;
  • Valkyrie and other "nice" ladies.

Slavic mythology

Unlike other cultures, Slavic mythical creatures carry the experience and wisdom of all generations of ancestors. Legends and legends were transmitted orally. The lack of writing did not affect the description of unusual creatures,inhabited, in the opinion of the ancient Slavs, their world.

Mostly Slavic mythical creatures have a human appearance. All of them are endowed with supernatural abilities and are clearly divided by habitat.

The semi-mythical creature - the wolfhound (werewolf) - lived among humans. He was credited with the ability to turn into a wolf. Moreover, unlike the legends of other nations, this did not necessarily take place during the full moon. It was believed that the Cossack army was invincible precisely because Cossack warriors could take on the image of a wolf at any moment and attack their enemies.

"Home" creatures

Brownie - the spirit of human dwellings, protected the house from all sorts of troubles and troubles, including thieves and fires. He had the ability to invisibility, but the cats noticed him. When the family moved to another place, they called the go-go friend with them, conducting appropriate ceremonies. The custom of letting a cat into the house of the first one has a simple explanation — the goblin enters it.

mythical creatures pictures

He always treats the household well, but does not tolerate the lazy and the grumpy. Broken dishes or scattered cereal makes it clear about his dissatisfaction. If the family does not listen to him and is not corrected, the house may leave. Then the house is doomed to death, fire or other misfortune will not keep you waiting.

Directly subordinate to the houseboy serves as a courtyard. It is his responsibility to look after the farm outside the house: a stable, barns, and a yard. He is rather indifferent to people, but it is not recommended to anger him.

Barabashka belongs to the category of small homemade spirits. He lives exclusively in the house of man. It is a grayish fluffy ball with a diameter of up to 30 cm. Able to apply to a cat. If the little drum is shown in its true form, it means that he is friends with the local brownie and completely trusts people. He can share his sacred knowledge. Rarely harms people, but if a little drummer doesn’t like something, it can act on nerves with nasty sounds: rustling or scratching.

Another spirit - anchutka - is subdivided by place of residence: field, water and home. Small dirty dog, not recommended for communication. The anchutka does not possess any useful information, hypocrisy and the ability to deceive is laid in it at the genetic level. His main entertainment is to make various sounds, a person with a weak psyche can drive to insanity. It is impossible to drive the spirit out of the house, but to a balanced person it is completely harmless.

Kikimora lives in the right corner of the entrance, where, according to custom, they swept away all the garbage. This is an energy creation, devoid of flesh, but having the ability to influence the physical world. It is believed that she can see very far, run fast and become invisible. Curious and version of the appearance of Kikimor, there are several of them and all are considered correct:

  • a deceased infant may become a kikimorea, and all stillborn, premature babies or miscarriages can be included in the same group;
  • children born of the sinful connection of the fiery serpent and ordinary woman;
  • Children cursed by their parents, the reason may be very different.

Quikimors use nightmares for children as their weapons, and adults end up with terrible hallucinations. Thus, they can deprive a person of reason or bring to suicide. But against them there are special conspiracies that were used by the witches and the Magi. A simpler method will also work: a buried silver object under the threshold will not allow the dummy into the house.

It should be noted that, in spite of the widely used expression “swamp kikimora”, this does not apply to real representatives of this kind of entities.Apparently, we are talking about mermaids or dashing, just living in the swamps.

Mythical creatures of nature

One of the most famous mythical creatures living in the forest in Slavic mythology is the goblin. As the owner, he owns everything - from a blade of grass with berries and mushrooms to trees and animals.

As a rule, the devil is friendly towards a person. But such an attitude will be only to people with a pure and bright soul. He and mushroom, berry places indicate, and on the short road will lead. And if the traveler shows respect for the devil and the goodies will be pampered, with an egg or a slice of cheese, he can count on protection from evil beasts or dark forces.

mythical creatures of ancient Greece

By the appearance of the forest itself, it was possible to determine whether the blessed the devout managed it, or it spread to the side of Chernobog. In this case, possessions are neglected, overgrown, dense and impassable. Such careless "owners" are punished by the god Veles himself. He drives them out of the forest and transfers the possessions to another hell.

Famously, oddly enough, lives in a swamp. In fact, it is a complex allegory of the unfavorable confluence of circumstances related to the specific actions of a person. From this we can conclude that everyone himself provokes the appearance of dashing.First it never attacks, its appearance is an adequate response to human actions.

As it is described, this strong, vindictive and ferocious creature in a different incarnation is either in the form of a giant, or in the high stoop of an undead woman. They are similar in one thing - at the queen there is only one eye, but in spite of this, no one could escape it.

Meeting with dashing is dangerous. His curses and the ability to send trouble to a person can be fatal in the end.

A whole group of aquatic mythical creatures are mermaids. There are:

  • Water plants They live only in water, they never go to the ground, they serve water, they are absolutely harmless, they can only scare with their tickling. They look like ordinary naked girls, they can turn to fish or swans for a while.
  • Scraps. A special kind of mermaids. Their time is night, they can go to the banks of rivers and lakes. Nude beauties lure careless travelers and drown. For the sake of their own fun, they can tickle a person to death. Through their transparent backs, you can see the internal organs.
  • Mavki. This type of mermaids is the most common and has a specific reason for its appearance.Legend has it that Kostroma found out that her husband Kupala is her brother. Realizing that they should not be together, the girl rushed from a cliff into the river and drowned. Since then, wandering along the river bank, looking for her husband. Every nice guy draws into the pool. There, looking closer and realizing that he had dragged into the pool, he did not let go. True, it does not help the young man anymore, by that time he manages to drown. This is the only type of mermaids that "specializes" exclusively on young men.
  • Lobasta. The worst type of mermaids. They sell their soul to Chernobog. They look terrible, like monsters with some parts of the female body. Strong and evil creatures can attack alone and in groups. The best means of salvation is to flee from them.

Despite this diversity, all mermaids are related to the female sex. It is believed that they turn the girls, the death of which is somehow connected with water.

mythical creatures list

All reservoirs, whether river or lake, needed their own caretaker. Such was the water. He was responsible for order on the shore and clean water. He led all the mermaids, and if necessary, could gather from them a rather powerful army.This was required to protect the reservoir from waterlogging (as was the onset of dark forces).

Water was revered as a wise keeper of knowledge. He was often asked for advice. The power of the water is great - he could also give life (water is its main source), and take it away, sending terrible natural disasters: floods and floods. But for no reason, the waterman did not show his anger and always treated people kindly.

Mythical creatures and movies

Modern computer graphics allows you to make movies on the subject of mythical creatures without any restrictions. The gracious inexhaustible theme inspires an entire army of cinematographers.

Scenarios are written based on famous epics, myths, legends with a mixture of mysticism and superstition. Films about mythical creatures are also made in fantasy, horror, and mysticism.

But not only art cinema attracts viewers. Attempts to unravel the nature of entities, scientists do not leave until now. There are very interesting in content, assumptions, scientific conclusions documentaries about mythical creatures.

Mythical creatures in the modern world

Digging a man into himself, trying to find out about his personality as much as possible led to the creation of a mass of various tests.The test “What are you a mythical creature?” Developed and enjoys wide popularity. After answering a number of questions, the testee gets his testimonial. It also indicates the mythical creation, to which it most closely corresponds.

Attempts to explain the incredible phenomena associated with the house, little drums and other "neighbors" are pushing researchers to desperate attempts to make photos of mythical creatures. Modern sensitive technology gives hope to researchers to capture the desired objects. Sometimes some light spots or darkening appear on photos. Certainly, no one expert undertakes to assert anything. It is difficult to say with confidence that the photos of mythical creatures are clearly visible, and confirms their undisputed presence.

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