Myositis of the neck: symptoms, treatment

Many people today are increasingly faced with such a cunning disease, as myositis. This pathology is an inflammation of the skeletal muscle area, which is accompanied by severe pain discomfort. There are a large number of varieties of this disease, but neck myositis is considered the most common. Symptoms, treatment, the main causes of the disease - these are just some of the questions, the answers to which are presented in this article.

General information about the disease

Cervical myositis is understood as pathology, which sooner or later many people have to face. It is usually accompanied by severe pain discomfort. Initially, a person, waking up in the morning, literally can not tear his head from the pillow. As the disease progresses, pain does not subside throughout the day, which negatively affects the quality of life. The inflamed muscle acquires distinct contours. Even with a slight pressure, the pain increases, the skin temperature rises in the affected area.

Myositis of the neck is perfectly treatable. Ignoring the disease necessarily entails the development of dangerous complications in which a person is not able to perform the most common actions. In the later stages there is complete muscle atrophy. The patient can not constantly hold his head, so that it falls directly on the chest.neck myositis

Causes of the disease

According to experts, the disease can be caused by a constant stay in a state of stress. Emotional overloads provoke muscle contraction and multiple spasms, which results in an inflammatory process (myositis).

Sometimes the cause of the disease is professional. Many people because of the work are forced to be constantly in one position, which entails muscle spasm.

Doctors have identified a whole group of factors that directly contribute to the development of this disease:

  • Diseases of an infectious nature (tonsillitis, tonsillitis, ARVI).
  • Injuries and mechanical injuries to the neck.
  • Frequent supercooling.
  • Toxic effects.
  • Joint diseases (osteochondrosis, hernia).
  • Long stay in an uncomfortable position.neck myositis photo

What signs indicate neck myositis?

Symptoms of the disease usually appear in the morning when a person tries to rise after a night's sleep. This is because the inflamed muscle fibers swell, a so-called reflex spasm occurs. This clinical picture is accompanied by irritation of the nerve endings and unbearable pain.

In most cases, the discomfort is asymmetric, that is, only one area of ​​the neck is affected. Uncontrolled course of the disease is dangerous for the muscles of the esophagus, larynx and pharynx. Sometimes it causes breathing problems.

The characteristic symptoms of pathology are the following:

  • Intense pain in the neck.
  • The discomfort does not decrease after a long rest, remains in a state of rest.
  • Consolidation of muscle fibers.
  • Hyperemia of the skin over the focus of inflammation.neck myositis symptoms

Disease classification

In modern medical practice, myositis of the neck is divided into several forms, each of which has its own distinctive features.

  1. Purulent. This is the most severe form of the disease, the cause of which is bacteria (staphylococcus,streptococci). The causative agent of infection penetrates into an open wound during surgery or in case of neck injuries.
  2. Infectious. This form develops against the background of previous ARVI, flu.
  3. Neuromyositis In this pathology, it affects not only the muscles of the neck, but also the peripheral fibers of the nerves. The disease usually occurs in a chronic form.
  4. Dermatomyositis. The disease is most often diagnosed in young women due to hormonal disorders or an existing genetic predisposition.
  5. Polymyositis In this form, there is a simultaneous lesion of several muscle groups at once. As a rule, pathology occurs against the background of autoimmune diseases.

What is the difference between cervical myositis in children?

In young patients, the disease most often develops on the background of hypothermia or overvoltage of the muscles. In adolescents, the first symptoms of pathology are usually diagnosed after the completion of a school week or exam session.

Myositis of the neck in a child is accompanied by a sharp rise in temperature and severe headaches. In the absence of timely treatment, the disease progresses rapidly.The pathological process, as a rule, moves to the adjacent muscles of the larynx and esophagus. myositis of the neck in a child

Diagnostic measures

Confirmation of the disease is based on the identification of characteristic complaints from the patient, anamnesis and palpation of the cervical region. The specific clinical picture makes it possible to suspect neck myositis without additional diagnostic measures.

To determine the nature of the disease and the appointment of appropriate therapy, experts recommend an examination, which includes a blood test, electromyography and tissue biopsy. Radiography allows differentiation of myositis with cervical osteochondrosis. how to treat neck myositis

Conservative treatment

Before starting a course of therapy, it is necessary to determine the cause of the disease, and then proceed to its elimination. Treatment is usually aimed at stopping inflammatory processes, improving the nutrition of muscle fibers and compensating for electrolyte disturbances.

Regardless of the root cause of the disease, pain relievers (Ketorol, Nurofen) and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Nimesulide, Metamizol) are prescribed to all patients.In case of severe pains, procaine blockade is used, in case of fever - antipyretic drugs.

During the treatment of myositis can not do without special ointments and gels ("Finalgon", "Virapin"). Most often in their composition they have natural ingredients. Ointment from myositis of the neck is responsible for improving blood flow and muscle nutrition, relieves pain, relieves inflammation.

If the cause of the disease are parasites, doctors recommend anthelmintic therapy. When the infectious nature is hidden in the basis of the disease, antibiotics are prescribed (Gentamicin, Sumamed). When the purulent form of the abscess open, and the wound is treated with special antiseptics.

In addition to drug therapy, patients with such a diagnosis are prescribed a complex of exercise therapy. Physical exercise multiplies the effect of the main course of treatment. They relieve tension in the muscles. Classes are selected based on the symptoms of a particular patient.

A different approach requires neck myositis in a child. Treatment in this case is prescribed individually. The physician must take into account the age of the patient, physical activity and the presence of concomitant ailments.All children, without exception, in addition to drug therapy and warming compresses prescribe a course of physical therapy.myositis of the neck in a child treatment

Folk treatment of myositis of the neck

Along with conservative therapy, to combat this pathology can be used folk ways to restore the habitual mobility of the affected muscles. Their main goal is to reduce the inflammatory process and prevent further progression of the disease. How to treat myositis neck folk remedies?

  • Excellent relieves pain compress from the leaves of white cabbage. Clean leaves should be rubbed with the most ordinary soap, sprinkled with soda and attached to the affected area, securing a scarf. Such a compress can be left for the whole night.
  • Bay oil effectively eliminates muscle spasm. This tool can be purchased at the pharmacy. Mix a few drops of oil with a liter of warm water, soak a towel in the liquid. Then it should be carefully squeezed, rolled with a harness and attached to the neck.neck myositis symptoms treatment

How to prevent illness?

Unfortunately, today, doctors increasingly diagnose neck myositis. Photos of patients with such a diagnosis make many people wonder if this disease can be prevented.

Doctors advise first of all to try to avoid drafts and frequent hypothermia, to monitor posture. The latter recommendation is particularly relevant for those people in whom the appearance of the disease is due to professional activity. The timely treatment of infectious pathologies helps to avoid unpleasant pain in the neck. In this case, myositis usually develops as a complication. In order not to cause inflammation of the muscles due to unaccustomed physical activity, it is important to do hardening, and in the morning to do the most usual exercises.

Myositis of the neck is a very insidious disease, which is accompanied by continuous painful discomfort and negatively affects the quality of life. However, timely appeal for help to a qualified doctor and quality treatment make the illness retreat. The prognosis is in most cases favorable. Approximately five days after the start of treatment, the symptoms subside, and proper prevention allows you to forget about this pathology forever.

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