Moscow pizzerias: review, addresses

Moscow is such a big city that sometimes you can get lost in the choice of establishments that it offers. Moscow's pizzerias are very popular, which guarantee their visitors high-quality service and an incredible atmosphere. But to choose a place to your liking, you need to familiarize yourself with the rating of the best.

Pinzeria by Bontempi

Sometimes even perfectly cooked classic pizza can get bored. Then you want to try something new, unusual, but just as tasty. For this, visitors open the doors to Pinzeria by Bontempi - an institution that heads the rating of Moscow pizzerias. It is located at: Bolshoy Znamensky lane, 2, p. 3. This is the restaurant Valentino Bontempi, which constantly attracts new guests and is replenished with positive feedback. In this place you can try a special pizza, which in the walls of Pinzeria by Bontempi is called “pincer”. In its preparation completely unconventional technologies are used. For example, the dough is prepared from three types of flour with yeast, which are specially brought from Italy. As a result, the pincer is not only lush, but also ideal for a healthy diet.Moscow pizzeriasIn addition, the menu offers Italian dishes and a wide range of drinks. The restaurant Pinzeria by Bontempi is pleasant to be in, because the beautifully decorated room creates its own atmosphere. The use of metal, wood and stone, large paintings, interesting chandeliers - all this makes the restaurant a special place and gives it a highlight. Polite staff does its job at the highest level, and affordable prices do not hit the bill. Visitors say that the pizzeria Pinzeria by Bontempi has become for them an excellent vacation spot, where you can taste amazing dishes and have a great time.

"Donna Margarita"

Sometimes finding a decent place to stay can be very difficult. Among them a large number is almost impossible, without having been there, to determine how the institution meets the requirements. Moscow's pizzerias differ in the situation, services, prices. Many people choose Donna Margarita for the evening pastime. From the threshold of the place you can feel the warm and cozy atmosphere reigning in this place.rating of Moscow pizzeriasVisit this pizzeria - this is how to arrange a small trip to Italy. The decor of this place is impressive: large wooden chandeliers, living plants, floor lamps - all this creates the impression of a small village house, where coziness and comfort are paramount.To visit Italy and not to taste pizza is a real crime. In Donna Margarita, this dish is cooked on a wood-burning stove. They approach cooking pizza very carefully: this culinary masterpiece is created by the best masters from fresh ingredients and in compliance with all the techniques. Also on the menu you can find other Italian dishes. Pizzeria "Donna Margaret" is located at the address: 2, ul. 1905, bld. 1.


A place called Scrocchiarella can be included in the best pizzerias in Moscow, the addresses of which are indicated in this article. The name of the institution is translated from Italian as "crunchy", which immediately gives out one of its features. Guests when ordering receive a classic Roman version of pizza, which has a perfect thin crust. Not all Moscow pizzerias can boast of such professionalism of chefs. Visitors are served pizza on a wooden board, and its very shape is rectangular. The menu features eight types of this dish. Moscow pizzerias addressesThe price does not depend on the filling, but on the size. You can order a large, medium, small pizza, its half or one piece. Their choice will surprise even the most sophisticated gourmet: in Scrocchiarella you can taste fruit pizza, pizza with caramelized apples, plums, pomegranate juice, parmesan, mascapone, artichokes or roasted turkey.Also in the menu you can find a large selection of desserts, pasta and soups. Scrocchiarella opens its doors to the following address: Pokrovka, 1/13/6, p. 2.

Pizza peppe

You can have a good time in any city, the main thing is to know where to look for good places. Pizza Peppe is a pizzeria in the center of Moscow, which provides its visitors with an opportunity to have a great time in a cozy atmosphere with quality service and delicious food. It is located at the following address: 9, Gazetny Lane, p. 2. Pizza Peppe is a small establishment where a high level of work and fair prices are excellent.pizzeria in the center of MoscowTwo halls, in which a total of 50 people can simultaneously accommodate, are tastefully furnished and filled with interesting details. The pride of this pizzeria is a wood-burning stove, which is not for beauty, but is really used in cooking. According to reviews of the guests of the establishment, it can be understood that Pizza Peppe is a place where you can not only enjoy delicious pizza, but also have a great rest in a warm atmosphere with pleasant music and polite staff.

"Viva Pizza"

What to do if you wanted to try a juicy and crispy pizza, and most of the institutions have already closed? The output will be round-the-clock pizzerias in Moscow, among which Viva Pizza deserves special attention.This institution provides an opportunity to get a real gastronomic euphoria, because a satisfying, incredibly tasty and inexpensive pizza will delight anyone.round-the-clock pizzerias in MoscowIn "Viva Pizza" you can not only enjoy Japanese and European dishes, but also relax in a cozy place with a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Visit the institution where the meal is complemented by light music, great service and thoughtful interior, you can at the addresses: Vorovskogo Street, 1, Marshal Zhukov Avenue, 19/1, Lilac Boulevard, 15A, Petrozavodskaya, 24B.


The Kvadrat institution finishes the rating of Moscow pizzerias - a place where orders are prepared quickly, efficiently and for a reasonable price. It is in the walls of this pizza bar you can taste the real Italian street food. In questions of geometry, square pizza is preferred over round because it is much more convenient to take it with you and not waste precious minutes sitting at a table. Not all Moscow pizzerias place such an emphasis on practicality, like Kvadrat at the address: Nizhniy Kiselny Lane, 3, p. 1.

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