Mobile phone Nokia 200: characteristics, reviews and comparison with competitors

The Nokia 200 is a device that was released in 2012. It works with two SIM cards, a full keyboard. The device is designed for young buyers. The modern and trendy (at the time of release) design, as well as the rather impressive multimedia features, scream about this. The article will look at the characteristics of the phone and reviews about 200


There are several color options for this device, so it will be easy to pick the one you like. You can purchase pink, green, blue, orange, pearl, aquamarine and black.

The device weighs Nokia Asha 200 quite a bit - 105 g. Dimensions are 6.1 × 11.5 × 1.4 cm. Many competitors from the Korean firm “Samsung” are not able to boast of such dimensions.

The body has a smooth shape. The corners are rounded. Plastic pleasant to the touch, glossy type.In the hands does not creak and does not create feelings of cheap things. In addition, you can always buy special covers made of silicone, which will protect the phone from scratches. The manufacturer completes the device without surplus. In the box, the buyer will find charging, headphones and instruction manual. If you need a wire to connect to a computer - will have to be purchased separately.

The display got a size of 2.4 inches, its resolution is 320 by 240 pixels. The screen is bright, colorful, without a sensor to adjust the backlight depending on the lighting. It is separated from the keyboard with the help of special navigation and call buttons. Headphone, charging and USB cable connectors are located on the top of the phone, on the right, there are slots for a SIM card and an external asha 200


The Nokia Asha 200 keyboard can be called a highlight of the phone and its main attention-grabbing detail. All keys are located most conveniently, they are divided among themselves. Thanks to this user will not be difficult to type text blindly. In the dark, using the keyboard is comfortable, as the backlight is available. It is bright and contrast.The letters of the alphabet are painted in white, while the orange is marked with special characters. Each of the rows of keys is rounded. Those who prefer to often communicate in the social. networks and write messages, instantly get used to the location of the buttons and are able to type with high speed. On numbers from 2 to 9 it is allowed to install the "Speed ​​Dial" function.

Phone features

All the characteristics proposed by the manufacturer correspond to the price category to the maximum. In the contact book you can save no more than 2 thousand subscribers. There are many functions that are considered standard: playing music, video, shooting photos and videos, listening to radio stations, sharing files and applications using a Bluetooth module. Games for Nokia 200 are stable and do not crash. If you wish, you can always use a memory card. Its maximum size is 32 GB. The resolution of the resulting images is 1600 × 1200 pixels, the quality of the photos is poor, since the matrix is ​​2 Mp. The video has a size of 176 × 144 pix.

If there is an unread message or a missed call, the phone will notify you about this not only with a notification, but also with a flashing keyboard.

The device runs on a Series 40 system.It is able to function without any failures and support many games. To watch sites on the Internet, you can use the standard application. Also, Twitter and Facebook are built into the 200 phone

What functions are not in the phone?

The Nokia 200 does not have some popular options. What? Work with wireless and 3G networks is not supported, there is no touchscreen and the function of intelligent dialing.


Screen resolution - 240 × 320 pixels. Size - 2.4 inches. The display quality is good. The screen is bright, but the viewing angles are a little frustrating. Under the sun the display fades, but the picture and the text remain visible, so there is no discomfort. Manually adjusting the brightness will not work, as this feature is not available. Plastic is located above the display, so accidentally scratching or splitting the screen will fail. While touching, you can feel the material 200 firmware


On the Nokia 200 desktop, you can see icons that show battery charge, current time and date, as well as the work of SIM cards. It is also allowed to set up lines for widgets, take out various folders and shortcuts.You can do this with any selected application: calendar, contacts, timer, links, search, music, messages, chat and so on. Registration is flexible, so the owner can easily customize the interface to fit your preferences.

Entering the menu is quite simple - just press the top center key. It is also called navigation. Soft buttons are needed to launch additional applications to which you need to have constant and instant access. By default, they work with the phonebook and shortcut settings. The last menu has special icons corresponding to the installed applications. More than 60 functions are available in the settings. You can set a lot of labels, their number is unlimited. On the desktop, you can add any desired. You can control them using the navigation button.

There are many shortcuts in the menu. They are sorted by a specific attribute (by size, alphabet), you can also manually rearrange and organize their order. The display supports the work with pictures. As a background image, you can choose any of the standard or upload your own.Available themes of the device itself, which will also make working with the phone more enjoyable. The manufacturer has already installed several basic ones.

Notifications and additional data are not received on the locked screen. If you want to see the time or date, you must click on the call button. This is exactly how the Nokia 200 works. The firmware of the device as a whole has been successfully implemented, it is convenient, but does not have a multitasking function. In the background, only the player and the radio can work. All other applications will have to re-open for nokia 200

Phone book

In the phone book, each of the existing subscribers can add no more than 5 different numbers. Also in the "card" is allowed to specify additional data: e-mail, website, address, date of birth, pseudonym, and so on. You can also assign a picture and a melody to a contact. In the fields where you must specify the name and surname, you should follow the restriction - no more than 50 200 specifications

Accumulator battery

The Nokia 200 battery runs at 1340 mAh. According to the manufacturer, this is enough for 7 hours of active conversation and 23 days in standby mode.If you turn off the GSM-module, then the owner will be able to listen to music for about 52 hours. When connected to a computer, the battery will not charge. This nuance is attributed by some consumers to negative sides.

Nokia 200: reviews

Most buyers are satisfied with the device offered by the manufacturer. What are the advantages noted by the owners? The design is noticeable, interesting, beautiful and immediately attracts attention. Many people notice the convenience of using the phone due to its small size. Price (1990 rubles) is fully consistent with the proposed quality. The sound of the phone is at a good level, it is noticeable both when you receive calls, and when you simply play music. One of the SIM card slots is positioned in such a way that you don’t have to disconnect the Nokia 200 phone to change it. Specifications make it clear that the battery keeps charging for quite a while. Therefore, you can use the device for a long time. When compared with many competitors, this device clearly stands out among them for its advantages.

Like any other phone, this model has its drawbacks. The camera is too weak, a large percentage of buyers complain about it.Video is difficult to watch, sometimes the picture freezes. In the browser, media files often do not play. Multitasking on a bad level. In order to work with one application, you need to close the others, otherwise everything will 200 reviews


Drawing conclusions from the Nokia 200 review, it is possible to highlight the presence of a good keyboard and support for working with two SIM cards. Most of the functions are implemented conveniently, and none of the available fails. Due to the battery described above, the device is fully allowed to operate in active mode, without thinking that the battery runs out too quickly. It is convenient to use the functions of the call, messages, you can also safely work in social networks.

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