MMA: training, rules and description of exercises

For MMA fighters, training is a set of exercises that help build endurance, which is very important for fighters of mixed martial arts. Such a complex will help the athlete to become more prominent, focused and training

Reasons to practice MMA

Many novice athletes often ask questions about why MMA fighters need training at all, because without it, you can also learn how to fight. It is worth noting that martial arts, like any sport, have their own rules and attitudes, which cannot be broken.

Training MMA fighters provide an opportunity to develop strength and endurance, which is necessary not only for them, but also for people who are interested in any other sport. In addition, there are many reasons to start practicing MMA. The main ones are:

  1. Music for training MMA energizes and directs to achieve new goals.
  2. Thanks to regular exercises, self-confidence is gradually developed.When a wrestler knows exactly how to fight, he feels calmer and more relaxed. That is why, when the threat comes suddenly, it will be much easier to get around it.
  3. Discipline is one of the main advantages of MMA. Home training, as well as classes in the halls with coaches, teach discipline not only the body, but also the mind. Proper nutrition, sleep schedule and workouts - the main points to which you have to accustom yourself from the very first lesson.
  4. MMA training (training) is a great opportunity to improve your physical abilities and become the owner of a chic sports body.
  5. Training allows you to push out anger and anger that people absolutely do not need in everyday life. It is enough to spend some time in the hall and realize all your aggression there.
  6. Victories and defeats at competitions give a drive, which is reflected in other areas of activity.
  7. Visiting the hall and meeting there the same athletes, there is a considerable chance to find real friends who will be close in spirit and interests.

MMA training program

Functional training

Strength training MMA prepares for fights of any level, because tournaments are different and the number of rounds in them, respectively, is different.During the whole fight, the fighter has to constantly be in motion, since standing still will not work. In any case, it is necessary to push or pull the opponent, bend, lunge and so on. In the fight you need to be as tense as possible and stay in this state longer than the enemy. Therefore, workouts that take place outside the ring should be like a duel.


A set of exercises for MMA (training) must contain positions that will require logs, tires, stones, barrels, sledge hammers, and so on. The main purpose of the athlete is to move a heavy object for some distance. It can be done by lifting, dragging or throwing this weight somewhere.MMA Fighter Training

Exercises of this type can be performed either separately or in combination with others. When a novice fighter decides to start training, it is best to choose no more than 5-6 exercises in which the entire body will be involved.

You can perform exercises by combining them into a series or by dividing into approaches. To complicate the training should only be when a person feels light.But you should not overload yourself too much, so you need to gradually complicate things. The ideal option is to complete the maximum number of repetitions in a set time (approximately 2-3 minutes). In addition, one should not forget about short breaks for recovery, without which it will not be possible to gradually increase the load.

Dead weight

Everyone knows the exercises with their own weight, which are used in training MMA. There is no need to do any experiments here, so for a start, rather ordinary push-ups, squats, lunges, "berpis" and so on are enough. All this must be done as a warm-up before the main workout.

Traction sleds

Many novice athletes do not like this exercise very much, as it is not easy to perform, but for a real fighter it is mandatory. Even the best workouts (MMA) necessarily include the sled for training mma

Among the most effective exercises:

  • thrust with promotion;
  • traction heavy sleds when running face forward;
  • sled presses with advancement;
  • thrust in running backwards.

The most advantageous option would be to combine all these exercises into separate series, for which you should allocate approximately 30 seconds. Thanks to this, you can quickly develop endurance.And to achieve great results in the development of explosive power, it will be necessary to do luge training with approaches of up to 10 seconds, the breaks between which should be at least one and a half minutes. In total, in each of the exercises you need to do 4-12 approaches.


Simple runs do not give the desired result, so you should consider the sprint, the benefits of which are much greater. This kind of training provides the opportunity to work at maximum power. In addition, during the sprint, glycolytic and, of course, creatine phosphate mechanisms of energy supply are involved, which is a considerable advantage for athletes of any homework

To perform a workout, it is not necessary to use any special equipment that can be found only in sports halls. It will be enough to find a mountain on the street, on which you can run for 5-10 minutes, or a staircase with normal steps. Also it would be nice to run with a parachute in harness, or a shuttle option, for which absolutely nothing is needed, except for a flat plane.

As with any training session, it is imperative to warm up before a sprint in order not to get injured.

With medbola

Having set a goal to quickly build up endurance and explosive power, you can immediately start with training with medical balls. To do this, pick up a special ball that is not too large so that it holds well in both hands, and also not too light or heavy, so that it can be thrown over long distances. The basic exercises for MMA fighters are the following throws:

  • from the chest;
  • on the floor (so that the ball goes back into the hands at the same level at which it was thrown);
  • because of the head;
  • sideways with twists.

As a rule, people choose a complex of several shots that will be performed in a couple of minutes and at an intense pace. Here, as in previous trainings, it is necessary to take breaks to restore strength and energy.MMA Strength Training

Barbell complexes

More experienced fighters who have already experienced all the standard exercises can easily try the complexes of several exercises, where the main equipment will be a barbell. In most cases, such trainings consist of ten basic movements, including: jerks, thrusts, thrust, squats, and so on. Each exercise is done in 5-6 reps.

The most important thing is to move with maximum speed. It is forbidden to lower the bar to the floor for the purpose of respite. The average athlete is enough for an Olympic neck on 20 kilograms. A complex consists of the following exercises (perform 5-6 repetitions):

Track your own progress will help the stopwatch, which can detect the time of the round. In addition, you need to start with the simplest neck, and then gradually increase the weight. Sometimes there are situations when even a person with excellent physical shape can not squeeze 40-45 kilograms.

MMA training program

In addition to the above exercises, you should consider training, where all muscles are workout mma

Training (everywhere 3 sets and 6-10 repetitions):

  1. Jumping on the box, just above the knees.
  2. Bench barbell standing with chest over head.
  3. Pull with weight.
  4. Throws the ball to the floor.
  5. Push ups with narrow / cotton grip.

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