Mikhail Fedorov: biography and creativity

Chuvashia is often called the edge of a hundred thousand songs. Mikhail Fedorov and his group “Yanra, Jurassic!” Prove that such a name is given to this corner of the country not by accident. Musicians for over thirty years delight the audience with their creativity. Michael often writes music and masterly plays harmonies.


Mikhail FedorovThe future performer of Chuvash songs was born in the village of New Burgers. He grew up in a large family, where besides him were brought up six boys and a girl. The whole family played musical instruments, so the problem of choosing a profession before Mikhail did not stand. He entered the Tsivilsk Cultural and Educational School and became the leader of an amateur orchestra group. Then Mikhail Fedorov temporarily interrupted his studies, as he was drafted into the army. He served in Germany, and on his return to his small homeland, he began his musical career as a teacher in a village school.

At that time, there was a shortage of music teachers in rural schools, but the problem with personnel in the House of Culture was even more acute.Mikhail Fedorov, whose biography shows how recognition can be achieved by his own labor, changed two schools and two villages for his teaching activities. He began his career in Norouryumovo, later transferred to the school of the village of Yanshikhovo-Norvashi, in this village he also worked as the head of the club.

The path to the Chuvash stage

Mikhail Fedorov biographyMikhail Fedorov received his first musical education independently. In the village, the music teacher could not play on the right side of the accordion, so no one could set an example to him. Despite this, over time, Michael became a virtuoso. His first performances began in school after the button accordion was brought to the local country club. He played Chuvash songs on it and participated in competitions, where he often became a laureate.

The family did not share the desire of Michael to become a pop performer, so he entered the school in secret. He told the truth about his place of study just before the start of the school year. His parents understood and let him go. During his studies at the school, he mastered the maximum number of instruments: piano, wind instruments, plucked. He believes that the merit is not in his swiftness and talent, but in the teachers.

Achievements of Mikhail Fedorov

While working at the local House of Culture, Mikhail Fedorov first tried himself on stage. He gathered an amateur group and was singing in the choir. For the first time with an amateur group, he went on tour. For a long time his talent was not noticed until in 1993 he became the laureate of the “Rhythms of Chuvashia” competition. Then many talked about Michael, they made TV shows about him and discussed his talent on the radio. Immediately he began to receive offers from theaters, rural and urban recreation centers, philharmonic societies. The musician tried not to refuse any of the proposals.

He finally left the village only in 1995. Immediately, Mikhail decided to conquer the jury of the international festival Manas-1000, held in Bishkek. It was not possible to win, but the musician became the laureate of this competition. He was noticed and invited to the ensemble "Wings", which was based in DC "Khimik", located in Cheboksary. In 1998, he changed the team to “Yanra, Jurassic!”, Where he still works.

A family

Mikhail Fedorov biography photoWith wife Nadezhda Mikhail Fedorov, a biography, photos of which are presented in the article, lived for more than 20 years. She is his companion and reliable assistant in a musical career.In this marriage were born two children who also followed in the footsteps of their father. Young Ilona and Mikhail studied vocal at a music school and learned how to play musical instruments. Children have even had their first television debut. When Michael was seven years old, and Ilona was five, they hosted the TV program “Yvăr, Aptraman Tavrash”.

The son has already received education in the Chuvash School of Culture and continues to learn to play musical instruments at an in-depth level. Daughter Ilona vocal lessons turned into a hobby. The family helps Michael to organize concerts, and the spouse - the constant companion of the artist on tour.

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