Michigan is a giant lake and a pride of the USA

On the border of Canada and the United States of America, surrounded by the states of Indiana, Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin, lies a vast freshwater lake of Michigan. This blue "eye of the earth" is remarkable primarily for its gigantic size and luxurious sandy beaches, and the diversity of fish will not leave indifferent any avid fisherman. Fans of excursion tourism will not stand aside either: Michigan has been prepared for them by a number of museums and nature reserves. The lake only at first glance seems to be a book opener, but in this still waters there is a place for secrets and legends.

Lake michigan

Through the pages of history. "Big Water"

The history of the largest lake in the United States and the third largest in the Great Lakes system is rooted in deep antiquity. The basin of the reservoir was formed as a result of fractures of tectonic plates, but the origin of Lake Michigan is still considered to be glacial, since it is thanks to the melting of the glacier of 12 thousand.years ago, the blue "eye of the earth" took its final form.

Another important milestone in the existence of the lake was its discovery by the French explorer Jean Nicole in 1634. The name of the reservoir was borrowed from the indigenous population, the Ojibwe Indians, who affectionately called the "eye of the earth" the word "Mishigan", which means "big water".

The giant lake. Pride of the United States of America

Lake Michigan is currently a popular recreation area for all visitors and a source of pride for locals. The size of the reservoir, located at an altitude of 177 m above sea level, is really worthy of admiration. The area of ​​the blue "eye of the earth" is 58 thousand square meters. km, while the maximum depth of Lake Michigan reaches 281 m. These factors, as well as length (494 km) and width (190 km), affect the duration of navigation. According to statistics, 4 months a year the reservoir is covered with ice, reducing the period of navigation to 250 days. Ships arrive in the waters of the "eyes of the earth" through the Makino Strait and the Chicago-Lockport Canal, which connect Michigan with Lake Huron and the Mississippi River. The largest port and industrial centers are the cities of Chicago and Milwaukee.

Michigan lake

Flickering lighthouse. Excursion tourism

In order to fully experience the atmosphere of the reservoir, it is worthwhile to consider the sights, which, after decades, cherish Michigan. The lake is especially attractive for travelers who know a lot about the romance of pristine nature, untouched by human hand. Admire the fabulous beauty of the sand dunes, the bright color of emerald hills, the unspeakable density and scale of forest plantations in the national reserve Sliping-Ber-Dunes.

For those who are prone to maximalism, there are wild islands in the blue waters of the earth. Two of them (North and South Manitou) are uninhabited, and Beaver Island will amaze with its size. Its length is 21 km, and its width reaches 10 km.

Fans of fishing and inquisitive tourists, in love with the depths of the sea, will appreciate the excursion to the Shipping Museum of Michigan. Here you can learn the basics of shipbuilding and fishing, as well as trace their development in the reservoir. Picturesque views and strange plants will meet vacationers Lake Michigan. Photos from Route 37 will delight the beauty of exotic orchids and lush green valleys.

You should not deprive of attention and the most ancient building in the waters of the blue "eye of the earth" - the lighthouse of the Old Mission, built in the 70s of the XIX century. Interestingly, the white wooden structure is exactly at 45 parallel, which is the middle between the equator and the North Pole.

Lake Michigan depth

Harmony of heights: sea waves and sand dunes, soaring to the skies

Most vacationers do not represent a good summer vacation without luxurious beaches and beautiful tan. Michigan - a lake with a coastline of more than 2.5 thousand km can become a real dream come true. The harmony of sandy, dazzling snow-white dunes and transparent sea waves reigns along the whole coast of the blue "eye of the earth". More than 30 beaches are made available to tired travelers, the most beautiful and picturesque of which is considered to be Saugatuck, which is among the 25 best beaches in the world. But bored tourists will not have time. The reservoir offers a whole range of entertainment and entertainment activities: from jet skiing, speedboat and yacht to diving and fishing.

Fortune on the hook. Fishing

Michigan is a lake full of various kinds of fish, a real mecca for fans of fishing from early spring to autumn.Before trying your luck and catching carp, trout, perch, pike perch, salmon or whitefish, you will have to carefully read through the booklet entitled "Guide to consuming fish from Lake Michigan", which is given to each fisherman upon arrival and contains information about the benefits and harms of eating or other fish, as well as tips on cooking delicious dishes.

lake origins michigan

The dark side of the affable lake. Werewolf and riddles of the past

In the pool of waters of the friendly blue "eyes of the earth" lurk its secrets. There are legends that in the XIX century the reservoir absorbed about 500 ships, and more than a century ago a giant steamer 91 meters long disappeared without a trace. Just 5 years ago, the ship was found and raised to the surface. Striking was the fact that the wooden liner was absolutely not affected by the action of water and time. The steamer is still in excellent condition.

Lake Michigan, photo

But if this phenomenon can be explained by exposure to cold water from the depths of the lake, then another mystery remains incomprehensible to this day. Since 1938, a ghostly wolf man with piercing blue eyes has appeared on the surface of the water and the sandy coast. According to most locals, the werewolf still inspires fear in the whole district, but there are those who claim that the tale of such a monster is just a profitable advertising move.

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