Metal fence for fences: the pros and cons. A fence made of metal fence

Modern fencing for a country house or a country house should not only be aesthetically pleasing and attractive, but also fulfill its main function - to serve as a reliable security barrier. Previously, inexpensive material to fulfill these goals was wood. Today he was replaced by a metal fence for fences. He allowed to make the fence strong, reliable, durable and spectacular in appearance. Therefore, in recent years, site owners have increasingly resorted to installing just such a fence.

metal fence for fences

The merits of a metal picket fence

Production of picket elements is carried out by the method of cold rolled steel blanks. The rich color range makes it possible to choose the appropriate fence to any facade.

In general, there are several positive qualities of such a fence:

  • ease of installation - without special equipment and it is easy to assemble a fence made of metal picket fence with your own hands;
  • ease of care - the fence does not require special or special care;
  • durability - a metal fence can last 30-50 years;
  • the metal does not develop fungi, bacteria, it does not rot;
  • paint does not fade in the sun, protected by a polymer layer;
  • since the construction is not deaf, the sun's rays freely penetrate through the metal fence for the fences;
  • a variety of colors and shapes allows you to achieve a spectacular look and experiment with the design;
  • metal fences combine well with other materials; universality - you can make not only the outer fence, but also beautifully divide the inner territory into parts, emphasizing the flowerbeds, front gardens, etc.
  • low cost - cheap will cost a fence made of metal picket fence, the price with the installation of which is much lower in comparison with other materials.metal fence for the fence Price

The disadvantages of metal fence

A wide list of positive characteristics of a metal picket fence does not exclude the following disadvantages:

  • time costs - installation of such a fence takes more time than, for example, assembling a fence made of corrugated flooring;
  • during the installation of each subsequent element it is necessary to make accurate measurements in order to avoid irregularities and distortions;
  • the assembly of such a fence requires a large number of fasteners.

Types of picket

metal fence for the price per piece

Metal fence for fences is divided into the following types:

  1. U-shaped.This profile is distinguished by the presence of a convex exterior in the shape of the letter "p".
  2. M-shaped.The profile is characterized by protruding edges and a convex seamy side. The front side shtaketin made in the shape of the letter "m".
  3. Rolled shtaketnik.It differs from the rest by the presence of wide strips. This type of fence looks very respectable and solid.
  4. Semicircular.This is a classic look, functional and versatile. Of the elements of this type, you can construct a bilateral fence, without gaps, if the owners want to completely hide the site space from prying eyes.
  5. Sliced ​​from a thick rod individually or cooked in a section.

Here such a variety has a metal fence for the fence. The price per item depends on the type and height of the picket fence.

Calculation of the required amount of material

Almost all manufacturers produce shtaketina width from 75 mm to 115 mm. At the same time, it is indicated how many elements fall on one running meter of fencing.metal fence fence price with installation

The exact calculation of the required amount of material is made using the following formula:

(100 cm - the size of the gap) / (13.5 cm + size of the gap) * the length of the fence.

All measurements are substituted into the formula in the same units. If necessary, install a double-sided fence, the resulting value is doubled. For safety net material shortage, you can purchase a little more.

Both fully machined and untreated metal profiles are available. There is also a choice in color: you can buy a metal fence for your fences immediately painted, or you can paint it uncolored, and choose the color scheme yourself. It will be very original if you use fantasy and build a multi-colored fence. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the consumption of primer and paint.

Picket Picker

The main criterion by which this type of building materials is selected is its thickness. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not always indicate this parameter, so before you buy, you need to consult with the seller about this.metal fence fence do it yourself

The usual thickness of steel in the fence is 0.4-0.5 mm. The difference of a tenth of a millimeter gives a noticeable difference in the rigidity of the product. Tighter profiles provide fencing strength and reliability, a large thickness allows you to transfer enhanced climatic and mechanical loads. In addition, thicker profiles are much less fade and longer maintain a neat appearance. Therefore, the installation of a fence from a metal fence thickness of half a centimeter is more preferable.

Tools and materials

installation of metal fence fence

To build a metal fence fence, you will need the following items:

  • bayonet spade or a drill will be needed to dig holes for the posts;
  • a screwdriver will be needed to fix the picket fence on the guides;
  • construction level is useful for measuring the correct installation of the picket fence;
  • a welding machine is needed for welding longitudinal lags;
  • profiled pipes or profile section of 40 * 40 mm for the pillars;
  • profiled pipes or profiles with a cross section of 20 * 40 mm for longitudinal lag;
  • in the estimated amount of metal fence for the fence; the price will be slightly higher if you take the eaves with plastic plugs (if necessary);
  • ready mortar or cement with sand;
  • gravel for drainage;
  • stones for fixing pillars;
  • pegs and marking lines; fasteners in the form of galvanized self-tapping screws in the color of a picket fence.

Preparation and installation of fencing

It is absolutely simple to build a fence from a metal fence.fence for giving a metal picket fence

The process can be divided into several stages:

  1. Drawing a future design to put on paper.
  2. On the plot according to the drawing, markup with pegs and a rope.
  3. In the corners of the fence under the bearing pillars to make holes 65-70 cm deep.
  4. In marked places of installation of ordinary columns, dig or drill holes half a meter deep at a distance of two and a half meters from one another. The distance between the posts should be smaller, the higher the metal fence for the fence. The price of the latter in this case is greater due to the increased consumption of material.
  5. To make cutting pillars taking into account the fact that the bearing elements must be 15-20 cm longer than the rank and file.
  6. At the bottom of the pits to fill the rubble drainage.
  7. First, install and fix the corner posts with stones, pour the mortar on top.
  8. Repeat the process with ordinary supports.
  9. Allow the concrete to completely harden for three to five days.
  10. Weld the longitudinal lags above and below the pillars. You can connect them and fasteners, but the reliability of this design will be less. In the process of installation, focus on the beacon-rope and the construction level.
  11. Paint the frame if it needs painting.
  12. Using screws and a screwdriver, fasten the picket fence to the lag with a uniform pitch of 5-10 cm. Work carefully so as not to damage the integrity of the polymer coating if the picket fence is painted. When using the M-shaped profile, the visual lightness of the fence will be given by the gaps of 3.5 cm.
  13. If a double-sided fence is mounted for giving from a metal picket fence, then from the inside the fastener is carried out in a checkerboard pattern.
  14. Install the gate and accessories on it.
  15. If necessary, install the eaves and plastic plugs.

Cost of work and material

You can also build a fence with pillars and base of stone, concrete or brick. In this case, the fence of metal picket fence, the price with the installation of which will be higher, will become much more attractive.

For comparison, it should be noted that 1 m2The cost of a brick fence is 5500 rubles, a concrete one is from 3,500 rubles, and about 650 rubles is made of a metal picket fence. Wooden picket fencing is even more affordable, but very inferior in durability and care.

There is a second option for the fence, which is to use reinforcement. It is welded on strips, treated with anti-corrosion compounds and get a good metal fence for the fence, the price per item depends on the cross-section of the rod. Usually for these purposes material is used with a cross section from 12 mm to 16 mm: the thicker, the more beautiful and reliable.

Reinforced picket fence weld in sections, which are then mounted on the poles. Such a fence can be decorated with various forged elements: animal figures, peaks, curls of plants and other things.

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