Mercedes 190: specifications and reviews

4-seater sedan "Mercedes 190" was released in November 1982. This car in the back of the W201 immediately loved by the public. He was even given the nickname - “Baby-Benz”. Which was justified, because the W201 was the smallest Mercedes at the time. It was originally planned to produce 100,000 models. But the W201 received such popularity, which manufacturers did not even expect. This was a real takeoff for Mercedes-Benz. The concern took the lead in prestige in the European D segment, and the production of more models began. So, why did the Mercedes-Benz W201 deserve such fame?

Mercedes 190


This is the first nuance that needs to be noted. The Mercedes 190 is small. In length, it reaches 4420 mm. And this is by as much as 30 centimeters shorter when compared with its predecessors. Also it is 160 kg lighter. Weight reduction was achieved through the use of alloy metals in the body structure.

The model was conceived as an economical and budget option. But the idea did not affect the presentability of the car. The elegant wedge-shaped silhouette distinguishes the car from the general flow, and the recognizable optics and radiator grille give it the character of a reliable C-class. Although some “Mercedes 190 ″ seemed unusually conservative.

Practicality in the image is also traced. Gutters on the roof, it was decided to replace the plates, due to which it was possible to reduce the drag coefficient. This not only influenced the dynamics well, but also contributed to the reduction of consumption.

Now forms W201 are considered classics. And the 190th, I must admit, even now it looks quite decent and even fresh, if the owner took care of him. After all, the manufacturer used a high quality paint and varnish coating.

mercedes e 190


Inside the "Mercedes 190" looks strictly and democratically, without any frills. A comfortable steering wheel, an ergonomic front panel, round dials of analogue instruments and a laconic center console immediately strike the eye. Armchairs also look simple. But from this they do not become less convenient.In the first models, of course, they installed ordinary seats, but later ones, produced after 1988, began to be equipped with seats with lateral and lumbar support.

Inside it is spacious enough, but with comfort can accommodate only four people. If you need to place behind the three, they will have to make room. What about the trunk? It is about the same as the main competitor of the W201, which was the BMW 3 Series (E30) - 410 liters. At BMW, he was more than 15 liters.

But in contrast to the small cramped manufacturer has contrasted the excellent heating and air conditioning system. In addition, the driver and front passenger had the opportunity to independently adjust the intensity of the supplied air and its temperature. Even creating an economical model, Mercedes-Benz experts thought about the comfort of their customers.

 Mercedes 190 diesel


This car was offered with several power units. The weakest was the 75-horsepower 2-liter diesel engine. But it was only since the end of 1983 that the Mercedes 190 began to be assembled. Diesel has always been an inexpensive and economical fuel. And this engine consumed 5.3 liters per 100 kilometers on the highway.When driving in the city rate increased to 8.2 liters. It was the most budget option. Such cars could accelerate to 160 km / h. They exchanged the “hundred” after 17.9 seconds after the start of the movement.

The most powerful option was the petrol "2.3-16V Mercedes 190". The engine, which was installed under its hood, produced 185 horsepower. With it, the “charged” W201 could reach a maximum speed of 225 km / h. A speedometer mark of 100 km / h exceeded 7.3 seconds after the start of the movement.

Another proposed two diesel units, with a capacity of 94 and 126 liters. with., as well as gasoline engines, producing 109, 122, 136 and 166 "horses", respectively.

mercedes 190 engine


This nuance should be noted with special attention, talking about the "Mercedes 190 W201". However, the reviews of the owners tell the best about it.

W201 has a great steering. It is sensitive and responds to all touches of the driver. And this applies to all modifications, even those in which there is no power steering.

If a person drives irregularities, then no shock loads on the steering wheel are transmitted. However, even the person himself does not feel all sorts of holes, potholes, joints and potholes, since the suspension simply “swallows” them. Smooth ride perfect.And due to the independent 5-lever suspension, manufacturers managed to achieve maximum comfort in terms of driving and excellent stability, which the car does not lose even when cornering.

Although there are some negative nuances. Which, however, you can forgive the car at this "age". The owners say that the rear axle is slightly torn to the side when cornering and turning on slippery roads. And yet, when the car passes 250,000 kilometers, a backlash appears in the steering mechanism. It can be eliminated for a while by means of the adjusting screw, but then it is necessary to carry out replacement.

Mercedes 190 photos


This nuance is noted by many people, leaving reviews about the car "Mercedes 190". It's no secret to anyone that Mercedes-Benz cars have always been famous for reliability. And even the early versions, released in the 80s, are no exception.

The high level of passive and active safety is what distinguishes the W201 from other competing models. From the very beginning, the production of “Baby Benz” was equipped with ventilated disc brakes and ABS system. Many more owners like the "highlight" in the form of a convenient multi-function switch "wipers" and light.The control lever of this option is at hand, so that drivers do not even pay attention to it.

And motorists note the attention of the parking brake with a traditional manual drive. This feature can really be considered a "highlight". After all, the W201 is the only Mercedes of the 1980s, which is different.

Interesting Facts

The Mercedes 190, the photo of which is provided above, is a famous car in motor sports. He took part in the DTM Cup, where he won 50 times. And his debut took place in 1984, May 12th. Then a model with a 16-valve 2.3-liter 185-horsepower engine driven by Ayrton Senna stepped onto the track.

Interestingly, it was the sporting success that inspired the concern’s developers to release the “charged” version in 1990. She, as you can remember, became known as the Evolution II. Her appearance had pronounced differences from the usual version in the form of an aerodynamic "skirt" and a huge rear wing. Under the hood of this model installed 2.5-liter 16-valve engine, an improved eminent tuning studio AMG. Power forced engine was 373 liters. from. While the usual engine developed only 234 liters. from.

By the way, it was on the 190th that several world records were set. The most impressive is that when it was covered 50,000 kilometers at an average speed of 247,939 km / h.

mercedes 190 w201

After years

Some believe that in our time "Mercedes E 190" is not the same as it was before. By reason of age, of course. But the reviews that are left about this car by people owning it, convince otherwise.

Of course, we cannot do without replacement of parts and periodic repairs. But it’s still a real Mercedes. Reliable, comfortable, with excellent handling. The suspension will be "lively", even if this car will stand in the garage for a year or two. All irregularities are still neatly smoothed out, and Russian roads do not seem so bad if you sit behind the wheel of a W201.

This is a good car for everyday driving and for non-durable travel. In the city, the dynamics of its engine is enough, movement in the stream does not cause any problems, as well as performing maneuvers and rebuildings. And driving on the highway at all gives only pleasure. Let it be an old car, but in it you can still move with comfort and not even taxi. And it picks up speed perfectly.Only many do not dare to go more than 150 km / h. Still, there are not enough steps for high speeds, although the transmissions are long.

Winter operation

This is another important nuance that many owners of this car mention. Despite the fact that the car is old, in the winter it starts up quickly. Not half a turn, but it takes a little time to warm up the engine. And in the winter in the "Mercedes" is comfortable - a powerful stove, which was mentioned at the very beginning, copes with its responsibilities perfectly well. In the cold season it is warm inside and cool in summer.

Another happy soundproofing. Even when the driver picks up speed, the engine can not be heard. Many, by the way, do not notice their acceleration - it is so soft and smooth.

If we make a conclusion, then we can confidently say that a car for its age does an excellent job with its duties. Which includes providing the driver with comfort while driving and hassle-free handling. W201 shows itself well on the road. So much so that the people who owned it, if they change the car, then only with Mercedes-Benz are “fresher”.

mercedes 190 reviews

Cost of

In our time to findMercedes-Benz 190seems possible. And for a very modest price.If you are interested in a car in good condition, then you need to pay attention to the cars offered for 150-200 thousand rubles. However, the price depends on the year of production, as well as the engine installed under the hood. The model of the 90s will be more expensive than the car, which was released in the early 80s. However, some sell the 190th and at a price of 70-80 thousand rubles, but such proposals should be treated with caution.

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