Memory can not be written. Troubleshooting

Sometimes our personal computer gives errors that are difficult to understand, but in reality they do not constitute anything complicated. There can be a lot of such problems, and in no case should we panic, because sometimes you can solve them in just a couple of minutes. The very uncertainty and lack of understanding of what is happening are frightening, which sometimes causes some more serious breakdowns.

Today we will examine the problem that occurs very often among users, and is practically nothing, although its whole reason is hidden in the computer system itself and its process. “Memory cannot be written” - surely you also encountered such a problem, which you had to solve only in the service under the supervision of specialists. In this article we will tell you exactly what this unpleasant situation is, how to get rid of it. Therefore, you can already begin to record the whole process, allowing you to avoid and correct this problem.

Memory cannot be written

What is this mistake?

The error “memory cannot be written” occurs quite often, and most users immediately fall into a stupor, not understanding what exactly is wrong with their computer. This problem is not dangerous and is not capable of harming a computer; it merely signals that there are problems in your working environment of the virtual space that require intervention. If you understand its description, it becomes clear that we are talking about a process that uses memory in their needs. This means that there can be a lot of problems, and everything will not work out. But you can consider the most common elements that can cause this unpleasant situation.

It is worth noting that the error "memory can not be written" is mainly classified as a problem arising from the failure of the system module, known as random access memory. But you should not immediately prescribe it to such a situation, as it is necessary first to understand other options for the occurrence of a failure.

Computer memory

Why does it occur?

If you analyze the causes of this error, you should not even try to make a list, since there can be a huge number of them.But you can understand the basis of the problem, so that in the future no longer panic about this. So, the error "memory can not be written" occurs when a process begins to require additional load, that is, it resorts to the use of RAM, which in some cases is closed from using third-party programs. When this moment comes, the system gets a failure, which results in this error. This sounds, of course, difficult, but in reality everything is simple: a computer cannot allocate additional memory for some programs, which sometimes request quite a lot of it.

Error Memory Cannot Be Written

What could be the sources of the problem?

In the case when the inscription "0x00000000 memory cannot be written" appears, it is necessary to conclude that the source of the problem is in your computer, and is not the result of a virus infection. So, it is necessary to diagnose and find out what the question may be. It is quite simple to do this, since there are several sources of occurrence due to which this error appears. We will analyze the most basic, despite the fact that a large number of them.The fact is that most of the reasons are either isolated cases or just a theory. Consider the most relevant sources that often manifest themselves, and with which you can already fight.

0x00000000 memory cannot be Written

RAM memory

When the error “memory cannot be written” occurs, what to do in such a situation? First of all, it is better to check your memory strip, which may be damaged. To do this, you need to disassemble the computer, remove the slats and check them for physical damage. If there are no scratches, damage or dust, you can insert them back and check HeapMemView program for damaged modules. If after checking you have been given damaged items, then it is worth replacing such a bar in your computer. With a positive test, in which no errors were found, you should simply go to diagnose the computer further, since you can be sure that everything is in order with your RAM.

Memory cannot be Written Windows 7

DEP Service

Computer memory consists of several elements that are divided into active and passive. In the second case, we are dealing with a simple memory, which provides us with free space for storing various kinds of data.As for active memory, it is this that serves as the basis for the operation of many software products.

The DEP service is a protective system that does not allow programs of the harmful direction to use the RAM for their own benefit. That it is sometimes the cause of the problem, which we, in fact, consider. To correct this situation, you need to disable this service. The standard settings of the program allow you to simply redirect its activity to the main channels, that is, it will check only those programs that use the operating system itself and its files. But to disable this service, you must find the file boot.ini, which is located in the root folder of the operating system. You can open it with notepad, which, in fact, allows you to change the line “/ noexecute = optin” to “/ noexecute = AlwaysOff”. This will permanently disable the service, and no longer remember it. Is it harmful to the computer? Only if you do not have antivirus installed. If it is available, you can not worry about anything.

Memory cannot be written how to fix

Paging files

For the "memory cannot be written" error, Windows 7 is the primary operating system in which this problem often occurs. The whole thing lies in the distribution of paging files.If in past operating systems, user access to memory paging files has been closed, then with the advent of Windows 7, you can distribute the memory flows yourself. Therefore, users who have a large amount of RAM, sometimes do not see the need for additional power flows, which, in fact, create the conditions for this unpleasant situation.

The fact is that almost every process must have a paging file, and it is not worth much to cut its volume. This is especially true of the system hard disk, which must have the highest rate of the paging file, since it has an installed system in it. Therefore, when installing the operating system, it is important not to miss the point, which allows you to pre-allocate the approximate amount of memory being pumped.

Memory cannot be Written DayZ

Multicore processor

Strangely enough, the cause of the error "memory can not be written" is a multi-core processor. If you have a powerful computer and sometimes this problem arises, then it is worth considering some technical difficulties that are the cause of this unpleasant situation. In this case, it is rather difficult to personally understand the current problem, so it’s best to contact the specialists,since it will certainly require technical intervention, which can take a long time. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to determine exactly what kernels affect the memory of a computer, but the problem is frequent. In order not to be confused with the obtained data, you should pay attention to the problem of multi-core in the last place.

Error shutdown

Does the error "memory cannot be written" occur? How to fix this problem? Many experts may recommend that you simply turn off the error display on the screen. To do this, you need to make changes to your computer registry, which can be done using Regedit. Run this item and delete the registry branch "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ AeDebug". After that, the problem will never arise. However, it should be borne in mind that all programs, games and other elements can lead to a system crash when faced with a lack of memory. And this means that you often have to see a blue screen, which, although harmless, is not at all pleasant.

Recommendations to avoid problems

An error “memory cannot be written” occurs, DayZ freezes and turns off completely.How to avoid this problem? Yes, very often an unpleasant situation arises due to improper use of the operating system, which is gradually overloaded from the use of pirated products or unnecessary programs. Try to pre-plan everything that you need, or use only licensed products, whether programs or games. Only a careful attitude to the system and the correct implementation of our recommendations will allow us not to encounter this problem at all and calmly continue to surf the virtual world of possibilities.

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