Media Library iCloud. What is it? How to use?

Today, Apple is a fairly successful and popular brand. The company's products enjoy wide demand in the market, constantly improving and delighting users with new devices, headsets and stylish designs.

The Apple product range includes watches, tablets, mobile phones, all-in-one computers, computers, and more. Each type of equipment differs from competitors in high quality and ease of use. However, not only the technology is known for this company, in its departments it is intensively developing and software that can be used only by the user of their equipment.

icloud media library

Media Library iCloud

One of the Apple software is the iCloud media library. What is this program? We can say that iCloud is the main component of the entire range of equipment ever created by Apple. The program is a virtual storage that is able to synchronize all the available devices of this brand.The appendix to this software provides a detailed usage diagram that quickly guides the user and shows all the features and benefits of the iCloud library.

Main features of the media library

What can the proposed program offer? This media library will greatly simplify and facilitate the use of multiple devices from Apple. As mentioned earlier, this is a cloud in which all files of a particular user are stored. Documents, photos, audio, video and everything else is in the library.

In the realities of modern life, it is often not enough to use only a phone or laptop. Probably, every user is familiar with the situation when half of the information is stored on a laptop, a quarter on the phone, and a little more on the tablet. And it is very inconvenient to constantly transfer everything from one device to another. It is this function that the iCloud media library took over. Now all files are stored in the cloud, and the happy owner of Apple products can easily access them completely from any device without any unnecessary manipulations.

The iCloud media library initiates in the shortest time possible the transfer of any digital information and within a couple of seconds it is processed on another device.In priority, as a rule, multimedia files, but you can transfer and presentations, text documents and other information. The main thing - to monitor the memory remaining on the device.

How to get started with iCloud cloud storage?

How to create iCloud? Where to find instructions for working with the media library? How to enter the iCloud library? To start using the cloud, you need to register and create a single account for all available Apple devices.

How to enable iCloud library? Getting started with the Icloud storage is easy. To do this, just need to go to the settings of the gadget, find the application iCloud and activate the program.


Now access to the cloud storage is open, and you can synchronize files between devices. The storage server has a limited amount of memory, but this is just the initial step of using storage, the amount of which can be further increased. In addition, in the iCloud settings, you can specify which devices the user wants to recognize, and who will synchronize the available information in the cloud.

How to use iCloud library?

This software is designed to make it as easy as possible to use information and synchronize between devices.So why not get the maximum useful and necessary from the application?

For most users, capturing the world and themselves in it has become an integral part of the day. In accordance with this trend, the service has the function of cloud photo broadcast. If iCloud is in active state, then each photo that the user takes during the day will have a backup copy in the cloud service.

The captured photo will be stored for some time, which will protect the user from accidental deletion of data. Even if you delete a photo from the device, the image will not disappear, being saved in the cloud storage. It is quite convenient, especially when you often have to take pictures.

However, this is not all the features - along with iCloud service is offered as a photo editor. The program, of course, cannot be compared with an advanced editor, for example, with Photoshop, but it is quite simple to use and contains the basic set for correcting images: editing the sharpness and contrast of a picture, applying various effects, adjusting the color gamut of an image and cropping an unwanted part of a photo .For high-quality snapshot is enough. This editor is available on any device that is synchronized with the iCloud library.

how to enter the icloud library

Media Library saves video

Media library iCloud is recommended for use by absolutely everyone, from ordinary users to professional programmers. Why did the application get such a distribution? Everything is quite simple: iCloud, except for the main function of storing and optimizing information, allows you to use different editors for multimedia files. For example, in addition to storing videos in the cloud, they can still be edited and converted at the discretion of the user.

Now a user who has witnessed an unusual phenomenon can not only quickly capture the incident, but also edit the video in the iCloud application, save the file and upload it to any video service from there.

Efficiency, productivity and ease of management are the most important advantages of this service. The media library is convenient to use for keeping your own video diary and active employment in the field of video recording. As for the video editor, then its future, unlike the photo analogue, is still to come.

How to view photos in the library?

How to view iCloud library on iPhone or PC? Photos taken on any of the devices can be viewed from another device anywhere. How to view photos that were taken on the iPhone, from a computer? And how to see the screenshots that were saved on a laptop via a smartphone? Just go to the "Gallery", open the "Current" section, where the latest photos that have been added to the library will be displayed.

remove icloud library

For a specific event, you can create a shared album. To invite a friend, you just need to select him from the list of contacts. You can add up to a hundred friends to a general album. It is very easy to add new photos - you just need to select "Share photos ..." and select the desired images.

Delete photos and video from iCloud storage

In order to stabilize the storage volume, it is certainly necessary to clean the library from time to time. To delete a photo or video in iCloud is quite simple, as a rule, the procedure takes only a couple of minutes:

  1. First you need to delete photos on one (any) device. The files will be moved to the “Recently deleted” folder and after 20 days the pictures will disappear automatically.
  2. In addition, you can delete a snapshot directly from the cloud in the "Recently deleted" album.

Dub your music is always at hand in iCloud

The functions of the media library allow you to create audio albums and store all data in the "cloud", and in the editor, you can without special knowledge process audio tracks, create your own tracks and simply edit audio recordings. As a rule, users of Apple devices are only interested in listening to tracks. But it is worth only once to try to reduce the track, as the service will not leave anyone indifferent.

These are virtually all the functions that the iCloud media library has. Perhaps few options, but they will always be on hand, detailed and useful.

ICloud Tariff Plans

As already mentioned, the cloud has a limited amount. Free 5 GB available to all users to expand the library, you need to purchase additional gigabytes. The following tariff plans are available:

  1. 50 GB The cost of additional volume of 59 rubles per month.
  2. 200 GB 149 rubles per month.
  3. 2 TB 599 rubles per month.

how to turn on the library

There is no free opportunity to expand storage space for photos, videos and other media files. Only paid rates are available.

You can increase the amount of storage from a smartphone or via a PC. It takes just a few clicks and bank card data to pay for the tariff plan. Tariff renewal is also done through a smartphone or computer.

Problems accessing iCloud storage

Many users believe that the iCloud media library does not turn on due to a breakdown or application disruption. But in fact, everything is absolutely not the case. Access to the iCloud library is available only to those who are registered in the Apple system. However, in today's time there is an unlimited number of fakes of Apple products, which seem to look like real ones, but in fact it turns out that an empty Chinese hack is hidden under a layer of variegation. Of course, the possibility of using official services disappears.

access to icloud library

To understand the original offer the seller or not, you need to remember one fundamental rule: products should be purchased only at specialized Apple centers. Even large retailers can sell fakes. As for the inability to connect, this difficulty lies in the lack of a web connection or registration of a place in the cloud storage.

The main purpose of the program

The iCloud media library is designed to store data from all Apple devices in a single virtual cloud. But on the other hand, this particular service can help solve the main problem regarding the situation of blocking technical equipment due to entering the wrong password. Who has not had such a situation? Since all device information is stored in virtual storage, you can always reset all the options and device settings, thereby restoring the gadget.

So, the media library to some extent helps to prevent blocking devices and continue to use the gadget. And the rest of the possibilities concerning the free transfer of data, their editing and publication in social networks - all this is only a pleasant addition to the main purpose.

Media library system requirements

The conditions for the normal functioning of the program are: the presence of a licensed device and an Internet connection. Still there is a requirement that is to register a profile. Regarding the web: the connection should be provided by the cellular operator, which can tell you more about the possibilities of tariff and traffic on the web.It has already been said about profile registration that registration is supported only by a licensed device.

Deleting iCloud library

Disabling the program will not be difficult. Make it as easy as activating a supplement. You just need to go to the smartphone menu, find the iCloud setting and redirect the slider to the side off. After that, the device will not be synchronized with the cloud storage, which will allow you to store data on your own smartphone.

how to view icloud library on iphone

How to disable the iCloud library is understandable, but it’s not advisable to implement the instruction in practice. The media library carries a lot of necessary functions that will definitely come in handy to any user.

Is there a future for iCloud?

Apple has announced that it will intensively develop its offspring, supplement editors for both photo and video, expand the available space and simply organize the most convenient use of the option. About the size of the storage, Apple has already embodied its plans, however, the expansion is not free.

The decision nevertheless always remains for the user. If developers see that their software is being actively implemented, then, of course, they will be interested in its further development and advancement.And whether to become a user of the iCloud library or not is up to the user.

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