Meat grinders "Redmond": customer reviews about the best models

You will not surprise anyone with a variety of household appliances today, we use them every day to make our lives easier. And if at one time we were simply pleased with the presence of this or that device, then today we are trying to choose only the best from the entire range. Therefore, buyers carefully examine well-known brands before heading to the store for another purchase. Today we will talk about such an important household appliance as a meat grinder, which has long been to combine in itself many useful functions. Therefore, choosing it is not so easy. From our article you will learn about the best models of Redmond meat grinders. We will actively use customer feedback as an additional source of information. We will also tell you what it is worth paying attention to when choosing a new meat grinder.

redmond meat grinder reviews

Criteria for choosing an electric meat grinder

What do the hostesses expect from such a device? We think they want affordable household appliances that can work long and silently, grinding a large amount of meat in a few minutes. Also, many want to use the meat grinder with other goals. For example, for cutting vegetables and fruits, or as a juicer. All of these characteristics are perfectly combined in Redmond meat grinders, reviews of which are often full of enthusiastic comments to the manufacturer.

However, under this trademark, many models are produced for grinding meat, so we decided to highlight a number of characteristics that need to be paid attention to in the store. So, let's consider the main criteria for choosing a new home appliances:

  • Power. Since the main function of the device is still the transformation of meat into mince, the determining power when buying a meat grinder is precisely the power of the motor. The higher it is, the more meat will be processed in one minute. In professional devices, this figure can be expressed in three kilograms in sixty seconds.
  • Noise level.Of course, all housewives want to buy household appliances that work as quietly as possible.However, it should be borne in mind that a powerful engine will certainly produce a high level of noise.
  • The period of continuous work.When buying a meat grinder, many do not take into account this factor, but in fact it is very important. Usually, a powerful motor heats up very quickly, so it needs to give a respite after a certain time interval. These data are always indicated in the passport of the device.
  • Reverse.The durability of purchased household appliances depends on the availability of this option, because thanks to the reverse the motor does not overheat.

Also, buyers should pay attention to the material from which the meat grinder body and knives are made, the height of the device and the number of nozzles. However, these characteristics do not affect the operation of the device.

redmond meat grinder 1223 reviews

A few words about the company "Redmond"

The trademark was formed eleven years ago. Until now, most of our compatriots believe that the brand is American. However, in reality, Redmond is a Russian company specializing in the production of small household appliances.

The brand entered the market with an innovative product - a slow cooker. To date, the range of products added to the mixers, bread makers, coffee makers and other appliances.Consumers believe that Redmond products stand out for their high quality at an affordable price. Therefore, the brand is considered the leader in the production of appliances for the average level of home. This can be seen, for example, from reviews of Redmond meat grinders. Their Russian buyer buys quite often and with great pleasure leaves comments on the Internet. We will return to them in the following sections of the article.

The main factories of the brand are located in Turkey and China. Here is the assembly of household appliances. Its transportation is inexpensive, so the company keeps average prices for its products.

It should be noted that Redmond has developed many technological innovations, which it successfully uses in its devices. This allows you to significantly increase the number of sales and raise the brand rating

Overview of grinder models

There are quite a few reviews about Redmond meat grinders on the Internet, therefore, after analyzing them, you can easily determine the best models, in the opinion of the Russian consumer.

As it turned out, the hostess often get a series of meat grinders "Redmond" RMG (reviews of these models, we will be announced in the article).Among them are the following options:

  • Model 1232.
  • Meat grinder "Redmond-1223" (reviews about it are mostly positive).
  • Model 1209.
  • Meat grinders "Redmond-1222" (reviews about this option on the Internet are posted more often than others).
  • Model 1229.

Despite the fact that most of the meat grinders have similar functions, the models still differ in functionality and the number of additional options. Therefore, we will tell readers about each of the above options.

 redmond meat grinder 1222 reviews

Functional device for a small price

If we consider the model range of Redmond meat grinders, 1232, reviews of which are very easy to find in the network, it looks most attractive to most buyers due to its low cost.

In different stores, it costs a little more than three thousand rubles, so any average Russian family can afford this household appliances. The model is assembled in China and has a fairly high performance. On it in one minute you can process more than one and a half kilograms of meat.

The meat grinder has a number of useful options. For example, it has overheating protection.If you get carried away and exceed the period of continuous work set by the manufacturer, the technician will not allow overheating and will automatically stop working. It can be turned on only after the motor has cooled down. Also in the meat grinder installed reverse function. When it is turned on, the meat is fed back a little from the knives and then returned to its original place. This is important when you are processing a veiny product that increases the load on the mincer motor.

The body of the device is made of plastic, and the tray is made of stainless steel. In the case compartments for nozzles are provided. By the way, there are two of them. It's nice that the manufacturer has provided rubberized legs. Therefore, when working, the meat grinder will not slide over the surface on which it is installed.

What do customers write about this model? Housewives argue that household appliances show themselves very worthy. It is compact, but very powerful. The meat grinder does not work too loud and does not vibrate during use. In general, it is recommended in cases when the model does not require a wide functionality. It is only suitable for making minced meat at home.But the device performs its main task for one hundred points.

electric redmond meat grinder reviews

Meat grinder "Redmond-1223"

Reviews of this model are presented as an excellent technique for housewives, who often prepare various dishes from mincemeat and want to facilitate their work by the presence of various attachments.

This model is a bit more expensive than the previous one. Depending on the trading network, it can be purchased in the price range from three thousand four hundred rubles to five thousand rubles. However, reviews of the Redmond RMG-1223-6 meat grinder give an idea that this device is definitely worth the price paid for it.

The model is most often issued in black color and has one speed. In a minute she processes one kilogram of meat, which is considered quite acceptable for home use. In the reviews about the Redmond RMG-1223 meat grinder, it is often stated that it can operate continuously for no more than five minutes. Therefore, be very careful not to spoil the device. Although it has overload protection, which blocks the work in case of overheating.

The hull itself, judging by the reviews of the Redmond 1223-6 meat grinder, is made of steel. For the manufacture of the tray manufacturer chose plastic.The legs in this model are covered with rubber, which greatly facilitates the work of hostesses. In addition, the weight of the device does not exceed two kilograms.

In a set to the meat grinder there are several nozzles:

  • for sausages;
  • for kebbe;
  • for shredding;
  • grater (two pieces);
  • disc for minced meat (two pieces).

It is noteworthy that all parts of the meat grinder can be washed in a dishwasher.

Reviews the model "Redmond RMG-1223"

In their comments, housewives often describe the merits of this meat grinder. These include:

  • a variety of nozzles;
  • high power;
  • low noise level;
  • acceptable cost;
  • convenience in work;
  • performance.

Also in reviews often write that the device is easy to disassemble and wash. It does not take much time. Some use the grinder two or even three times a week. At the same time, the model shows itself perfectly and does not glitch even with regular use.

Significant disadvantages in this household appliances mistress does not find. Usually they mark only the fact that in the case they lack a compartment for storing attachments.

redmond meat grinder 1232 reviews


Reviews about the meat grinder "Redmond-1209" extremely ambiguous. Some buyers praise it, while others are extremely unhappy with the purchase.Therefore, we decided to understand the characteristics of this model in more detail.

The cost of this device ranges from four to five and a half thousand rubles. Despite the price of the meat grinder, it has a rather low productivity. In a minute you will be able to process only a little more than five hundred grams of meat. However, in continuous mode, the model can work for about twenty minutes. In case of overheating, the mincer will shut down, a specially installed option is responsible for this.

Many buyers are impressed that the meat grinder has a metal tray. The case itself is made of high-strength plastic, which is very easy to wash. Meat grinder parts can be placed in the dishwasher. This facilitates the maintenance of a household appliance.

The model has a minimum number of nozzles, which significantly limits its functionality. Mistress lists three nozzles for minced meat and one for kebbe and sausages. Many buyers do not have enough graters and nozzles for shredding.

Now let's talk about customer feedback.

Advantages and disadvantages of the model

We have already mentioned that reviews of the Redmond 1209 electric meat grinder give a complete picture of its pros and cons.First of all I want to talk about the shortcomings:

  • very noisy work;
  • often breaks after the end of the warranty period;
  • insufficient cord length;
  • the body heats up significantly during operation;
  • does not process large pieces of meat;
  • does not grind vegetables (they constantly get stuck);
  • even small conductors are instantly wound on a knife;
  • poor performance.

And now let's move on to the pluses of this model:

  • low price;
  • lightweight and durable body (does not crack, even after falling from a height);
  • non-staining color;
  • the presence of additional attachments;
  • compactness;
  • the inner parts are made of metal, so they are durable and easy to clean;
  • original design.

Usually, this meat grinder is recommended for those families where the stuffing is not done very often, so the device is used two or three times a month. For these purposes, it is quite suitable and fully cope with its main task.

Meat grinders "Redmond-1222"

Reviews of this model allow us to conclude that it is extremely popular with the Russian buyer, despite the fact that it appeared not so long ago on store shelves. The new model primarily impresses with its design and power.However, this combination will have to pay a rather large amount - about six thousand rubles. In some chain stores you can find a similar meat grinder for five thousand rubles.

In one minute, this device processes up to two kilograms of meat, therefore the period of continuous work is limited to five minutes. Like many other models of this brand, the meat grinder is equipped with protection against overheating. Also, the manufacturer has provided and reverse, so the hostess may not worry if you buy woody meat.

The body and feed tray are made of plastic. Designers came up with alternate black and silver shades, which allowed to create a very stylish model that fits into any kitchen interior.

The meat grinder has several types of nozzles:

  • three grill for minced meat;
  • for cooking sausages;
  • for kebbe.

In general, the equipment is standard, but the housewives often note in the reviews of the Redmond RMG-1222 meat grinders that they are very pleased with the availability of a storage compartment for nozzles. When buying, many people do not pay attention to this trifle, and only during the operation they realize how convenient this option is.

All parts of this model are suitable for dishwashers, which is very important for modern women who are always in a hurry somewhere.From a large number of reviews, we can conclude that the "Redmond-1222" is an excellent household appliances, which is suitable for frequent use. Such a device is bought by those families where the stuffing is done at least twice a week.

Redmond meat grinder rmg 1223 6 reviews

Budget model for frequent use

If you are not ready to give big money for household appliances for making mincemeat, but you want to get a quality model that will faithfully serve the family, then choose Redmond-1229 meat grinder. Reviews of this appliance characterize it as a reliable and compact assistant in the kitchen.

The performance of the model is quite high - one kilogram and six hundred grams per minute. For an inexpensive equipment for three thousand rubles is a pretty good indicator. In addition, the meat grinder is equipped with all the necessary options for comfortable work:

  • reverse;
  • overheat protection.

Note that the continuous running time does not exceed five minutes. If this rule is not observed, the meat grinder will overheat and turn off. After it will be necessary to unplug the cord and let it cool for half an hour.

In reviews, the hostess often notes little things that indicate how much the manufacturer cares about its customers. For example, on the case there is a small handle for carrying.And the legs are equipped with rubber pads that do not allow the device to slide on the surface during operation.

The body is made of plastic, and the feed tray is made of a metal alloy. The pusher is also made of durable plastic and has a considerable length. This makes the work comfortable and safe.

The model has two speeds, two grids for grinding minced meat, nozzles for sausages and kebbe. Most buyers consider this equipment as suitable as possible. After all, it is usually for cooking meat and purchased homemade electric meat grinders. And the other options, even if they are available, are rarely used by the hostess.

Of the minuses, buyers call the noisy work, the rapid heating of the body and the "dislike" of the device to large pieces of meat. The advantages of household appliances of this model include compactness, high performance, quality and durability, as well as good packaging.

redmond meat grinder 1229 reviews

In conclusion, I would like to add that "Redmond" produces high-quality meat grinders with a wide range of models, which allows each housewife to find the necessary kitchen appliance at an affordable price.

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