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World of Tanks is a game in which each model is unique, so you won’t be able to choose a random tank, get into it and start winning. All machines need a special approach, appropriate tactics for action under various conditions, as well as improvements, without which you are unlikely to succeed. Naturally, to consider all the tanks in one article is irrational, so here you will see only a detailed analysis of one model related to the British branch and called "Matilda". This tank belongs to the class of medium and is on the fourth level. You will learn about the advantages of it, and also why mobility is its main drawback, from the article.

Tank guns

matilda tank

"Matilda" - a tank that has a very good selection of guns. Even stock armament cannot be called weak, because initially your model is provided with a good gun with a side penetration of 100 millimeters, and also with frontal damage of 175 units.Thus, already with such characteristics it is possible to develop strategies that can then be applied in combat. However, you should pay attention that this gun has an incredibly low rate of fire, a rather unpleasant spread, and also not the fastest mixing. Therefore, you should not consider the option of stock weapons, especially when the options are so good. Both guns that you are invited to install in return can be considered excellent. Each of them has a good breakthrough, but the damage they have, of course, is far from the highest. But the rate of fire is almost twice as high, the spread is smaller, and the reduction is faster. In general, you yourself can choose which model you like more and which one will be better on your Matilda tank. The tank, of course, consists not only of the gun, so it is worth paying attention to other aspects.


tank matilde 4

What can you say about the stock tower model "Matilda"? The tank has a pretty good initial turret, which has 75 mm armor on all sides. It turns at a speed of 34 degrees per second, and also has a 330-meter view. You have the opportunity to change the tower to a more advanced one, but in fact there is almost no sense in it. Reservations at the tower remain the same, as the speed of rotation.The only thing that is increasing is a review. But pay attention to how it grows - only ten meters, that is, from 330 to 340 meters. It is unlikely that there will be a situation in the game in which these ten meters would play an important role for you. Therefore, first make improvements to more important areas before moving on to the tower. Naturally, if you have a tank "Matilda 4", which belongs to the Soviet branch and is a prize, then you will have completely different concerns, but now we are talking about the British model "Matilda".


World of Tank Matilda

In the World of Tank, the Matilda initially has a rather tolerable engine, which, however, compared to other models for medium tanks, is mediocre, if not bad. Its capacity is only 174 horsepower, but the probability of a fire is quite high - 15 percent. Unfortunately, by changing the engine you will not lower the percentage of the probability of fire, but you can increase the number of horsepower to 190, which is quite normal. And everything would be good if the tanks moved only on the engine. But they also have a chassis, which is the most problematic of the Matilda model. The tank, the guide to which you are currently reading, is extremely clumsy precisely because of this element.


matilda tank guide

No review of the tank "Matilda" will not do without mentioning his chassis, because it pretty much lowers the rating of this car compared to the other medium tanks of the fourth and near to it levels. With a maximum load of only 27 tons, you get a turning speed of 34 degrees per second. Of course, the improved chassis does not solve all the problems, but it helps to increase the turning power of the Matilda at least a little - you get two extra tons for the load, as well as an increase of two percent to the speed of the tank itself. At the same time it has a maximum speed of only 24 kilometers per hour, which is absolutely impermissible with such turning. In general, you need a lot of experience and skills to cope with the "Matilda" and not let her die in battle one of the first. If you have "Matilda" - 1 tank, then you can only sympathize. And also recommend to buy another car on which you can train and learn the basics of the game, since on this model it will be very, very difficult to do this.


Matilda tank review

For many tanks, the radio station plays a particularly important role - especially if you act as a team and have artillery crews available.So that he can fire at long-range positions, and also so that your partners can quickly find the enemy, you need to light up his tanks, and then report these lights to your comrades. And for this part of the responsibility is just the radio station, which by default has a radius of 350 meters. The English tank "Matilda" is not a reconnaissance aircraft, it does not have high speed and increased agility - on the contrary, these are its weak points. Therefore, the radio is not a key component - you should pump it only if you have absolutely unnecessary money. The most powerful radio station available for this tank has a communication distance of one hundred meters more than the stock option.

Pumping order

Matilda 1 tank

So, for each tank there is approximately the optimal order of pumping, which, of course, can be changed as you like. But it is still better to listen to what is written in the guides, because there they will not wish evil. The very first thing you need to pump in the "Matilda" - this is a gun, and you can score on the second. The main thing - to pump the one that has a penetration of 145 millimeters, it will provide you with incredible fire power on the battlefield.Next in line should be the undercarriage, which will allow at least a little to compensate for the disgusting mobility of your tank, then you can explore the third gun and the tower, and the remaining elements, such as the engine or walkie-talkie, can not be pumped at all - or pumped with excess money or situational of necessity.

The advantages of "Matilda"

English tank Matilda

If you decide to play for Matilda, then you should definitely get acquainted with all the advantages that she has to achieve the best results on this model. The first thing you should note is a good booking, especially given the fact that the tank has only level four. A pretty impressive margin of safety is also attached to good armor, which makes your tank pretty "thick." But at the same time you are armed with an excellent weapon, capable of firing fast and accurate fire with projectiles that eat up almost 200 millimeters of armor. Separately, it is worth noting that your cannons lean very well, which gives you a good aiming ability. Well, we must not forget that the review of your tank is better than that of many similar models, so you should also use it.

Tank flaws

But do not think that the "Matilda" - this is one big continuous plus, this model has some minuses. As you already understood, the biggest disadvantage of it is terrible mobility, which can be slightly compensated by a thick layer of armor and great vitality. You should also pay attention to your gun - it, of course, has its advantages, described earlier, but there are also disadvantages - for example, very low power. That is, you will pierce the armor very well, but there will be no sense in it, since you will do 50 damage to your opponent. Well, one more thing that you have to constantly follow is your feed, which has a weaker reservation than the rest of the tank. So in no case can you launch opponents behind your back, and it will not be easy to keep them on such a slow tank.

Action tactics

How can you most effectively use this tank? First of all, you should understand that alone you will act many times less efficiently than in a company. First, you can cover your comrades, because you will have a very impressive reserve of both armor and strength, and comrades will cover your stern.Also, you will remove the armor and tank opponents, and your partners will be able to cause serious damage over breakdowns, thereby quickly and effectively smashing any opponent. You can also use the Matilda as a base guard, as she can very well keep any opponents at a great distance by firing a dense fire from a rapid-fire cannon.

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