Masks for dry hair at home: recipes, reviews

Dry hair, in addition to the main, also require additional care. On the shelves of modern stores there are many cosmetics for this purpose. But the most reasonable to prepare a mask for dry hair at home. Firstly, they are completely harmless, and secondly, they are most effective.

Dry hair: causes and signs

mask for dry ends of hair

Everyone dreams of healthy and shiny hair, but, unfortunately, there are a number of reasons causing their dryness, due to which they become lifeless in appearance. Such reasons include the adverse effects of external factors (sun, frost, wind, rain, etc.), hormonal imbalance, insufficiency of sebum produced by the sebaceous glands, as well as improper diet.

It should be noted that this problem will be easier to resolve, the sooner you notice it. Many people think that dry hair is only those that resemble straw in their appearance.But this feature is just one of many. And these include a high level of fragility, lack of volume of hair, dullness, split ends, as well as strong entanglement during brushing.

Egg masks

According to many women, one of the most effective are masks for dry, brittle hair, prepared with the addition of eggs. After applying such mixtures, the head should be washed with shampoo and rinsed thoroughly. You can prepare an egg-based mask in one of the following ways:

masks for dry hair at home

1. Place two chicken eggs, 50 grams of burdock or olive oil in a deep bowl and beat well. At first, such a mask is kept for 0.5 hours at the tips of the hair, and then as many more after application for the entire length.

2. Mix an egg, 5 g of vinegar, the same amount of glycerin and 45 g of castor oil. Masks for dry hair at home with these ingredients are suitable only if you have oily scalp. To achieve the desired effect, it should be used 6-8 times a month.

3. Grind one raw yolk with 8 g of castor oil and 5 g of rum. The mixture is covered with the scalp and rubbed to a slight redness.Then they tie a scarf and leave for 2 hours.

Ways to make masks from avocado

A mask for dry, damaged hair can also be prepared using avocados according to one of the following recipes:

  • Mix crushedhomemade mask for dry hairAvocado fruit with yolk, 3-4 drops of cedar or
    rosemary oil. Apply the resulting composition to the hair and leave for 30 minutes or a little longer, then wash it off, and dry the head in a natural way.
  • To the minced pulp of avocado add 25 g of mayonnaise and carefully move. The resulting mixture to cover the hair and wait half an hour. It is advisable to cover the head with polyethylene for the waiting period. Next, you need to wash the hair using warm water and shampoo.
  • Make a homogeneous mixture of banana pulp, avocado halves and 8-10 g of honey, apply and hold for 0.5 hours, and then rinse your head with warm (not hot!) Water.

Masks for dry hair with a moisturizing effect

Many women claim that they managed to restore shine to their hair thanks to a mask prepared from 75 g of castor oil, 50 g of lanolin, 2-3 g of coconut or peach oil, 25 g of pork fat, 100 g of water, 5 g of vinegar, the same amount glycerin and liquid soap. This tool is prepared as follows: all oils, fat and lanolin are melted in a water bath.After that, pre-heated water is added, and everything mixes quickly until smooth.

masks for dry brittle hair

Do not be afraid of troublesome cooking, because this mask for dry hair receives only positive feedback. It is applied and kept in heat for 90 minutes.

A mixture of an equal amount of henna, melted honey, olive oil and yolk will also help keep your hair healthy. Apply the product should be kept for about 1 hour, then rinse.

Honey Based Masks

Masks for dry hair at home are often prepared using honey. After all, this product contains about 400 substances that can restore their structure and activate growth. Honey makes hair silky, easy to comb and pleasant to the touch. You can prepare a mask from it according to one of the following recipes:

  1. Grind to uniformity 60 g of fat sour cream with 20 g of honey, then add 10 g of burdock oil, 20-40 g of blue clay and mix thoroughly. Start applying the mask should be with the hair roots, gradually going down to the tips. After applying the product, you need to wait 40 minutes and rinse.
  2. Squeezed and passed through gauze aloe juice in a volume of 25 g mixed with 20-25 g of honey, add 5 g of garlic juice and mix thoroughly.The mask is applied to the hair, after which they should be picked up and covered with a plastic bag, then wrap your head in a terry towel. The mixture is washed off after 80 minutes with warm water and shampoo.

Banana mask for dry hair

It is difficult to come up with a more suitable means to moisturize, strengthen and nourish hair than banana masks. These fruits contain vitamins necessary for this purpose. To prepare such a tool is best from overripe bananas.

mask for dry damaged hair

The mask for dry ends of hair can be prepared from the pulp of one ripe fruit, 40-50 g of almond, olive or burdock oil and egg yolk. It is important that the banana resembles a liquid substance after grinding, otherwise it will be problematic to wash your hair 45 minutes after applying the mixture. By the way, for flushing need warm water and shampoo.

You can also prepare a mask from 1 banana, 50 g sour cream, 1 yolk and 8 g honey. All the ingredients will need to mix, put on your hair, wrap a towel, hold for 40 minutes, then rinse. In case of shortage of time, you can apply a mask made from one banana and 10-15 g of honey.The tool should be on the head for 20 minutes and wash off with shampoo.

Beer masks

Enrich nutrients, enhance the growth of hair masks for dry hair, at home, made on the basis of beer. There are a lot of recipes, but the most popular are the following:

  • Soak rye bread in beer in the ratio of 500x200 g and let it stand for two hours, then mix the mass in a blender. Next, you should put a mask on dry clean hair, cover them with polyethylene and leave for 30-35 minutes. The product is washed off first with usual warm water and then with water slightly acidified with vinegar.
  • Mixed in equal quantities of kefir (yogurt, sour cream) and beer to put on wet hair and wrapped with film, and on top with a towel, wait 20 minutes. Then wash it off.mask for dry hair reviews
  • Grind hop cones, add 25 g of calamus and burdock root, pour 250 g of warm beer and leave for 1 hour. Next, the mixture must be filtered and massage movements applied to the scalp. To achieve the best effect, the mask does not need to be washed off.

How to protect hair from dryness?

It should be borne in mind that a homemade mask for dry hair is not a panacea, and in order to be the owner of healthy curls, an integrated approach is necessary.First of all, it is important to monitor your diet, including in the diet foods rich in vitamins A and E, as well as substances such as copper, iron, zinc, etc.

To keep your hair healthy, you should use a suitable shampoo. You should wash your hair no more than 2 times a week, and it is advisable to make a mask before each procedure. Do not forget about hats in the cold season and in the rain, and it is better to completely hide the hair. And the use of hair dryers, ployok and irons should be minimized. Owners of dry hair should also forget about the frequent colorings, discoloration, electrical and chemical curls.

Reviews of homemade hair masks

Reviews of most people who adhere to these simple rules of care, claim that their hair quickly from lifeless and hard turned into soft and shiny.

According to numerous reviews, homemade masks based on the above ingredients were suitable even for women who couldn’t find a suitable tool in the store for years. In addition, women say that by experimenting with a combination of products that are almost always in the kitchen, you can quickly get smooth and luxurious hair.

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