Marvin Hagler: Sports Career and Biography

Marvin Hagler, whose biography is described in this article, is a professional American boxer. One of the strongest in the 80s. World champion in the category of medium weight. Battle Nickname - Amazing.


Marvin Hagler was born on May 23, 1954 in New Jersey. After him, the family had five more children. The father, Robert Sims, left the family when Marvin was still very small. As a result, all six children were raised and raised by one mother, Ida Mae. There was a family in a non-prestigious apartment building.

When the area became restless due to racial riots, Hagler's rental housing was destroyed, and Ida Mae decided to take the children to her sister, in Massachusetts, in Brockton. Marvin did not even graduate from high school, he was expelled from it in the ninth grade. After that, the teenager began to work on a construction site, sometimes engaged in petty theft.Marvin Hagler

Start of sporting career

It is not known how Hagler’s fate would have been if he hadn’t become interested in sports at the age of 15.His attention was attracted by boxing. He began training, and at one of his efforts, Goody Petronelli was noticed. As a result, in 1970 he became the first coach of Marvin. Then he met his brother Goody, Pat. As a result, he had two professional mentors at once.

Professional career

During the amateur career, Marvin Hagler, whose biography is described in this article, won 57 fights. During this time, was rated as the most technical boxer. Among all the amateur victories, he had only one defeat. He continued training, as he decided to emerge from poverty and ensure a comfortable life for the family in sports.

The boxer got into the category of professionals in the spring of 1973, after winning the international championship (AAU) in middleweight. The first fight in the pro category Marvin Hagler won in the same year, May 18th. He was able to send a technical knockout to Terry Ryan in the second round. He earned only 50 dollars on this fight.Hagler Marvin

Among the first 26 fights, only one was boxed in a draw, all the rest were winning. In 1976, in Philadelphia, the majority of the refereeing votes were decided to count the victory of Bobby Wats, the local boxer.As a result, Marvin was among the vanquished. After a couple of months, he lost another fight, already Willy Monroe.

The title of champion

Over the next few years, Marvin Hagler’s battles were overwhelmingly successful. The boxer mastered even the 1972 Olympic winner Ray Siles. Despite the victories, Marvin could not get on the world stage. Stronger boxers did not want to go into the ring with him, and Petronelli coaches did not have the necessary connections and lacked influence.

Not helped to advance the cherished dream and a contract with a lawyer Bob Arum. He first went to fight for the champion title Hagler Marvin in the fall of 1979. Vito Antuofermo became his opponent. The bout lasted for 15 rounds and ended in a draw. This did not stop Marvin, and in September 1980 he entered the ring against Alan Minter, the British.Marvin Hagler biography

The world championship title Hagler won at Wembley. True, he had to win the won belts not in the ring, as the loser, the brutalized public began to throw bottles and glasses at Marvin. The police had to close it with shields and immediately withdraw to a safe place.

After this began a rapid rise.Marvin Hagler became the absolute world champion. The best fights were held with Vito Antuofermo, Syrian Mustafa Hamsho, Obelmeyas. Marvin's fans have long remembered fights with William Lee, Wilford Schipion and Tony Sibson.

The only (and dubious) knockdown Hagler received in a battle with Juan Roldan, an Argentine. Disgruntled Marvin finished the fight early in the tenth round. In 1983, he fought with boxing legend Roberto Duran.

In 1985, he entered the ring against the famous Thomas Hörnsom. This duel struck a monstrous force of blows. Marvin was able to knock out the opponent only in the third round. At the same time, he himself also got a lot from his opponent. The last successful fight was a fight with Uganda John Mugabi, nicknamed the Beast.

Ending boxing career

In 1987, April 6, Marvin Hagler (height, weight: 177 cm, 72.5 kg) entered the ring against boxing star Sugar Leonardo. Many thought he would lose, as he returned to boxing after a three-year hiatus. The favorite in all the layouts was Hagler. But Leonardo was able to break away on points from an opponent in the first half of the fight.marvin hagler fights

As a result, Hagler Marvin lost. The controversy around this fight has not abated until now.Many believe that it was Hagler who won. He tried to take a rematch, but Leonardo refused to do so. After the defeat, Marvin had such bitterness in his heart that he decided to completely quit boxing. Thus ended the career of the legendary fighter included in the World Hall of Fame.

Personal life

When Marvin was only 15 years old, he gave birth to his first son, who was named Champ. The relationship with the girl was not yet formalized, and she was considered his common-law wife. Young Marvin Hagler clutched at any job. I even had to steal to feed my family. After a while, Marvin and Berta got married. In total, they had four children.

Thanks to a successful boxing career, the financial situation in the family has gained stability. After the defeat of Sugar, Marvin left boxing and became addicted to alcohol. As a result, the marriage with Berta fell apart. Wife with children left him. Spouses divorced in 1990Marvin Hagler best fights

Marvin's coaches persuaded him to return to the sport, but he answered with a categorical refusal. In order to recover from the defeat, it took him two years. After that, Marvin Hagler left for Italy, in Milan. There he met Caye Guarrere and remarried in 2000.

Hagler and his second wife live in Italy, but annually travel for several months to the state of New Hampshire, in the town of Bartlett. After the end of his boxing career, Hagler starred in commercials and in several films, in bit parts.

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