Marinated pike: cooking recipes

Any fish is healthy and tasty, but properly pickled pike will be a real delicacy, which guests are not ashamed to submit. There are plenty of options for marinade for fish: in vegetable oil, in vinegar, with vegetables, etc. Accurately verified recipe, quality ingredients and a little patience will help to turn an ordinary fish into a “queen” of appetizers, which will make a serious competition to meat.

How to cut a pike

Any recipe for pickled pike begins with the words "gutted fish is taken." If, say, hake, pollock, mackerel, salmon are sold ready for pickling (fillets or pieces on the ridge), then the pike is usually bought whole or caught in the nearest pond.pickled pike recipe

So, on the table lies a pike carcass, what to do next? First, the scales are removed. Pike is an insidious beast, with an ordinary knife it is not suitable. Have to arm with a fork. Yes, it is the fork that very often helps the housewives to get rid of stubborn scales covered with sticky mucus.Walking a couple of times on the back of the back with a fork, “encouraging” the scales, you can take up the knife and calmly clean off the remnants.

After cleaning, the fish is washed under running water. The belly is cut (from head to tail) and all entrails are removed. The head and fins are also cut off with a knife or special kitchen scissors.

To separate the bones? If you make a recipe for marinated pike, say, for kebab, then you will not need fish fillets. You can simply cut the gutted carcass into large pieces and begin the process of marinating. If a snack is made, it is best to carefully separate the bones from the meat. In order to get rid of bothersome and corrosive small bone bones, use ordinary tweezers.

Recipe for Marinated Pike with Vinegar

The following products will be required for cooking fish:

  • Pike - 1 gutted carcass.
  • 0.5 liters of water.
  • A pair of medium sized bulbs.
  • 200 ml of vinegar 9%.
  • The same height. oils.
  • 2 tbsp. l salt.
  • Bay leaf.
  • A set of spices: coriander, peppercorns (better to take fragrant), hops-suneli, etc. There is an option to use ready-made seasonings for pickling fish.pike marinated at home

Cooking process

According to this recipe, pike marinated at home is produced in a matter of hours. Already spared from the giblets, fins and head, the fish is cut into portions. Rinse and dry the fish before sending it to the marinade.

Marinade is made from water and a set of spices. We throw the seasonings into the water, add the onion there and set on high heat. As soon as the marinade boils, remove from heat. Add the right amount of vinegar. Stir and wait until cool. Pieces of fish are placed only in the cold marinade. Leave it in liquid for two hours. Pike marinated at home, quickly becomes soft, aromatic and tasty. After this period, the fish can already be eaten. But if you want to get a richer taste, it is recommended to remove the pike for the night in the fridge. This appetizer will look great on the table, seasoned with fresh onions, green onions or greens. As a side dish, you can serve boiled new potatoes or roasted vegetables. This recipe for pickled pike is also called the express method. The hostess can take note of it on the case of unexpected guests suddenly appeared.

 pike marinated with carrots and onions

Marinade for barbecue

If the pike was caught in the pond closest to the dacha house, it is fresh and is still trying to bite, then, as they say, it is not a sin to treat yourself with a shashlyk. Many gourmets say that pike skewers are much tastier and more fragrant than meat.

In this recipe, pike, marinated at home for kebab, is not prepared quickly. For a perfect result, it will take about three days, but believe me, the result will exceed all expectations.


  • We choose from the catch the biggest, thick and fleshy fish. The quantity is determined individually. The remaining ingredients are designed for one large fish. We increase the amount of liquids and spices in proportion to the amount of pike taken for shish kebab.
  • Two onions.
  • One lemon.
  • 250 ml of vegetable oil.
  • A small carrot.
  • Spices for fish.
  • Salt and to pickle pike

How to cook

As we noted above, the recipe of marinated pike for kebab implies the presence of rather large pieces on the bone. Fillet here will be inappropriate. We mix sugar, spices and salt in a separate container. Dip each piece of fish in this mixture and ship, laying it in even layers, into a large saucepan.Add onion slices on top, sprinkle with ground pepper and coriander, sprinkle with lemon juice.

If you like a more intense spiciness in kebabs, then you can add a couple of teaspoons of 9% vinegar to the marinade. Although lemon juice and without it will work perfectly. If you like a slightly sweet fish, then shift the fish pieces with small carrot slices.

Cover the fish with a plate, press down on top with any oppression and put it in the fridge for two or three days. Do not worry that the pike can spoil. Vinegar and lemon juice know their business. By the way, citric acid will also contribute to the softening of small bones, so you can give barbecue even to children.marinated pike recipe with vinegar

Pike marinated with carrots and onions

Vegetables are often used to pickle fish. It would seem that everything is simple and clear, than to surprise guests. In fact, if you add refined aromatic spices, honey or wine to the products familiar to all, you can get a real culinary masterpiece. The standard pike recipe under the marinade of onions and carrots is a blank, which is taken as a basis, and then no one restricts the culinary imagination.


  • Two small pikes.The total weight of 1-1.2 kg.
  • One large onion.
  • Carrots - 2 pcs.
  • Spices: peppercorns, salt, coriander, bay leaf.
  • Two spoons of tomato paste.
  • The same apple cider vinegar.
  • A teaspoon of granulated sugar.
  • Vegetable oil and flour for frying fish.


Before you marinate pike, you should prepare all the ingredients listed above to work. Onions are peeled and cut into large pieces. Carrots can be chopped with a knife or grated on a coarse grater. The fish is gutted, the entrails are removed, the fins, tail and head are cut off. Pike is cut into large chunks. A small amount of flour mixed with salt and spices. Each piece of fish neatly dipped in flour and sent to the pan fry. While the pike will be prepared, let's marinade.pike marinated at home quickly

On a separate small skillet we fry onions. As soon as he gets a little “grabbed” in golden color, we add carrots to it. Fry everything over low heat. After a couple of minutes, put the spices and add the tomato paste. Remove from the heat and fill this mixture with fried pike. Simmer all together for another 2-3 minutes, turn off the fire. After that we take out the bay leaf, he has done his work.Add apple cider vinegar and let the fish cool. Cold pickled pike clean in the refrigerator for 12 hours.

Now you know the secret of how to pickle pike at home. Choose your favorite option and do not be afraid to experiment with spices. Bon Appetit!

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