Manicure Types: Nail Art. Technology, photos and ideas

Women get tired of wearing a plain-colored manicure every day. Sometimes you want your nails to look very cool and attract attention. That is why Nail Art is a very popular procedure. It consists in the creation of various designs on nails of the most varying complexity - ranging from such a popular French jacket with the addition of a few rhinestones or a low-key and elegant design to exclusive works using feathers and volumetric shapes.


To transform the nails, they can be applied drawing. This direction is widely developed in Nail Art. The image is applied using special brushes and acrylic paints. First, on the nails is made the background varnishes the required colors. The basis can be monophonic or include several colors. Once it is completely dry, you can proceed to the design. Acrylic paints are considered the best choice because of their quick drying.

nail art

Another popular painting method is needle-like drawing. The technique of applying the image is completely different from painting with a brush. Design is done on wet varnish. The technology consists in covering the nails with a base of the chosen color. After that, varnishes of several shades are taken and multi-colored droplets are applied on the dry surface of the marigold. By stretching the drops with a needle in different directions, a very interesting pattern is created. It can be a flower ornament, a view of fancy butterflies or an abstract pattern in which everyone will see something of their own.

Nail painting requires brushes and needles of different sizes, acrylic paints and colored varnishes.

3D design

Volumetric nail design is more often used as a festive manicure (Nail Art). This is due to the fact that for everyday life it may be too extravagant. And it is not always physically comfortable to wear it.

nails nail art

To create decorative elements - figures of men, animals, a wide variety of flowers, fruits, etc. - apply acrylic powder and gel. Not only extended nails are exposed to design, but also on natural ones.


Since the popularity of Nail Art every year only increases, the range and variety of elements for decorating nails are replenished all the time. For the simplest design, which can be done both in the cabin and at home, rhinestones are used. They come in different colors, sizes and shapes. They are fixed on glue to the dried varnish or pressed into the wet coating. What amount of rhinestones in manicure depends only on desire and fantasy. You can add elegance to a simple manicure with just a few elements, or you can inlay an entire nail.

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Sand and powder

Multicolored sand is a small particles that come in a variety of colors. They can be both matte and shiny. Sand is applied by brush on wet varnish. If it is necessary to create a drawing with it, then the desired image with a transparent varnish is drawn over the dried surface of the nail. Then color sand of the required shade is applied. It is necessary not to forget to remove the residues after complete drying.

In addition to sand, dust is used, which sprinkles the wet surface of the nail.


For those who love a beautiful and interesting manicure, but can not afford to spend a lot of time on it, manufacturers produce a variety of Nail Art varnishes with unusual effects.

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One of these is magnetic varnish. The palette of colors in this category is quite diverse. A feature of such coatings is the presence of metal particles in the composition. With the help of a special blade that has a pattern and magnetic properties, an interesting three-dimensional pattern is created.

Holographic coating looks very beautiful, shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow, so that even captures the spirit of the game of color. It is easy to work with him and you can not worry about the appearance of the nails for a long time. Of course, such a manicure is not always appropriate in everyday life.

nail art gelLucky chameleon. It is characterized by the fact that the color of the coating changes depending on the angle of incidence of the light. The effect is most noticeable in bright sunlight. With the muffled light of the office, Nail Art is almost not striking. This is the undoubted advantage of the chameleon varnish over the holographic one.

Thermal varnish. An interesting variant of the coating, which is able to change its color under the influence of temperature. The best visible effect is achieved at low temperatures.

Matte varnish is very popular and fashionable. It itself looks unusual.But also its combination with a glossy finish deserves attention. It can serve as an excellent basis for creating a pattern using a clear varnish. The drawing on the black matte finish is most prominent.

Few know that in order to wear a stylish matte manicure, it is not necessary to buy a special polish. If you apply a glossy coating on the nails and hold your hands over the steam, you will be able to achieve an equivalent effect.

Another actual composition with the original result is craquelure. Its feature is the ability to create an unusual pattern on the nails due to cracking. First, the nails are covered with the base color base, and already the craquelure is applied on it. As it dries, it spreads in different directions. It is recommended to choose contrasting colors, then the nails (Nail Art in this style is very popular) will be the most expressive.

Nightlife lovers will love the glow in the dark.


Set Nail Art is an excellent choice for those who can not draw, but wants to have elegant drawings on the nails. Included are discs containing various images, a scraper and a rubber stamped die.

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Drawing drawing is carried out in several simple stages.First, the nails are covered with a basic color varnish. When it dries, you can move on to stamping. On the picture, which is located on the disk, varnish is applied. Excess need to be removed with a scraper. The stamp should be attached to the picture so that it remains on the rubber pad. Then, with the help of a stamp, the picture is imprinted on the nail. To save the image the nails are covered with a fixer.


Many believe that if you make fashionable and beautiful nails, decorating them with feathers, then such a manicure will be impossible to wear in everyday life. In fact, you can create quite practical Nail Art. Gel will become an indispensable assistant. Since this natural material is very fragile, it needs reliable protection for durability. Therefore, the selected feather is placed between the layers of the gel. If it is large and goes beyond the edges, it must be adjusted to the required size. You can also use very small feathers, then they will become an elegant decoration for a manicure.

nail art set

Patterning with a printer

Technological progress does not stand still, and today the pattern on the nails can be simply ... printed.

Such Nail Art can be created in a very short time, and the quality will be very pleasant. Technical capabilities depend on the specific printer model. The simplest have in their arsenal a limited number of ready-made versions that they can print. The more advanced ones allow you to create the desired pattern yourself.

The technology is quite simple. First, nails are required to prepare. It is necessary to degrease and apply a base that will significantly prolong the life of the pattern. Then the nail plate is covered with ultraviolet gel. The printer prints only where it is applied, so it allows the device to understand the location of the boundaries beyond which it is impossible to go.

When the nails are prepared, fingers should be placed in the printer. In order for a picture to be printed perfectly, they must be stationary. To do this, the device has special locks. When printing is completed, the drawing is covered with a special varnish, fixing it.


Another simple and popular tool for Nail Art, reviews of which are mixed. The stickers are easy to use, it takes just a few seconds for beautiful pictures to appear on the nails.But they are not always long worn. Some of them have rather thick edges that cling to clothes, for example, and pictures can be easily peeled off.

Nail design can be done using the most simple tools at hand. But to create exclusive works and unique masterpieces will need much more materials and accessories. In addition, you will need knowledge and experience. The world of design has a very interesting feature - in the presence of diversity, everything quickly becomes boring. Therefore, those who are engaged in this professionally should always be aware of the latest achievements in this field.

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