Makeup for the New Year. Holiday Makeup Ideas

New Year is a special holiday, the true night of magic. Naturally, every girl wants to look stunning this evening. An outfit and accessories are bought in advance and the hairstyle is thought out. And in the New Year’s image there are no unimportant trifles, therefore a beautiful make-up for the New Year is a task that needs to be approached with all responsibility.

Features of New Year's makeup

Evening make-up itself is not as simple as it seems. It has certain rules that allow you to look appropriate and attractive. However, makeup for the New Year is a different matter. On the one hand, he admits that it is inappropriate on another evening, however, sometimes there are more demands on him.

what make up for the new year

If we talk about the general principles of evening make-up, then in the New Year one should not neglect the rule of emphasis either on the lips or on the eyes. That is, if you have bright active lips, then you should not put a lot of bright shiny shadows on your eyes.Conversely, if you have bright eye makeup, then your lips should have a neutral color. It is also worth thinking over the whole image. Make-up for the New Year should match your style along with the style and color, and not stand out from the general image with the hairstyle.

Preparing for the New Year usually takes more than one day, so New Year's makeup should not begin a couple of hours before the event, but a couple of days. This means that you need to prepare the skin in advance so that it shines. To do this, treat inflammations and rashes, make a mask and peeling, however, resort only to sparing and previously tested procedures, because no one wants to disguise the effects of allergies or chemical burns on the face of the New Year's Eve.

Also, speaking about the features of the New Year's makeup, it is worth noting the choice of color in accordance with the upcoming year. By established tradition, we want to appease the symbol of the coming year and put on the colors that symbolize it. It is appropriate to use them in make-up. For example, the makeup for the New Year of the Rooster in 2017 meant shades of red, red, golden. But next year 2018 will be the year of the Yellow Dog, it is not difficult to guess what color should appear in your next festive look.

Makeup for the New Year at home - what you need from cosmetics

eye makeup for the new year

In order to create the perfect make-up, you do not need too many cosmetics:

  • Facial primer is a desirable, but optional item, however, it will make the face smooth and dull, mask the pores and allow the tonal basis to last longer.
  • Tonal cream - choose not too thick or greasy, since you have to dance and move, it will be a shame if the cream starts to flow.
  • Correctives - concealers for masking bruises under the eyes, correctors for pimples and inflammations or rosacea, in general, all that masks the point problems of the face.
  • Bronzer and highlighter - the sculptured face will look perfect, and the highlights of the highlighter will give freshness.
  • Blush to create a fresh look.
  • Eyeliner or eyeliner - useful for both arrows and for staining the cross-page contour.
  • Eyeshadow, pigments, glitter, and eye primer to keep it all better.
  • Volumetric and lengthening mascara, optional - false eyelashes.
  • Eye shadow, lipstick, pencil or gel for coloring and styling eyebrows.
  • Lipstick and lipstick, better resistant, because she faces the test of food and drink.
  • Powder for fixing the result and matting the face.

You may also find the packaging of matting napkins useful if you have a combination or oily skin, lip gloss and compact powder. Put all this in your purse to fix the makeup at the party.

Tools for New Year's makeup

In addition to the actual cosmetics, you will have to make an audit of your tools, because it will be a shame if in the process of makeup you will have nothing to apply this or that tool. Of course, you can do a lot with your fingers or help yourself with a cotton swab, but for a perfect result you need at least a minimum of tools.

makeup for the new year

First, a good mirror, preferably with light. Pre-select at home a place where the lighting is sufficient for applying make-up. Prepare milk or make-up lotion and cotton pads and sticks in case you need to fix something. And finally, the most important thing is the brushes. There should not be a lot of them, but here is the necessary minimum to create makeup for the New Year:

  • Brush or sponge for foundation and bronzer.
  • Several brushes for the eyes - thin for liner, dense, wide for applying shadows, soft fluffy for feathering.
  • Short beveled eyebrow brush.
  • Fluffy soft brush for blush and highlighter.

On the eve of the holiday

As we have already noted, the preparation for the New Year's makeup should begin at least the day before. Perform peeling to remove dead skin cells and then the care mask. The ideal choice is moisturizing, thanks to this mask your face will be fresh and radiant. Do not forget about the eyes - for a clear look fit a special mask in the form of patches for ever.

eye makeup for the new year

Also on the eve it is better to pull out the eyebrows and paint them if you do it with permanent paint. Do not postpone eyebrow correction for the last moment.

Also make and peeling for the skin of the lips. This is a rare procedure, but in winter our lips are often in poor condition, and in order for lipstick to be even, they must be perfectly smooth.

The choice of makeup for eye color

So, all the preparations are over, time to create. But what make up for the New Year, because there are so many options? We advise you to start by choosing the color of eye shadows. And the easiest way to choose a shade based on the color of the eyes themselves.

For example, brown brown golden warm shades will suit brown eyes. With them, you can create an interesting non-standard version of Smokey Aiz or smoky makeup using powdery translucent shadows with a large gold or bronze shimmer.

Make-up on the New Year for green eyes can include reddish metallic shades (copper, bronze), they shade the eye color, making it deeper. But red shadows can create an ugly effect on tear-stained eyes, to avoid it, do not impose shadows directly at the eyelash growth line. Separate the color with black arrows or a pencil. A green-eyed and green color is suitable - bright, saturated, with large glitters - such makeup for the New Year for green eyes is an ideal choice.

makeup for the new year for green eyes

For blue eyes, retro-style makeup with expressive arrows, as well as all shades of blue and blue, suitably choose deep, rich tones and do not be afraid of shine - it is appropriate for New Year's Eve.

Smokey Aiz

This eye makeup for the New Year is suitable for any image. In addition, Smokey Aiz help those who have small eyes or a hanging eyelid.

With a dark Kayal or a soft pencil, place the lower and upper eyelids, and then brush the pencil with a brush so as to stretch the color to the mobile eyelid and to the temples.Shading is also required on the lower eyelid. Then you can add a dark shade to the pencil, but not necessarily black. Take a brown or deep blue color and blend it into a moving eyelid by stretching it towards your temples to create a beautiful cat-eye effect.

makeup for the new year at home

In this case, there are active eyes in the make-up, therefore the lips should have the most neutral tone. Therefore, choose nude lipstick and add a little transparent gloss.

Retro New Year makeup ideas

This is a very sexy and bold image, despite its apparent simplicity. All you need is a perfect face tone, perfectly crisp black arrows and a perfect red lipstick tone for you. In this combination lies the whole point.

To get started, prepare your face. The tonal base should make the skin smooth, velvety and radiant. Do not use a dark tone, the skin should be porcelain. Also do not use sparkles, only satin glow. Blush dull, beige, a little pinkish and no bronzer!

makeup for the new year of the rooster

When the tone is ready, tint eyebrows, it is better to make them clear and graphic. But you should not make them too bright, pick up a tone close to natural.

The queue for the arrows - liner or liner start to draw a line from the inner corner of the eye, smoothly and clearly leading it to the outer corner. The arrow can be quite long and wide, because it is evening makeup for the New Year. The final touch is lips. In retro style, they are necessarily bright, red and eye-catching.

Paradise bird

This beautiful makeup for the New Year implies a riot of colors and the most daring combinations. For example, take the bright hues of lilac and gold, green and blue, even pink or orange. To begin with a darker color of the shadows circle the contour of the mobile eyelid and blend it under the eyebrow, extending to the temples.

makeup for the new year for green eyes

Then the mobile eyelid fill with a lighter shade of shadows with added shine. Lower eyelid move the wide arrow in a bright contrast color, blend it towards the temples. For such a bright make-up fit long false eyelashes, at the tips of which you can glue small rhinestones.

In all its brilliance

As much as possible sparkles - this is the rule of this makeup. To make your eyes more radiant, do not use eye shadows, but pigments for the eyelids. Take a few shades with large glitter or metallic shade. Apply a light tone to the inner corner of the eye.Dark shadows are superimposed on the outer corner and well shaded for the effect of the almond-shaped eyes. In the middle of the moving century, you can apply a golden pigment. The main thing - there should not be a sharp change of color, instead of it - a good shading of shades.

beautiful makeup for the new year

You can add even more shine with the help of applied rhinestones, which can be glued under the eyebrow, on the eyelashes or on the mobile eyelid.

Ombre style lips

If you want to focus on makeup not on the eyes, but on the lips, then the fashionable ombre effect is what you need. It will make the lips attractive, sexy and visually plumper.

new year makeup ideas

To do this, powder your lips or apply a primer on them, circle the outline with a pencil. Apply a lighter red tint to all lips and then use a brush to apply darker cherry lipstick at the edges first, then shading it closer to the center. However, the very middle, place of closing the lips, leave it lighter, and the corners of the lips should be the darkest and richest. At the same time shading shades should be smooth.

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