Maiden, Pisces woman. Compatibility horoscope

Virgo and Pisces - a couple unpredictable. They may not be together at all times. It all depends on their preferences and desires. respect their partner and appreciate, but at the same time, these are contradictory signs. Astrologers characterize them as dreamy, passive, and emotional. What does the horoscope say about each sign separately? Are they compatible in nature? You will find answers to these questions in the article.

Man-Virgo: characteristic

This is a restrained, dreamy, responsible and caring person. Many women dream of winning this sign. Virgo-male loves the weaker sex and turns the novels with them. However, they are all fleeting. He goes over a long time until he finds a faithful and reliable life partner.

virgin man fish woman

A virgin dreams that he has a smart, kind, responsible, honest, fair, faithful wife, etc. He has very high demands on his chosen one, therefore, often he does not hurry to get married early.

Before marriage, these men walk a lot.But after the wedding, they calm down, and for the adventures of the Virgin there is not only desire, but also time. After all, he has a wife, without which he can no longer.

If the Man-Virgin finds his ideal, then he is ready for any foolish deeds, if only with him was his beloved and unique. For his one and only he is ready to work both during the day and at night so that she does not need anything.

Man-Virgo is very calm. Therefore, the scandals from him to wait is not so simple. Able to smooth all sharp corners by talking. Man-Virgo is not only a good husband, but also a father. He gives all his free time to his children. He can take them to the section, go to a meeting or just go to the rides.

Virgin wife can safely rely. Responsibility and reliability - the main features of his character. With this man, any woman will feel comfort and security.

Female fish: characteristic

She is fragile and gentle, needs a man's shoulder every minute. Horoscope Pisces does not say that it is helpless. For bread you can always earn. However, it is easier for her to pass on her problems to a man.

Woman Pisces knows how to be charming.Therefore, it is surrounded by many supervisors who do not mind becoming its advocates for many years. The owner of this sign is not in a hurry for the relationship. She looks closely for a long time, then she can plunge into the pool with her head.

fish horoscope

Nature has endowed the female fish with charm, intelligence, silence and helplessness. This is laid in her character from birth. When she marries, she awaits care and a reliable rear from her prince. After all, her helplessness won the heart of the chosen one.

This woman is not interested in financial problems in the family. If the husband is obliged to maintain it, then she doesn’t care where he brings the money from and where to spend it. The result is important for her so that they do not sit hungry and cold. In her understanding, a woman should stay at home and her husband should provide.

Woman Fish fully gives her love to her husband and child. However, children often use her kindness and often, at the age of 15, they completely manage their mother. After all, she will do everything for her crumbs. Next to such a beautiful woman, a man feels himself a protector and a support. This is how this woman characterizes the horoscope. Fishes are intelligent and vulnerable natures, so they should be treated with tenderness.

Love: Maiden, Pisces Woman

These two signs may be together, but not always. Their characters are very different. It is said that opposites attract. However, in order to keep Virgo and Pisces together, each of them needs to work on himself every day. After all, it is not always possible to yield and compromise.

fish woman and virgin man horoscope compatibility

Both signs - Virgo-man, Pisces-woman - can love selflessly and dissolve in their partner, for which they will be ready for any, even the most reckless acts. This couple at the very beginning of their relationship is very loving. However, time passes, they understand that apart from sex, nothing binds them. Therefore, very often their relationship ends quickly, before it begins.

Pisces female, Virgo male: compatibility in marriage

Virgo is characterized by stability, security and a desire to have its cozy home where the man will feel comfortable. Fish do not aspire to these parameters. They are always happy with everything. However, thanks to Virgos, Pisces learn to live more objectively, they no longer fear responsibility.

The virgin male, the female fish, are two signs that should not be controlled, since they themselves know what they want from life.The similarity of these two signs in one - they sometimes like to retire. Therefore, both Virgo and Pisces need to give their partner more freedom.

love virgin man fish woman

Pisces is a dreamy and romantic person. Therefore, from marriage, she expects that a man will take care of her, protect and love more than anyone in the world. Virgo can not always justify the desire of fish. Often such a marriage falls apart.

Disadvantages of marriage between Virgo and Pisces

This pair has many disadvantages in marriage. For example, the Virgo man does not know how to express his feelings, which Pisces needs. It often seems to his wife that the spouse lives with her for the sake of entertainment and does not love her. Because of this, fish often start rash quarrels and scandals that last a long time.

sign virgin man

Fish do not know how to distribute finances. Therefore, no matter how much the husband brings money to the family, the wife will say that this is very little. She will never have enough money even for food, because she does not like to live too economically. Pisces do not know how to collect money for something important. Therefore, if the wife does not seek financial management, you should not force her, so that later she will not regret.

How to make marriage perfect?

Virgo expresses its feelings through actions.If Pisces pay attention to this, then they will realize that they have an ideal husband. A woman must accept the fact that the Virgin expresses her feelings through actions, not words. If it works, then it can turn out a good marriage. Male-Virgo, female-Fish are rarely inferior to their partner. They need to learn to compromise.

Fish can safely trust Virgo general finances. My husband will be able to dispose of them perfectly, and he will have enough money not only for food, but also for more expensive purchases. After all, a man-virgin can be economical.

The perfect pair can be the signs of a female fish and a male virgin. The compatibility horoscope believes that if a husband and wife adhere to certain rules, they can be happy.

Pisces female, Male Virgo: compatibility in friendship

They are good comrades. Virgo and Pisces are loyal to a friend and are always ready to help. They can communicate for hours, discussing their day, work, friends, acquaintances or relatives. Both Pisces and Virgo know how to sympathize and empathize. However, since they discuss the circle of their acquaintances, they will not trust their friend. After all, there is no guarantee that tomorrow this comrade will not discuss his back as well.

marriage man virgin woman fish

Virgo-man, Pisces woman can read morality and impose their opinions. Only because of this can friendship break up. To prevent this from happening, you only need to listen to the interlocutor, and not put pressure on him with your opinion.

As a rule, Virgo is able to impose its principles of life. Therefore, it is not always pleasant for Pisces, and gradually their friendship ends, because for a watermark it becomes burdensome.


Virgo-man, Pisces-woman - a difficult couple. Every sign needs communication, love and support. However, they can not always get them from a partner. These two signs are opposite in character. However, they can be a happy couple, if they learn to understand their partner.

The husband-virgin should not shout and offend his wife. She is vulnerable, and this attitude is very unpleasant for her. It is always worth remembering that true love will not destroy happiness. If you really value and respect your partner, you will pay less attention to his character. After all, for a loving person there are no barriers.

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