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Symbols and signs of magic are peculiar pictures drawn once by ancient sages, and come down to us from the depth of ages. Symbols of this type are usually used for drawing on various talismans and amulets, on any household items that we constantly keep to ourselves. Tattoo of the mark of power - one of the most reliable ways to acquire magical protection. Its advantage is a complete unity with the object that needs such a talisman. Also, people often embroider signs of force on shirts, pants, T-shirts, and other wardrobe items.

Nowadays it is possible to use both your own symbols of power and those taken from the World Wide Web. Such a sign of fortitude will be both an excellent talisman, and protection, and a good original decoration. Since there are many religions on our planet, there are also a great many symbols, each of them means completely different things.

The history of magic signs

Initially, the symbols of magic were ritual elements belonging to the gods.So, in the land of the rising sun - Japan, they were painted on papyrus, which was hung on the wall of a dwelling or in a temple at home. On the ancient paper was applied the face of the god Su, who helped circulate the supreme energy and distributed it towards all sides of the world. People knew how to control the waves of energy long before the direction called “Ray Ki” (the energy of space and life) appeared, and even at that time symbols of power came to their aid. The sign is usually drawn for its personal protection and the protection of the space of the house in the air with the palm of the right hand.

The most important thing in this process is to carefully examine all the lines that make up the image, and their sequence. The smallest detail plays the most important role in the whole composition of the sign of power. Errors in his image are capable of leveling the magic component of such symbolism.

Some individuals use the sign of spiritual strength to treat various types of pain: dental, headache, and others. Many remove in this way the damage and the evil eye. Knowing by heart all the parts that make up the sign, it is quite possible to conspire against a person from the harmful effects of tobacco, alcohol and other substances on him.By choosing your favorite magic sign, you can gain the opportunity to influence a specific person without meeting him in person or using his photo.

sign of strength

Christian cross

The strongest sign of magic in Christianity is the cross. It is present in all branches of this religion: in Catholicism, and in Orthodoxy, and in Protestantism. 33 percent of the population of our planet profess this particular religion, and such a massive faith endowed the cross with truly amazing properties.

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Magic Sign Protection

Among the Jewish people, one of the main and most important magical signs of protection is the star of David (another name is the star of Solomon). This symbol looks like a star with six rays. A six-pointed star consists of a pair of triangles whose angles are directed in different directions. The occult significance of this sign of power is the development of spirituality and its existence on our planet.

The star of Solomon is an incredibly strong magic sign, and is very often used in various rites, drawn in pentagrams for protection from evil spirits.

sign of fortitude

Third eye and pyramid

If you take a dollar bill in your hand and carefully look into thatwhat is depicted on it, you can see such an architectural structure as a pyramid, part of which is transformed into a triangle with an eye. A similar element is printed on the money, common in the territory of Egypt, and, of course, it is found on wall drawings in ancient buildings of many civilizations. The eye on the pyramid is the All-seeing eye that is in the triangle, the angle of which is directed upwards. The meaning of this symbol is very interesting: the forces located above a person observe his life constantly, seven days a week, never for one moment closing their eye.

Of course, everyone decides for himself whether to believe in him because of the energy of this symbol or not, but you will not find a single person on Earth who, when looking at the All-Seeing Eye, would not have conflicting feelings. In this sign is hidden an incredible set of mysteries, secrets and secrets from the era when people first formed the state.

sign of evil spirits

Pentagram - a powerful magic amulet

The pentagram is, in fact, a five-pointed star, which is most often in a circle. This sign of dark forces is charged with a very negative energy and is the most popular occult symbol used in rituals and sacraments around the world.This sign of evil spirits is an indispensable element for any mention of the Devil. In each sacrifice, fanatics use a pentagram as a gateway to enter hell and summon demons. The symbol is really very effective and strong, but it can be used for your own benefit, for example, to accumulate sharp negative energy surges. The pentagram can be interpreted as a kind of seal that holds back the release of strong emotions and helps to keep the mind and body in balance and peace.

power symbol sign

A circle

This may seem incredible, but the circle is indeed a powerful protective sign. Perhaps you will immediately come to the mind a variety of scary movies, for example, "Wii", where the main character, for his salvation from the ghost, outlined the space around him in the shape of a circle. The closed line is a protection against dark forces and all kinds of evil. It was our ancestors who considered the circle as the gateway to the future and to the worlds that exist beyond our understanding, into parallel universes. When divination, in no case can one open this figure so that all the negative energy remains inside the sign and does not begin to spread to the monastery in which the ritual is performed.

In different countries there is a hypothesis that everything living in the world develops in a circle.There is also such a definition as the "circle of light", which is part of the existence of God and affects us at the level of the astral. The circle is the personification of nature itself in its true incarnation, since in the natural environment most of the objects have exactly smooth lines, without sharp and clear angles. It is for this reason that many believe that the lines-waves are the lines of nature, and the clear, sharp, broken lines are the lines of man, which he brings to this world.

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Symbol of Good - FU from Ancient China

In our world there are not only negative symbols, but also positive ones. The ancient Chinese sign of spiritual power is one of such elements of white magic. The words, encoded in the magical construction of this sign, personify all the bright sides of our life: love, kindness, friendship, happiness, joy, fun. In China, there is an incredibly beautiful and popular tradition - to give this symbol, lined with beautiful flowers. Arriving in the Middle Kingdom, you will find this sign in every house and every apartment. The fact is that it strengthens the family hearth and contributes to the creation of a friendly and easy atmosphere.If you donate this symbol to someone, then express with this gesture tremendous respect and appreciation to the person.signs of dark forces.

Holy Eye of Horus

The most interesting element of Egyptian mythology is the holy eye of Horus. The ancient Egyptians considered an amulet with this symbol a guide to the future. Possession of them promises the discovery of the gift of foresight and the great knowledge that is acquired by man through increased perception of life. It also symbolizes the omnipresence of being, the incessant observation of deities for human destiny. Anyone who uses the eye of Horus as an amulet can be calm in his safety, because it protects against the evil eye with envious people and jealousy.

signs of strength

Wand of Mercury

The oldest symbol in the world is the rod of Hermes. In ancient times, was considered an attribute of the great god of Mesopotamia - the Wellness, which, according to legend, existed about two and a half thousand years ago. This deity was able to cure any disease. However, in ancient times, this rod becomes a symbol of the god Mercury. Initially, he was depicted with grape vines, after that - entwined with a pair of snakes, for the sale of something in ancient Greece was considered dangerous and demanding protection, and Mercury was a deity that helps merchants.The energies of snakes, ascending along the rod, created a whirlwind of energy flows that renewed the human soul. The most important part of this symbol is the wings, which mean the lightness and freedom of the soul from sins.

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