Maca Peruvian: reviews of doctors

Often, men face the problem of poor potency. They turn to the urologist, who diagnoses their erectile dysfunction. Currently, this pathology is significantly "younger". About her firsthand men know, not only celebrated the 50th anniversary, but also those who barely turned 40, and sometimes 25 years old. Many of these patients are just too shy to talk about their problem. As a result, it aggravates the situation even more.

What to do in this case? Solve the problem of potency today will help a completely new way. He assumes reception of an exotic plant which carries the name "Peruvian poppy". Reviews of doctors say that with the help of this healing gift of nature, it is possible not only to cure the sexual system, but also to improve the general well-being, as well as to improve the whole body.

Discovery history

Peruvian Maca, or Klopovnik Meyena is a very interesting root crop. It belongs to the Cruciferous family, that is, is a relative of the well-known to us turnips, radishes, cabbage and mustard.

poppy peruvian reviewsThe story of the discovery of this plant began in Peru.It was in this country that shepherds grazing cattle on the high plateaus where poppies grow, first noticed that the animals that ate this root crop were healthier, tougher and stronger than their brethren, and were more active in their behavior.

Thus, the amazing properties of the Peruvian poppy were discovered. Reviews of doctors confirm that this root crop is one of the most powerful adaptogens and aphrodisiacs on our planet.

The effect of tubers with an ovoid shape on the reproductive system has long been known to local residents. From time immemorial, they use Maca as a healing agent. Even the ancient Incas began to reclaim this plant. This is confirmed by ancient legends. According to them, the warriors of this nation used the Peruvian Maca before military campaigns. The plant gave them stamina and strength. There were also legends about the unprecedented male power of these fighters.

The healing grass of the Incas used in their rites and Indian shamans. For them, this plant was not only an aphrodisiac, but also a cure for infertility in humans and in animals.

The Spaniards, who conquered South America and brought their cattle here, found that animals unsuitable for the conditions of high mountains breed very badly.

Then the conquistadors and found that the Indians are constantly giving their livestock inconspicuous mountain roots. The Spaniards began to do the same and had a stunning effect. The result was so striking that the Spaniards forced the Indians to pay tribute only to the Peruvian poppy. This is confirmed by records dating from the 18th century. They say that Spaniards each year received nine tons of tubers from the natives of South America.

peruvian maca reviewsThe valuable fruit grows only on the plateau of the South American Andes, at an altitude higher than 4000 m. These territories differ in a dramatically changing climate with frequent temperature changes. Interestingly, in other places to grow Maca Peruvian is simply impossible, because the plant does not form a root vegetable.

Information about this amazing plant became known to the scientific world only in 1831. It was then that the Peruvian Maca was discovered and described by the German scientist, botanist Franz Julius Ferdinand Meyen. He explored the flora of South American countries, including Peru. In honor of this scientist, humanity gave the poppy its scientific name.


Why are Peruvian poppies so interesting? Reviews of specialists who made in 1981chemical analysis of the plant suggests that high-altitude tubers are distinguished by a large number of essential oils that have stimulating properties. In addition, tyrosine and arginine, phenylalatin and histidine contain Peruvian maca in its composition. Reviews of physicians confirm that these substances are responsible for the production of sex hormones in the body.

Also in the leaves of the plant, researchers found glycosinolates and iodine. These components are capable of producing an antitumor effect. Vitamins of group B, as well as A and C, are found in the plant. There are also useful minerals in it, such as iron, magnesium and calcium.

The Peruvian poppy for men has received the big popularity. Reviews of doctors, however, suggest that this healing plant is also useful for women. This is confirmed by the opinion of Elena Malysheva. In her words, the high-mountain root crop stabilizes the hormones of the weak half of humanity, helps to stimulate the activity of the cerebral cortex, and also helps in many other cases. In particular, the Peruvian Maca extract is recommended for use as an anabolic, which promotes the growth and increase of muscle contractility.

Useful material

What else does Peruvian poppy contain in its composition? Feedback from researchers confirms that the following were found in the root crop:

- carbohydrates that make up almost 60% of its mass;
- vegetable proteins that are valuable for vegetarians;
- Vitamins C and E, as well as group B, which benefit hair, help strengthen cellular immunity and are indispensable for maintaining healthy skin.

Consider below some other components of the Mac.

Trace elements

Some nutrients are found only in those regions where there is hard or even very hard water. These include quartz and copper, iodine and manganese, zinc and selenium. The deficiency of some elements is not difficult to fill. For example, copper.

peruvian maca reviews of doctors

Selenium is fundamentally important for humans. This substance is necessary for hair growth, and in men it also participates in the synthesis of spermatozoa. In the Russian climate zone, selenium can be found only in the nursing home, and also in a small number of plants. Pharmacies sell synthetic analogues of this substance. However, they are absorbed very badly. The same can be said about iodine.For those who do not live near the sea, it is important to drink a glass of water every day, to which one drop of iodine is added, or to eat 100 g of kelp. After all, the lack of this substance threatens thyroid pathology. And the Peruvian Maca can also help in this matter. Reviews of experts confirm the fact that this plant, thanks to its rich composition, will help any inhabitant of the continental part of the land.

Fatty acid

These substances are indispensable components of vegetable oil. Doctors explain the need for these elements is quite simple. Without fatty acids, it is impossible to maintain the health of our skin. And here the experts mean not only its elasticity and normal color. With the help of vegetable oil are displayed warts and papillomas. These dangerous tumors at any time can turn into a cancer. You can avoid this threat by using oleic, linoleic, palmitic and other fatty acids. Their presence in the diet will avoid the occurrence of tumors, and even allow you to remove most of them. The presence of fatty acids in Peruvian poppy explains its antitumor properties.And this was confirmed long before the plant became known to scientists all over the world.

Studies of the positive properties of the plant

Due to the rich composition of poppy described above, Peruvian reviews received from doctors who conducted clinical trials among men as a means of increasing the libido of people of different ages, increasing their sperm count and quality, and ensuring hormonal balance.

peruvian maca reviews cheatingHowever, to date, no tests have been conducted that would prove the positive effect of the high-altitude tuber when solving the problem of infertility. And here you can trust the rich experience of the Indians. After all, this nation used Maca for more than one millennium and successfully eliminated this problem.

This result is quite possible from the point of view of science. Indeed, hormonal imbalance is often one of the main causes of infertility. And it is easily eliminates poppy extract.

Positive properties of high-mountain root

Who is recommended Peruvian poppy? Reviews of doctors say that due to the large number of useful elements of the tool, which includes a healing plant, have remarkable healing properties.These drugs are recommended as a useful supplement to the diet. They are used by patients after suffering ailments during the recovery period.

peruvian maca divorce reviews

Preparations with poppy are used as an excellent adaptogenic agent that allows you to restore and regenerate vitality. Often, the Peruvian root vegetable is used as an auxiliary substance when prescribing a course of therapy for infertility, impotence, and other pathologies of the sexual sphere. In addition to all of the above, poppy is a great tonic and mood-improving agent.

Basic actions

According to studies, the Peruvian poppy has the following advantages:

- serves as a valuable source of nutrients;
- reduces the likelihood of cancer;
- regulates metabolic processes in the body;
- slows down the aging process of cells;
- helps to strengthen the immune system;
- strengthens the walls of blood vessels and heart muscle;
- eliminates dysfunctions of the hormonal sphere and the resulting consequences;
- helps to combat stress, depression, anxiety and fear;
- eliminates chronic fatigue syndrome, for which Maca is sometimes called Peruvian ginseng;
- improves memory concentration;
- Strengthens the body's physical endurance;
- increases the performance, both physical and mental;
- helps athletes to increase muscle mass;
- has a positive effect on fertility;
- improves sperm genesis;
- positively influences libido and sexual functions not only in men, but also in women;
- contributes to the regulation of the menstrual cycle;
- reduces the negative effects after the action of radiation, as well as radiation therapy.

Dosing and Administration

Peruvian Maca is a product that can be purchased in two forms. In addition, the dosage of the drug may also have significant differences. Everything will depend on the goals set by the buyer.

real peruvian poppy reviewsMethod of application of Peruvian Maki one. It is used as an additive to drinks or food. It is worth saying that the people of Peru have no idea about the dosages of taking a medicinal plant. They add it to dishes, use it when baking flour products, and also use it in the recipe of chacha - the local hop drink.

In what forms is Peruvian poppy sold in our country? Customer reviews confirm that you can purchase a healing root vegetable in the form of powder and capsules. Consider these forms in more detail.

The powder, which has the name "Peruvian Maca", has in its composition crushed, pre-dried plant root. Implement it in packages of different sizes. To provide a tonic effect, the powder is taken in one teaspoon (5 g) per day. This can be done at one time or you can break the dosage by consuming this amount of the drug several times. It is desirable that the Peruvian poppy enters the body with food. To build muscle mass, powder is recommended in the amount of 12 g one hour before the start of training. What are the reviews about Peruvian poppy? Real beginner bodybuilders say that after taking the drug, the mood and muscle tone, as well as the overall activity of the central nervous system, rises.

As for the Peruvian Maca in capsules, this form of the drug has the most pronounced effect. This is due to the fact that it is made from the extract of the root. A valuable substance is used in the manufacture of capsules with an active element content of 500 and 750 mg. According to the instructions attached to the preparation, Maca Peruvian in the form of an extract is started to be taken from small dosages.This is one 500 mg capsule. Later, a single portion may be increased by switching to a more concentrated agent.

Sometimes the peruvian poppy gets negative reviews. “Divorce and deception,” is how some buyers respond to it. The reason for this opinion sometimes lies in the wrong course. For maximum effect and a stable result, the drug must be consumed within thirty days. During this period, the patient must take one to two capsules 1 or 2 times a day.

Opinion of doctors

Of course, what is written in the instructions for the Peruvian poppy can not always be taken on faith. The most valuable are the impressions and reviews of those people who have already used this tool. What do they say about such a root crop as Peruvian poppy? Reviews are deceptive, usually those men who took the drug only once, to improve the quality of sexual intercourse, and failed. This approach is simply incomprehensible to doctors. There are only a few plants, the means of which are able to produce an instant effect. And, as a rule, such an action is invigorating, but not exciting.Eliminate problems with erection are not capable of ephedrine and guarana, mate and coffee. These are only extracts of instant action or strong tonic drinks.

fenugreek and peruvian maca reviewsNot able to help with a single dose and Maca Peruvian for men. Reviews of its inefficiency are left, most likely, by those patients who have not used any other herbal preparations in solving their problems before.


Who does not recommend the drug "Peruvian poppy" reviews of doctors? Contraindications concern patients who are allergic to any plants, as well as their pollen. The admission of high-altitude root vegetables to women in the period of expectation of the child and breastfeeding is prohibited.

As you can see, quite a few Maca has Peruvian contraindications. Reviews of doctors about this drug is recommended to begin its reception with small doses, gradually increasing them.

Healing complex

Recently, buyers are offered an extract of fenugreek and Peruvian Maca. Reviews of doctors say that these substances are perfectly combined with each other and give the maximum effect.

Healing complex is taken as a food supplement, and this allows you to heal the entire body.In addition, a unique composition used in cosmetology, for medicinal purposes and as a vitamin complex.

Often, the extract is recommended to eliminate extra pounds. Its reception while carried out for half an hour before meals. Brewing one teaspoon per cup of boiling water, patients note a decrease in appetite. Such an impact allows you to remove extra pounds in just two and a half weeks, while not suffering from hard diets.

Peruvian and fenugreek maca extract effectively cleanses and restores the body after taking medicines and antibiotics. It removes toxins and wastes from the intestines, as well as all harmful elements from the blood and liver.

Apply healing complex for colitis and gastritis. Fenugreek extracts and Peruvian maca contribute to the elimination of flatulence and abdominal bloating, cramps and heaviness.

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