Lyudmila Lyadova - biography, creativity, personal life and interesting facts

To learn about the amazing life and work of the incredibly talented female composer Lyudmila Lyadova, you need to familiarize yourself with her biography. In this article we will tell you about the most hidden and hidden facts from the life of a unique woman. We invite you to get acquainted with a talented performer, to learn more facts about the personal life and children of Lyudmila Lyadova. This woman was able to show what the strength of will, desire and crazy work on themselves are capable of. Her works have conquered the hearts of the majority of listeners in our country and are proof of a unique musical talent.

Lyudmila Lyadova: biography of the composer and acquaintance with the person

The name of the heroine of our article from early childhood is associated with music. She grew up in a creative environment and was able to prove that she has a talent that deserves universal attention and recognition.Under a big secret is information about nationality, height, weight of Lyudmila Lyadova. In the biography of the parents have become an important link, especially in the formation of her talent. After all, they were able to discern the daughter's talent in early childhood and send it in the right direction. Thanks to the efforts of her father and mother, an amazing woman grew up from a little girl and became a great composer.

lyudmila lyadova biography

Lyudmila Alekseevna is a famous artist of the Soviet Union, a composer, a pianist, a singer and simply a beautiful and gorgeous woman. The list of her successes and talents can be continued for a long time. Lyudmila perfectly realized herself as a creative person and achieved great success in the music world.

Today it is very popular, well-known, in demand and is held in high esteem by its colleagues. In addition, Lyadova is the winner of various folk festivals and competitions. Creative services of Ludmila Alekseevna were awarded the Order of Friendship and the Order of Merit for the Fatherland. Her name has long entered the history of music.

But let's start with Ludmila Alekseevna’s childhood, which was no less interesting than the next life.

lyudmila lyadova biography personal life

About family

In the biography of Lyudmila Lyadovaya, the family is in the first place, because the father and mother supported her initially and throughout her life.

A famous artist was born on March 29, 1925 in the city of Sverdlovsk. The family has always appreciated art and creativity in any direction. The girl's father, Alexey Ivanovich, became the main assistant to his beloved daughter. In his youth, he sang in the opera house, then played the violin. Mom, Yulia Petrovna, sang beautifully, was a choirmaster, beautifully embroidered paintings, many of which are preserved. From childhood, parents noticed creative inclinations and seriously thought about the musical career of a talented daughter. To begin with, she was hired by a music teacher. Over time, Mila successfully entered the music school.

Start of creative activity Lyudmila Lyadovoy

At the age of ten, the girl managed to show her character when she took part in the competition, where ten people applied for one seat. Despite such great competition, she managed to easily enter the children's conservatory in Sverdlovsk. After only a year, the little performer has already participated in various competitions, festivals and projects.At the age of 14 she was even able to perform with the orchestra under the direction of conductor Mark Powerman. It seemed that the biography and personal life of Lyudmila Lyadovoy would be bright and intense, but no one could guess that soon a terrible and ruthless war would come to ordinary life.

Lyadova Lyudmila Alekseevna biography


Wartime forced to reconsider the foundations of life and attitudes to many things. In those terrible years, a young girl tried to help the soldiers who went to the front as much as possible. She participated in concerts, visited hospitals and helped care for the sick and wounded. She sang all the beloved and native songs, such as, for example, "Let's smoke", "Blue shawl" and others. At the age of eighteen, Mila was sent to Moscow to watch young talents, where she was recognized as a promising young composer. At that time, Lyudmila had written many different songs, miniatures and plays. In her work, Lyudmila Lyadova paid a lot of attention to wartime and this topic.

The first path to recognition

After some time, fate gives Mile a unique chance to fulfill himself as a singer. There is an amazing acquaintance with the promising singer Nina Panteleeva.Their musical duet was great and in 1946 brought the girls victory at the festival, which was held in Moscow. Young talents did not expect such a dizzying success, so the first glory and recognition came to them. Soon they receive numerous proposals for touring activities and long-awaited participation in a concert in Leningrad. Of course, they could not refuse such a unique offer, and soon numerous performances began.

lyudmila lyadova biography personal life children

Lyudmila Lyadova dealt with the processing of all the songs. For her, it was extremely painstaking and serious work. A year later, the young group was joyfully received in the Hermitage Museum in Moscow. In 1948, when Mila graduated from the Conservatory of Music, they set off along with Panteleeva on a large tour of such famous cities as Omsk, Kharkov, and Leningrad. And everywhere they were happy, people gladly came to their performances. There was no lack of listeners. Their unsurpassed talent gave the audience love and stormy ovations.

Significant events in the biography of Lyadov Lyudmila Alekseevna

In 1951, Lyudmila Lyadovoy in the biography observed global changes.First, she decides to leave her native Sverdlovsk and move to Moscow. Soon she is accepted into the Composers' Union and she has a chance to realize herself, working with many famous artists of that time. Unfortunately, in 1952, on the initiative of Lyudmila, their duet with Nina fell apart. No one knows the true reason for the rupture of their creative activity. Some believe that it was a banal envy. It's no secret that Nina very often envied the success of her partner. But not everything is as bad as it seems. This situation gave Ludmila an impetus for development with greater speed and enthusiasm. Soon there are many new and popular pieces of music.

Lyudmila Lyadova: biography, personal life

You can tell a lot about the romantic side of a pianist’s life. This is a kind of amazing novel with an exciting plot, with ups and downs. In short, this is a story about a unique woman who has been looking for her happiness and love for a long time and has finally found it. For the first time, Mila jumped in at a rather young age for Vasily Korzhov. At that time, the girl did not know what she was capable of, so she fell in love and quickly tied off the knot.A little later, it turned out that Lyudmila had many ambitions and that she was a creative and refined person, so she didn’t want to take on everyday issues of everyday life.

The second time she married Yuri Kuznetsov, a ballet dancer. Their marriage lasted eight happy years. During this time many good and significant moments happened in their lives. They both rose in the works, made many joint projects and realized a lot of unique ideas. It is not surprising that she soon fell in love with ballet and wrote a large number of musical works in this direction. Biography Lyudmila Lyadovoy, personal life and children are interesting to many. Therefore, it was not possible to hide the fact that after some time this marriage broke up. They said that the two leaders simply could not get along under the same roof. They both took place as independent creative individuals. Therefore, the relationship gave a crack and the couple separated.

lyudmila lyadova biography family

For the third time, Lyudmila married engineer Kiril Golovin. This union was more calculating on the part of Ludmila. However, having lived together for 5 years, the couple broke up. As Mila wrote in letters to her mother: “There is nothing worse than loneliness together.”

After some time, there was another marriage with Igor Spastenko, but he also soon collapsed due to unbridled jealousy, misunderstanding and constant desire of the spouse to remake his wife for themselves and make her a typical housewife.

The long-awaited happiness Lyadovoy

Today, Lyudmila Alekseevna Lyadova is married again. Her husband Alexander is a saxophonist. He is younger than her by 17 years. But such a difference in age does not prevent them from being happy together for more than a year now.

In her life, a strong, courageous and amazing woman is accustomed to achieve everything on her own, in spite of any obstacles and difficulties. Often her ambitions were similar to the ambitions of a strong-willed and strong man, and not a fragile and creative woman. Most likely, it was for this reason that it was not easy for her to get along with all her chosen ones. Those who are not indifferent to the fate of Lyudmila Lyadovoy, her biography, family, children, know that a woman has always dreamed of a child, but for health reasons it turned out to be impossible. Therefore, she gives all her love and care to her husband and her unique musical creations.

lyudmila lyadova biography family children

Faith in the life of the composer

I would like to note a special attitude to the religion of Lyadovoy.In early childhood, at the behest of her parents, Mila was baptized. The girl managed to bring love to the Lord through all life's burdens and followed all the canons of a believer. By the way, Lyudmila Lyadov has a very interesting attitude to the family’s biography. In her own words, God gave her talent, and her musical creations are her children. According to Lyudmila, she constantly thanks the Lord for the life he gave her for her skills, health and kindness.

lyudmila lyadova nationality height weight parents biography

Our days

Definitely, Lyudmila Lyadova with her biography is simply amazing and surprising. There were a lot of meetings, acquaintances, partings, fateful events, tours, competitions in her life. As the artist herself says, she is incredibly happy that her destiny has developed that way, and otherwise she could hardly live it. Biography Lyadov Lyudmila Alekseevny seems to us as a unique movie that you want to watch again and again. This woman managed to make herself happy, even without having children and faced with a lot of disappointments. We can only wish a talented and beautiful woman good health, creative inspiration and worldwide recognition.

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