Lyudmila Gurchenko: biography and creativity

The famous actress and singer Lyudmila Gurchenko is a popular favorite and a real superstar. On the way to success, the heroine of our story had to overcome a lot of obstacles, but she still managed to reach incredible heights and earn the love and recognition of the audience. "People's Artist of the USSR", winner of the Golden Eagle award, "Best Actress of the Year" - all this is Lyudmila Gurchenko. The biography of this great woman is as bright as her work.lyudmila gurchenko biography and creativity

Kharkov - Moscow

We know Lyudmila Markovna as an outstanding personality, however, there were times in her life when she was not noticed at all and was called a close-minded provincial who dared to consider herself a man of art, was reproached for her Kharkov accent. But let's start from the beginning.

November 12, 1935 Lyudmila Gurchenko was born. The biography of the artist began in the glorious city of Kharkov. Little Luda was the only child in the family, her father was a musician, professionally playing the accordion.Together with his young wife, Mark Gavrilovich acted as a bayan player at various cultural events. Gurchenko herself mentioned more than once that she was born in a musical family, so from childhood she was surrounded by art. At the age of 9, Lucy passed her first exam for admission to the music school. Beethoven. She performed in front of the teachers the songs “We Met at the Restaurant Bar” and “About Vitya Cherevichkina”. The Commission, having moved, made the unanimous decision to enroll the young talent in the first class.

In 1953, throwing the accordion on his shoulder, went to conquer Moscow Lyudmila Gurchenko. Biography (Soviet actresses often began their career as well) here begins with a clean slate. She passed the entrance examinations for VGIK, the Shchukin School and GITIS, for the department of musical comedy. The talent of the young singer was appreciated by everyone, but Lyudmila chose VGIK. During her studies, Gurchenko rarely had to sing, only sometimes the teachers put for her music excerpts from “The Trap”. She was looking forward to playing roles in the paintings of her favorite teacher Gerasimov, but, unfortunately, there were no suitable heroines for her.

"The road of truth"

“The Road of Truth” - that was the name of the first film, where Lyudmila Gurchenko got the role. Her biography as an actress begins with a debut phrase in the cinema: “I did not come here then to be silent!” It is difficult to imagine what was the happiness of parents who saw their daughter on the big screen of the Kharkov cinema.

"Carnival Night"

The first popularity of Lyudmila brought the picture of Ryazanov "Carnival Night", where she talentedly played Lenochka Krylova, so beloved by viewers of all ages. The immediate young girl, performing a song about “Five Minutes”, instantly won the hearts of the audience, became a real idol of the youth. However, what is the biography of Ludmila Gurchenko, it is impossible to fully imagine if you don’t know that after the stunning success of the film, many unpleasant rumors have developed around the artist’s name. Lyudmila began to be called a mid-level actress, many considered her success as random, attributed to her an affair with director Ryazanov. Luda herself has denied all the rumors and claimed that she loved him only as a professional in her field.lyudmila gurchenko biography

Single actress

Ludmila Gurchenko bore that very stigma for a while.Biography and work of the actress after the release of the film "Carnival Night" were perceived one-sidedly. She received offers to withdraw, but the roles were very similar to each other. Basically it was all the same musical comedies and films operetta. So the movies “Girl with a Guitar”, “Straw Hat”, and then “Heavenly Swallows” were born. For the sake of filming in the musical film “Mom”, the actress had to abandon the role of general in one of Mikhalkov’s most successful films “Unfinished Piece for a Mechanical Piano”. The film “Mama” brought success to Lyudmila, but new difficulties followed. During the filming an accident happened: the clown Oleg Popov, through carelessness, broke Gurchenko’s leg. The doctors' diagnosis - a closed fracture with displacement of the bone - threatened the actress with disability, but many years of training and specialized exercises brought her back to shape. And again Lyudmila Gurchenko, beloved by all, was able to dance and sport heels. Biography of the singer said that gradually the actress began to go beyond the usual roles.

Beyond the Role

Of course, Ludmila sought to move away from the usual way,play more serious dramatic roles. Thanks to her patience, talent and strong character, she managed to achieve her goal.what is the biography of lyudmily gurchenkoThe actress got an interesting role of Rita in the film “Favorite Female Mechanic Gavrilova”, and then followed the role of waitress Vera in the film Ryazanov “The Station for Two”. For both works, Lyudmila Gurchenko was awarded prizes. Biography, reviews of the roles now began to be viewed from a different angle - the world took a fresh look at the talent of the “provincial”. In confirmation of her versatility, Ludmila embodied on the screen the complex images of the unfortunate and at the same time happy heroines of the films “Twenty Days Without War” and “Five Evenings”. At the end of this extremely successful decade career in his acting career, Gurchenko writes a sincere book of memoirs called “My Adult Childhood”.lyudmila gurchenko biography soviet actresses

Relationship with colleagues

Most of those who happened to work with Lyudmila Markovna on the same film set, noted the incredible performance of this great actress, spoke of her obsession with her beloved profession. For example, Oleg Basilashvili, who was Gurchenko’s partner in the film “Station for Two,” recounted what dedication she had worked for, noted that Lyudmila hated loafers and herself always gave all her power to the shooting.According to Oleg Valerianovich, it was Gurchenko Lyudmila Markovna who taught him uncontrollably to work and treat any, even a cameo role, in all seriousness. Biography, the artist's filmography - everything speaks about her undoubted talent and professionalism, which she demonstrated on the set for many years of her career.


The 90s, marked by the collapse of the Soviet Union, brought Lyudmila a creative lull. The cost of material was very small, so the actress had to choose their roles more selectively. Familiar for Gurchenko images she repeated in new films skillfully, played strong, independent women, for example, such as in the films “Inhuman” and “White clothes”. The search for interesting new roles led the actress to an entrepreneurial theater. In 1996, she appeared on the stage in a completely new role for herself, playing "a middle-aged woman" - as a symbol of loneliness - in the play "Inaccessible" L. Trushkina. So, once again from the new side Lyudmila Gurchenko opened for her audience. Her biography is literally overflowing with different images in the cinema, each of which she managed to successfully embody.Lyudmila Markovna Gurchenko biography of the singer

Personal life

As in the life of every talented person, there were a lot of dramas and disappointments in the life of an artist. The first love of Gurchenko was a handsome writer and historian by education, the son of a repressed writer B. Pilnyak - Boris Andronikashvili, who, by the way, was a cousin of the famous Georgia director Shengelaya. However, the student marriage did not last long, and after three years the couple broke up. Lyudmila left a beautiful daughter, Masha, who, unlike her mother, did not bind her life with creativity and learned to be a nurse. The second husband of the actress was Joseph Kobzon, but this union was also not successful. Gurchenko herself did not like to recall this page in her biography, noting that her ex-husband evokes only a feeling of deep irony in her. The meeting with the last spouse, Sergei Senin, took place on the set of the film “Sex Tale”, and after a while, fate brought them together again in the work on the film “Love”, after which they decided to never part.Lyudmila Gurchenko a brief biography of the actressUp until the last days of the great actress Sergey and Lyudmila were together. All this once again demonstrates how bright the personality was Lyudmila Gurchenko. Personal life, biography, filmography of this amazing woman - a direct confirmation of this.She never sat on the spot and even in her old age radiated the energy of life and always remained young in her soul.

In glory

Many legends have always been associated with the name of Ludmila Markovna. Among them there is one relating to her in all the years of perfect appearance. They confirmed that Gurchenko spent eight hours every day at the machine to stay as attractive and to preserve the natural lightness of his figure. However, this is nothing more than fiction. In fact, the weight of the artist throughout her adult life remained unchanged - 54 kg, and the only thing that our heroine exhausted herself was constant creative work. Lyudmila did not make any supernatural efforts to preserve her thin waist, and she preferred an extra hour of restful sleep to morning exercises.lyudmila gurchenko biography reviews

First magnitude star

Even at an advanced age, a global scale star often appeared on television screens. Until the last days of his life, Gurchenko remained deeply loved and respected not only by the audience, but also by the leading masters of the national cinema. She was often called the Russian Marlene Dietrich.Lyudmila Markovna always looked stunning: in her younger years, and even in her 60s and 70s, she remained as light and elegant as before. Probably, the secret of her eternal youth lies in the indefatigable energy that she gave to us all over the years. And how much Ludmila Gurchenko managed to do in her life! A brief biography of the actress, presented in this article, confirms that this woman undoubtedly left a mark on the life of each of us, because the roles that were so brilliantly played by her were remembered by us forever. To this day, we, quoting the phrases of her heroines, recall her brilliant talent. Such outstanding people as Lyudmila Markovna never leave without a trace, because it is simply impossible to forget about her contribution to Russian cinema.

Interesting Facts

Gurchenko never saved power, gave everything to her fans. In her own words, the applause of the hall is one of the main things in her life. Standing on the stage, she seemed to fly into the sky, inspired by the love of the audience.

At one of her concerts, Lyudmila uttered the phrase: “The years are coming ...”, to which someone from the audience did not keep emotions and cried out: “Don't think about it, Lucy!” Gurchenko,of course, she didn’t get confused and, smiling, answered: “What about the passport?” The hall burst out laughing, once again making sure of the endless optimism of the great actress.

In 2001, at the 11th annual festival “Woman of the Cinema”, Lyudmila Markovna was named the “Queen of the screen”.

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