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It's time to tell about the actress, who admired more than one generation. We are glad to present you the biography of Lyudmila Chursina, who has decorated many sincere and touching plays with her many cinema works and theatrical performances. Recall also the wonderful movies where this talented actress played.

Quick reference

Let us begin the personal biography of Ludmila Chursina with a brief reference:

  • Full name: Lyudmila Alekseevna Chursina.
  • Date of birth: July 20, 1941 (Cancer according to the zodiac, Snake according to the eastern horoscope).
  • Place of birth: Dushanbe (formerly Stalinabad), Tajikistan.
  • Main activity: theater and film actress.
  • Height: 174 cm.
  • Marital status: divorced.
  • People's Artist of the USSR, People's Artist of the RSFSR.
  • The main awards: "Silver Shell" ("Crane") at the 17th IFF in San Sebastian, the RSFSR State Prize named after the Vasilyev brothers, "The Best Female Role" ("Autumn Flowers") at the Berdyansk International Film Festival, the Order of Honor,Order of Merit for the Fatherland, Fourth Degree, Order of Lomonosov, Order of Friendship of Afghanistan, Veteran of Labor, Medal "850th Anniversary of Moscow" and so on.
  • Participation in 134 films.
  • Work in theaters: Central Academic Theater of the Soviet Army, "Millennium", Vakhtangov Theater, Leningrad Academic Drama Theater named after Pushkin.
  • Activity at the film studio "Lenfilm".
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Childhood actress

The first interesting fact in the biography of Lyudmila Chursina is the story of her birth. According to official information, she was born in Stalinabad (the real Dushanbe). However, according to other sources, the birth of the mother of the great actress began on the train when the family was evacuated from the city of Velikie Luki (Pskov Region) to Tajikistan, far from military actions. Lyudmila was born on the way near the village of Gruzdevo of the same Pskov region. But parents managed to register the child only on arrival at their destination - Stalinabad.

Lyudmila's father is Aleksey Fedorovich Chursinets, a regular soldier. However, the actress herself reported in an interview that her father’s real name was Čursinias. By nationality, he was a Latvian, not a Ukrainian, as it was officially announced.Mama - Genovefa Ivanovna Chursina, a doctor by profession.

The Chursin family didn’t stop anywhere for long - it was connected with the military service of Aleksei Fedorovich. However, all the years of the Great Patriotic War, they stayed in Stalinabad. Then the Arctic, the Caucasus, Chukotka, Kamchatka ... Lyudmila went to school in Tbilisi. She recalls how she loved Georgian songs then. In the class of a hooligan. "She took her mind" only on her return to Great Luke. Lyudmila preferred the exact sciences - geometry, physics. It is noteworthy that the girl graduated from school with a gold medal.

Youth and life choices

And what next? How did the creative and personal life of Ludmila Chursina? The biography says that the girl thought up to continue her studies in one of the technical universities. She was more attracted to the aviation industry. But the fate of the great actress was resolved by His Majesty Chance.

As often happens, the girl went to support her friend together to enter the theater. And not in one, but in as many as three institutions - GITIS, VGIK, Shchukin School. Lyudmila passed the test in three universities! But a friend of the entrance tests failed.Lyudmila Chursina, after some hesitation, decided to exchange the aviation industry for the Pike. In 1963, she received a diploma from the Shchukin Theater School.

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The beginning of theatrical creativity

Everything about Lyudmila Chursina - biography, personal life, year of birth - we present in the course of the article. Now I want to acquaint the reader with a theatrical milestone in her life.

Immediately after graduating from school, Lyudmila invites Ruben Simonov to his artistic troupe at the Vakhtangov Theater. On his stage, the future Soviet star and debuted. At first it was a crowd of "Princess Turandot", then a small role in the "Russian Forest". And then in "Richard the Third" Ludmila appears already in the form of Lady Anna.

The continuation of theatrical career

In the Vakhtangov Theater, Lyudmila could be seen for three years. Then, for some time in her life, she devoted herself entirely to filming. In 1974, the actress returns to the theater. This time it turned out to be the former Alexandrinsky, and in Soviet times, the Pushkin Academic Drama Theater. On this stage, the actress plays 10 years, combining theater with filmmakers.

In 1984, Lyudmila Alekseevna moved from Leningrad to Moscow.It is believed that the capital theater of the Soviet Army was "lured away" by the role of Nastasya Filippovna in the imperishable "Idiot" Dostoevsky. Lyudmila dreamed about this image for many years. She recalls that working on the role was both attractive and exhausting. Titanic work is to convey all the vices and virtues coexisting in the soul of her heroine.

In the creative biography of the actress Lyudmila Chursina, this role is one of the most significant. Each time she managed to present Nastasia Filippovna in a new way, masterfully transform her image, bring in a new zest. It was for this that enthusiastic spectators came to the play.

This was followed by no less remarkable roles - Baroness Stahl in the Lermontov Masquerade, Ernestine Tyutchev in Farewell Light. All her images are extremely deep and multidimensional. Lyudmila Alekseevna admits that she got such an effect at the cost of a great waste of mental strength.

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Lyudmila Chursina on the theater stage today

And today, the viewer can see Lyudmila Alexeevna on the stage of the Russian Army Theater in the role of Yves in “God Save the King!”. It is noteworthy that the performance in the repertoire of the theater is more than 10 years old, but each time it collects a full audience.

Do not leave indifferent her role of the majestic royal persons in the "Empress" and "Paul the First." It is impossible not to single out the difficult psychological play of the actress in the play Duet for a Soloist. There Lyudmila Alekseevna plays a violinist confined to a wheelchair. Her heroine of the whole performance is in the office of a psychoanalyst. Talent Ludmila allows you to keep the viewer in suspense throughout this seemingly monotonous action.

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The beginning of film making

We continue to reveal the question of the biography, the personal life of the actress Lyudmila Chursina. We invite the reader to pay attention to the role of cinema in the life of this wonderful woman.

It cannot be said that success in the cinema was waiting for Lyudmila from the first roles. Nevertheless, she became the youngest actress to be awarded the title of People's Artist of the USSR (this happened at the age of 40).

Lyudmila Alekseevna made her debut in "When the trees were big." Although the role was small, it did not upset her, because she was on the same set with the real masters.

The first major role is in the Don Tale. Her heroine Daria is the unwed wife of the Red Army man Shibalko (Yevgeny Leonov).Lyudmila managed to convey the image of the director, as he had intended, - bright, strong, memorable. After this film, serious offers began to arrive one after the other - "Lyubov Yarovaya", "Virineya", "Sullen River", "Crane".

The latest film brought international fame to the actress. Ludmila won the Grand Prix at the San Sebastian International Film Festival. Audrey Hepburn herself presented the award! This was followed by an invitation to Hollywood. But Lyudmila stopped ignorance of the English language and the unwillingness of the Soviet authorities to let her citizen go to the bourgeois "dream factory".

Remarkable was her film activity for the Soviet audience. For her role in the “Dossier per person in Mercedes” she won the KGB Prize. At the Walk of Fame in Moscow there is an imprint from the hand of Lyudmila Alekseevna.

The actress and today "in the ranks." Her recent roles are in the popular modern TV series Interns and Margosha.

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Personal life

According to the biography of Lyudmila Chursina, she has no children. As she says herself, at first an obstacle was the lack of housing, then the tight work schedule. And the strong freedom-loving nature of the actress could not tolerate a quiet and measured family life.

And she was married three times.Lyudmila's first husband is Vladimir Fetin, director of the Don Tale, where the actress was shot. Together they lived for 17 years. The reason for the gap Lyudmila calls her husband's addiction to alcohol.

The second marriage was with a man far from art - oceanographer Vladimir Petrovsky. Together the spouses were only 2 years old. The third husband is Igor Andropov (son of General Secretary Yuri Andropov). Spouses also lived together for a short time - 1987-1991. To date, Lyudmila Alekseevna divorced.

Theatrical works

If we talk about the track record of the actress LyudmilaChursina (we have already told about biography and personal life), then we should not miss her significant theater roles in a number of performances of the Theater of the Russian Army (Moscow):

  • "Idiot" by Dostoevsky.
  • "Farewell Light" by Pavlovsky.
  • "Masquerade" by Lermontov.
  • "Leningralets" in Chervinsky.
  • "God save the king!" according to Maugham.
  • "Ordinary" by Dudarev.
  • "Paul the First" by Merezhkovsky.
  • "The one that is not expected," according to Cason.
  • "Eleanor and her men" by Goldman.
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Significant film works

Along with a review of the biography of Lyudmila Chursina, one cannot but mention the filmography of a remarkable actress. As we mentioned,she played in 134 films on the present! Let's remember some of them:

  • "When the trees were big."
  • "Don Tale".
  • "Chase".
  • "Andromeda's nebula".
  • "Virinea".
  • "Spring on the Oder".
  • "Crane".
  • "In Russia".
  • "Adjutant of His Excellency".
  • "Prialovsky millions".
  • "Moody River".
  • "Love Spring".
  • "Olesya".
  • "A tale about how Tsar Peter arap married."
  • "Pursuit Race".
  • "Remember or forget."
  • "On the Pomegranate Islands".
  • "Primordial Rus".
  • "Cap Monomakh".
  • "The investigation is conducted by experts."
  • "Countess".
  • "Goryachev and others."
  • "Code of dishonor".
  • "Black Room".
  • "Another life".
  • "A place under the sun".
  • "Make God laugh."
  • "Hold me tight".
  • "Outpost".
  • "My husband is a genius."
  • "Paradise apples".
  • "Grandma of Hell".
  • "Breath with me".
  • "Margosha".
  • "Olimpic village".
  • "Interns".
  • "Closed school"
  • "How to marry a millionaire."
  • "Pure art".
  • "Purely Moscow murders".
lyudmila chursina personal biography

So we introduced the reader to his personal life, biography of actress Lyudmila Chursina. A wonderful woman and today shines in the theater and movies.

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