Luxury home of Messi

Leading athletes of the world earn millionseuro - and can therefore afford absolutely everything they want. This is expressed in a variety of ways: someone buys exclusive cars, someone travels by private plane, and someone acquires impressive real estate. Lionel Messi is one of the strongest football players of our time - he has already become a legend not only of Barcelona, ​​but of the whole world football. Therefore, many want to look behind the scenes of the sport and see what the life of a star outside the football field is like. Therefore, in this article we will talk about Messi's house. Argentine footballer bought it in 2012, and it's really impressive. Messi's house is a real work of art.

A little about the owner

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But before considering Messi's house, it is necessarytell a little about its owner. The 29-year-old Argentine striker is actually a phenomenal footballer - he has already won five Golden Balls, three times he became the best footballer in Europe, won four Champions League and already became the champion of Spain eight times. He has already beaten almost all records that can be imagined, and deservedly considered the best player in the world (for this title he is actively fighting another phenomenon, Cristiano Ronaldo). Naturally, such activities do not remain without remuneration, due to which the house of Messi was acquired, as well as many other luxuries that a player allows himself.

Income of Messi

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Lionel Messi - a footballer who is oneof the highest paid in the world. His salary in Barcelona is about forty million euros, but he gets "clean" a little over twenty - Spain has a luxury tax, because of which, after a certain amount, the state has to give an impressive portion of its earnings. However, twenty million euros a year is still huge money, so Messi can build his dream house in the form he wants. And the imagination of the player was very impressive.

How does the football star look like?

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House Messi in Barcelona came to his possessionin 2012, and it is located in one of the most prestigious areas in the city, next to the houses of other celebrities and even members of the royal family. However, not only the location of this structure is remarkable - its appearance also amazes imagination. The fact that he looks like a soccer ball from a bird's eye view, and around him a site that looks like a football field - one half of it is planted with a lawn, while the other is a huge pool. However, the house is similar not only to the ball, but also to zero. Why is this done? The fact is that on one side of the house there is an addition, built in the form of a unit. Thus, the whole complex looks like the top ten from above, and it is under this number that the player plays both for the national team and for "Barcelona".

What is inside?

And of course, many would like to know thatis inside the house of a famous football player. It starts with the fact that the total area is more than 400 square meters. The spouse of the football player was engaged in organizing the house from the inside, however in the press there are only approximate models of what was planned. Modest Lionel does not particularly like to put his private life on display, so he does not drive journalists to his home so that they can take as many pictures as possible. In general, we can safely say that Messi created a dream home for himself and his family, in which he is now happily residing. He did not want to build a huge mansion outside the city, as celebrities do, so as not to have any restrictions.

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