Lost car keys - what to do? How to open a car without a key

The car is an integral part of modern man, without which it is impossible to imagine his life.

Unfortunately, the technology of driving a vehicle rests on the mandatory presence of a key. Having lost it, you can remain for some time without your "iron friend."

There are several secret ways to open a car, even if the owner has lost the only keys to the car. You can hardly go on business, but it’s quite possible to pick up the necessary things and documents!

Lost car keys. What to do?

First of all, do not panic! Not finding the keys in your pocket, collect your thoughts and remember when you last saw them. Go around the car around, look under it. Go through again the places where you were in the last hour, along the way asking the sellers: “Lost the car key with the alarm, have you seen it?”.

lost car keys what to do

What to do before opening

1. Explain to those around you that the owner has lost the car keys with the chip, and that this is your own car.

2. Be prepared to talk with law enforcement officials. Prepare at least a passport, if the rest of the documents in the car. Without an identity card you can get to the site for clarification.

3. Know how to quickly turn off the alarm. After successful opening of the door (and, possibly, from an unsuccessful attempt) you will hear a strong unpleasant beep, and you will immediately find yourself in the center of attention.

4. Think again, is it worth it to open the car? Can you provide sufficient security for the transport? At the moment he is protected from thieves. After the successful process of opening - no longer.


How to open a car without a key, the master knows for sure, who has painstakingly studied the design of the mechanisms of hundreds of locks.

It is no secret that already in every city there is a service specializing in autopsies of this kind. Services are not cheap. But are you sure of the qualifications of the master? Do not immediately trust to break your car.

Watch carefully what exactly the specialist does.If his actions seem suspicious or unskillful to you, the operation lasts a very long time, refuse the services. It is you who will have to paint the scratched place and change the broken lock.

how to open the car without a key

Method one

Most people don’t know how to open a car without a key, and are sure that only professionals can do it. Of course, it is not. If you have in stock a simple car with a door closing mechanism in the form of “studs”, consider yourself lucky.

You only need to buy a small screwdriver, a knife or scissors in the nearest shop. As well as a string, thin rope, fishing line or wire up to a meter in length. In a pinch, you can even use the cord.

After that, the tool engages a rubber seal driver or passenger front door and removed three to four centimeters. Completely pull out the rubber is not necessary.

On the wire is an eyelet, which we catch the "carnation". After numerous attempts, the target will be caught, and all that remains is to gently pull the wire up. If everything worked out correctly, the path to the car will be free.

lost car keys with chip

Second way

Lost car keys ...What to do if the first option failed and with the thousandth attempt?

In this case, a little modernize our wire. It is necessary to make a "loop" approximately in the middle. After that, using an improvised tool, retract the compactor, to provide the wire access simultaneously from the left and from the right side of the window. The resulting loop must catch the lock and tighten the loop. Pulling the wire up, you unlock the door.

Third way

In some machines, there is no locking mechanism for the door itself. Instead, there is only a control button for the central lock, which is most often located near the backstage.

In this case you will not manage with a rope, you need only a long strong fishing line with a minimum bend. After ottyagivaniya rubber seal should try to reach this button and push it. Of course, not every car’s safety systems will allow this. But even if there is a minimal chance to get inside, you should definitely use it.

Fourth method

How to open a car with a ruler? Sometimes it happens that there is no one to help, there is no place to buy the necessary equipment.And at hand - only a metal regular ruler. Well, you can try to use it. To do this, in the way we are used to, we bend back the rubber seal in the area of ​​the driver’s door lock. And with a ruler trying to put pressure on the locking mechanism.

Many modern cars are equipped with a protective mechanism, but old foreign cars and classics can be opened with certain efforts.

lost the only car keys

Lost car keys. What if completely desperate?

This method is suitable if you are sure that the keys are in the car, or the thing from the salon is urgently needed.

Alternatively, you can break one of the glasses. You should not choose the front and rear window - they are the most expensive. It is also better to avoid the smallest windows like “window vents” on the classics. The fact is that they are quite rare, and their price is prohibitively high. If there is no choice, take a look at the side window.

If there is a dubbing film on the window, then there is no need to make special preparations. Otherwise, it is better to glue it together with scotch tape to minimize the scattering of the fragments (in advance close the places of risk of damage with any cloth).

A heavy hammer (not less than a kilogram), a stone, a sledgehammer, a metal pipe will be suitable for a blow.

lost car key with alarm

Useful tips

1. You can find different sets of master keys for beginners and professionals.They cost a lot, and whether you can use them at the proper level is a big question. Think well before you spend money on them. In addition, the set will have to carry around with you, which is quite inconvenient.

lost car keys with chip

2. On the Internet you can find a large number of proposals for the manufacture of key fobs with the number of the car. Not the most rational decision. After all, if an unclean person finds the keys with such information, you can never see the car again.

It is much more logical to specify your phone number. Even a return for a fee is a much cheaper “pleasure” than making a new key with an immobilizer and buying a key fob for an alarm.

3. Configure the security system so that it does not close after a certain time after disarming.

4. Make a copy of the key without immobilizer. You can always open the door for them. And even if you lose, attackers simply can not go anywhere in your car.

4. Even if you did not open the car yourself or with the help of specialists, do not despair. With each car comes two sets of keys.You may have to lose a couple of hours on the trip home for a spare set or ask to bring it from someone of the household. Agree, not the biggest waste in life.


Sooner or later, the problem of a closed door overtakes almost all drivers, and this should be ready. Even if the owner has lost the keys to the car, what to do first of all is not to be upset. You can definitely get into your car. It depends only on the cost with which you can do it.

In advance in the garage practice to open the car, and no adversity on the road you will not be afraid.

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