Land Rover phone: reviews and specifications

"Land Rover" for many people is associated with a premium car. But not everyone knows that phones are also produced under this brand. They are not represented by a wide range, but are still in demand from a certain category of customers. The main advantage of these devices is low cost and special properties, such as a high level of resistance to shock, water resistance. But what kind of feedback the Land Rover phone received, let's look at it rover phone reviews

Special features

Studying the range of phones, you will notice that the manufacturer does not use modern design. Exterior design more consistent with a decade ago. Even with a cursory examination, calling the device flawless, without delving into the characteristics, is quite difficult. But now in the budget segment there are many devices that look stylish and expensive. It is for this reason that the Land Rover phone receives negative reviews.Such comments by and large leave those users for whom the external design of the body is one of the main criteria.

But these phones still have a feature. It consists in certain properties. All models are truly unkillable. And this is a significant plus for those who prefer to lead an active lifestyle. This group of buyers is ready to put up with the fanciful forms of the case, unusual colors, lack of sophistication and grace.

Most owners focus on the level of security that each Land Rover phone has. Reviews on the web fully confirm this information. The devices of this company have a high degree of protection when dropped or wetted. According to the standard device can be immersed in water to a depth of one meter. Also in the comments, users talk about impact resistance, so you can not be afraid that if you fall from a height, the screen or other details will be rover phone reviews

Assortment row

Although the manufacturer does not offer a huge assortment to the end customer, there are some devices in the model range that may well claim to be the flagship.For example, the device with the index X9. This smartphone is worthy of attention. Users describe its capabilities in reviews. The Land Rover X9 Flip phone is generally considered unique. The case - "folding bed". In this model, the manufacturer combined a touch-sensitive keypad with a touch screen, which is an indisputable advantage.

The company produces gadgets of different price categories. Of the inexpensive phones can be identified Land Rover S6, the cost of which varies from 4000-5000 rubles. But there are more expensive. For example, the model "A8". It is quite powerful and reliable. Looks courageous, making it ideal for men. The hardware of the model is not so impressive, so for entertainment, it is unlikely that someone will buy this phone. The manufacturer primarily focuses its products on business people.

In addition to the sensory devices, there are also button models in the line. Most of them are equipped with a high standard of protection (IP67, IP68), capacious batteries. Let's consider the most interesting (in the opinion of users) rover phone clamshell reviews

Land Rover X8 Flip

Reviews phone- "clamshell" "Land Rover X8 Flip" in most cases receives only laudatory.The first thing you notice is reliability. For some owners, the device fell from a great height and remained practically intact. In addition to the security level, users also have two screens as benefits.

The front displays the current time and call information. Its size is 2.5ʺ. Supports about 260 thousand colors. The resolution is 320 × 240 px. The second display (internal) - touch. Permissive capacity is the same as that of the first. The only difference in the size of the diagonal is that it is larger for the internal (3.5ʺ).

The owner of this model is given the opportunity to install two full-size cards of mobile operators. The phone works on the MTK6252 chip. There is a 3 megapixel camera. The size of the internal memory is small (1 MB), but it can be increased up to 32 GB using a flash card. There are in the gadget and wireless modules: GPS and Bluetooth.

But the most positive reviews sounded in the address of autonomy. This model is equipped with a capacious battery of 16.8 thousand mAh. The manufacturer claims that the talk time of the phone is 160 hours. Of course, many people doubt the actual capacity of the battery, however, in the reviews, the owners confirm that the device holds the charge for a very long time.

Land Rover X9 Flip

There is another rather interesting clamshell phone in the assortment - Land Rover X9. Reviews of this model make it clear that it is intended mainly for those who lead an active lifestyle. This unit is equipped with a capacious battery. The 16800 mAh battery provides long battery life. Included are two batteries. Also, the phone has an 8-megapixel camera, which makes pretty high-quality pictures.

Due to the high protection of the phone is able to work even in extreme conditions. Allowable temperature: from +85 ° C to -40 ° C. The screen is covered with a special plate, whose thickness is 1.5 mm. When it falls, it prevents the formation of cracks, so even if you hit a hard surface, the phone does not get damaged. Soft keys are placed on the front surface of the movable cover, which allows you to quickly answer an incoming call. The sound of the speakers is quite loud. The speech of the subscriber sounds clear.

By cons users attributed only limited functionality. This model is a simple "dialer", and not a smartphone, so many of the usual options to the owners will not be rover phone x9 reviews

Phone "Land Rover X9": reviews

Naturally, studying the model range of this brand, you need to consider a smartphone. The device with the X9 index is running the fifth "Android". Equipped with MTK6535 quad-core chip. A simple video card Mali-720 MP is responsible for the graphics. If these characteristics are hardly impressive, then the amount of memory is worthy of respect. It is for this criterion that this Land Rover phone receives positive reviews. The manufacturer has integrated two gigabytes of "RAM" and 32 GB of internal. Note that not every modern gadget in the price range up to 10 thousand rubles can boast of such indicators. Also, the advantages of users include a 5-inch screen (HD), 8-megapixel main camera, rechargeable battery for 5 thousand mAh.

Users have not found significant flaws. They can, with great stretch, include only one SIM card slot and outdated design.

Land rover v19

phone clamshell land rover x9 reviews

Another interesting smartphone of the Land Rover brand. Phone reviews received a lot. Users identified both strengths and weaknesses. The latter include a not very powerful platform (4 core processor and Mali-400 MP video card), a small amount of RAM (1 GB) and integrated storage (8 GB). The rest of the device is quite competitive.In the comments, users pay special attention to the characteristics of cameras (15 and 8 megapixels) and battery (4500 mAh).

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