Lancia Delta: description and specifications

The Italian company of the same name Lancia Delta - Lancia carmaker - is the creator of the legendary car, which is still popular today.

lancia delta

Model history

For all the time of production was released three generations of the car. Conveyor production of the first generation was launched in 1979, and the presentation of the car - at the international motor show in Frankfurt. The first generation was originally created as a sports car to participate in the rally.

Lancia Delta from 1987 to 1992 took first place in the world rally: the model took six cups. The main competitors of the car were such famous brands as Opel, Volkswagen, Ford and others. Despite the fact that the model was created for racing, the company also produced ordinary cars.

Lancia Delta was offered in the five-door version of the hatchback body. In 1980, the model received the European award of the year. Serial production of the first generation was made until 1994.

The second generation received a new name - Lancia Delta Nuova.The presentation of the model took place in 1993. Created a car based on the Fiat Tipo and offered in another version of the body - a three-door hatchback. Serial production of the second generation was discontinued in 1999. Both generations belonged to segment B, while the third generation, released in 2008, already belonged to segment C. The third generation is produced to this day.

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Specifications Lancia Delta

In the third generation, Delta received a front-wheel drive and a good line of petrol and diesel-type power units. The power of the gasoline engine is 200 horsepower, diesel - 190 horsepower, developed by turbocharging.


The basic version of the Lancia Delta is equipped with 17-inch wheels, fog lamps, audio system with controls on the steering wheel, heated windows, airbags, ABS system and other options.

lancia delta specifications


Lancia Delta was created on the platform of Fiat Bravo, but it has nothing to do with it, even in size: the length of the wheelbase Delta more than 10 centimeters.

The front part of the body is equipped with a trapezoidal grille with integrated headlights with LED eyeliner.The side part stands out for the elegant joint of the rear wing and roof, made in the style of the tuning studio Zagato. From the flagship model of Thesis, the car received the rear optics and bicolore two-tone body color. According to the results of the Lancia Delta review, we can say that the exterior of the car remains relevant and attractive.


Kinship with Fiat can be traced in the trim. The front panel, the location of controls and instruments borrowed from the Fiat Bravo. Since the Lancia Delta is of Italian production, many car enthusiasts expect something unusual and original from the model. The manufacturer does not disappoint: on the central body racks are gold nameplates, made in the form of a stylized letter D. True, such logos are available only in the Executive package.

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The front panel and most of the interior of the cabin upholstered in natural leather Poltrona Frau beige and black shades. Furniture manufactory entered the automotive market thanks to the Lancia auto company, which ordered the development of an exclusive version of Thema 8.32 from her. The seats, decorated with genuine leather, are very comfortable and comfortable and are equipped with headrests and contrast edging with the emblem of Lancia.Front seats boast lateral support, a sporty profile and a wide range of mechanical settings. The rear almost does not correspond to a given class of car: spacious, soft, separated by a thoughtful wide armrest and equipped with adjustable backs.

Salon Lancia Delta is practical and ergonomic: the center armrest can be adjusted in length, inside is a cooled beverage compartment. On the doors there are pockets with rubber inserts, the glove box has a considerable capacity. The multimedia system with a color display is equipped with a navigation system and supports the Blue & Me interface based on Windows Mobile.

The Italian car is equipped with a Bose audio system with a subwoofer and ten speakers and a panoramic roof with electric sunroof. The alarm button is made in the style of the company logo-shield Lancia. Only German cars differ in such a rich bundle, so the Italian carmaker has every right to show off the Delta model, which is able to compete with other European models.

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