"Lada Kalina" hatchback: reviews of owners, price

Release of the first "Kalina" sedan realized in 2004. Two years later, the company sent a hatchback car to the conveyor. The car immediately aroused interest among domestic motorists. The car was budget and unpretentious to repair. Modern design, rounded shapes have become its highlight.

The story of "baby"

Development "Kalina" began back in 1993. But only in 1998 the company gave the name to its “baby” - “Lada Kalina”. On November 18, 2004, Lada launches a sedan in a car.

In 2007, the "Lada Kalina" hatchback gets a new 16-valve 1.4-liter engine. As it became known, in the same year, the company sends back more than 8,000 models due to manufacturing defects. Russian President Putin V. V. got behind the wheel of this car, rolled on the AvtoVAZ track and was pleased with the car.

In May 2011, the company ceases to release the "Kalina" sedan because of the new car of this family, the Lada Grant.But after 2 years, a newer generation is born - the Lada Kalina hatchback. The car has repeatedly ranked first in sales of the company "Lada".

Lada Kalina hatchback

The second generation "Kalina"

The Lada Kalina second-generation hatchback is undoubtedly the sales leader among the products of the entire domestic auto industry. Some units are similar to the car "Lada Granta". Releasing the second generation of the hatchback, the company relied on a young consumer audience. Therefore, the car was more stringent requirements in terms of e-filling the car. "Lada Kalina" hatchback is available in three trim levels: standard, standard and deluxe.

First of all, in the second generation of cars, a new grille with elegant rounded headlights strikes the eye. Also, changes have affected the cabin and dashboard. The trunk has become more spacious - the volume of 260 liters. In the luxury configuration car is equipped with an automatic transmission from the Japanese manufacturer Jatco.

Lada Kalina hatchback price

The car as a whole causes positive feelings. First, it is dynamic, which allows the motorist to feel more confident in the city traffic.The steering was tough, but at the same time responsive. Secondly, the car is equipped with the latest modern technologies: ABS, electric power steering, electronic pedal, and airbags are installed in the luxury configuration.


Lada Kalina"
Drive unit Front
Length Width Height 3893/1700/1500
Base 2476
Front wheel / rear track 1430/1414
Luggage capacity 240/550
Mass of the car in the equipped state 1160
Engine capacity 1,6
Number of cylinders 4
Torque 4000
Maximum power 98 hp
Fuel AI-95
Fuel consumption 7.6 l / 100 km
Transmission Type Mechanical / Automatic
Number of gears (forward / backward) MT 5/1; AT 4/1
Tires 175/65 R14
Full fuel tank capacity 50
Body type

"Kalina" ("Lada") hatchback, the price of which ranges from 376,000 rubles. up to 466,000 rubles., can compete with such cars as the Renault Logan, Chevrolet Aveo, Volkswagen Polo and many other foreign models.

Motorists Reviews

Many motorists products of the domestic auto industry are called "basins". New "Kalina" to call that name does not turn the language. The car is equipped with the latest technology.In the maximum configuration, it is equipped with a radio with a touch LCD display, airbags, fog lights, alloy wheels.

Lada Kalina hatchback reviews

The car is equipped with both automatic and manual transmissions. The machine from the Japanese manufacturer works flawlessly and jerks when switching. The "Kalina" smooth ride when driving, the electronic gas pedal makes itself felt. When you press the gas pedal sharply, you can hear the pleasant sound of the engine.

Thanks to the small wheelbase, the car on the road keeps perfectly. Energy-intensive suspension on the roads showed its best side. Suspension stiff, but at the same time in the car felt comfort. The clearance of the car is high for its class, so that a small pit will not be a problem for the “Kalina”.

On the car "Lada Kalina" (hatchback) reviews of the owners are generally positive. For the first time in the domestic car salon does not rumble. In the rear seats, tall people, unfortunately, will be uncomfortable. The trunk is small, but also roomy, for trips to the cottage it is enough. The fuel consumption of the car is small, which means that with the current prices for gasoline - this is what a middle-income person needs.

Lada Kalina hatchback specifications

Tuned "Kalina"

Fans of the car "Lada Kalina" (hatchback) tuning it is not needed if you buy it in the configuration "Sport". A new 1.6-liter engine with 118 horsepower is installed in the car. Speed ​​lovers will enjoy acceleration to 100 km / h, it is only 9.5 seconds. In this configuration, the car "Kalina" ("Lada") hatchback price will be a little more than the luxury version (487,000 rubles).

Inside, there are few innovations, but first of all, the trimming of some parts under the skin, as well as the new seats, are striking. In the sports version of the car "Lada Kalina" (hatchback), reviews of motorists say about it, it became much more comfortable due to the new seats. Ergonomic seats with lateral support allow the driver throughout the day not to feel tired at the wheel.

New Lada Kalina hatchback

In the car, "Lada Kalina" (hatchback) engine tuning exceeded all expectations. The car has become much more dynamic, while not losing its economy in fuel consumption. Installed disc brakes - for better braking of the car.

"Sick" places

The global problem in "Kalina" is the stove. New "Lada Kalina" (hatchback) also left the assembly line with this "sore."It does not immediately appear, but still has a place to be. Oven "Kalina" flows due to poor sealing of hoses. Fluid from the radiator can get to the processor of the car, which is located directly under the stove. This is fraught with the fact that the engine will not start.

A 16-valve engine is less reliable than an 8-valve engine. At breakage the timing belt may bend valves. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the belt and change it in a timely manner (preferably every 30,000 km). Timing thrust bearing also often breaks. Therefore, with the replacement of the belt should be replaced and the bearing.

The car body is highly corroded, so it is necessary to lubricate the underside of the car with an anti-corrosion coating. Trunk loops rust more often than other parts. If you do not lubricate them in time, the lid will not close well and open.

Lada Kalina hatchback tuning

"The patient will live"

In conclusion, it can be noted that “Kalina” is an excellent answer to skeptics who asserted that the domestic auto industry cannot change for the better. The car exceeded all expectations with its modern design and e-filling. "Lada Kalina" hatchback, the characteristics of which are similar to the "Grant", came off the assembly line with a decent machine for domestic and foreign drivers.The car is perfect for everyday driving, as well as for going on nature.

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