Krasnoyarsk region: rest. Holiday Village "Buzim"

A worthy alternative to overseas resorts with theirlanguishing beaches under the hot sun, close to the crowds of tourists streets and beautiful, but such crowded seas is a holiday in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Nature has not spared for him the green forests that give coolness and fill the lungs with curative air, wonderful rivers and lakes. People added to all natural divas one more thing - the man-made sea of ​​Krasnoyarsk, which became a favorite vacation spot for Russians.

Lake Buzim

The name of the lake for some causes a smile, because the word "buzim" can be interpreted as "having fun".Holiday resort BuzimHowever, Lake Buzim is a fairly calm reservoir,surrounded by an evergreen coniferous forest, under the canopy of which is a carpet of herbs and flowers. The lake was born thanks to the dam on the river of the same name. Four years ago there was a destruction of the walls of an artificial barrier, and the lake again became a river. But the dam is quickly restored, and now again you can admire the serenity and beauty of the local nature, forgetting about the city bustle. They come here with savages, put tents on the beach, fish, pick mushrooms and berries and cook food at the stake, in general, enjoy romance. And lovers of comfort give here a wonderful holiday recreation center "Buzim", located right on the shore of the lake.

How to get there?

About the rest in these parts know not all, althoughThe lake is just an hour's drive from Krasnoyarsk. Territorially it belongs to the Sukhobuzim district. You can get there by bus to the village of Sukhobuzimsky, and then - by taxi. Motorists who liked this lake rest, recreation center "Buzim", should follow the route Krasnoyarsk - Yeniseisk. On the indicator "43 km" it is necessary to turn towards Sukhobuzimsky and then follow the signs for Buzim. They rest here all year round. These places are especially popular among fishermen, because there are a lot of fish in the lake. Pike, pike, perch, and crucian carp are caught here, and catch is always rich in any part of the reservoir. Some take their boats with them, and the cars are left in the base. Previously, it was free, now they pay for entry and for parking space.

What is the recreation center "Buzim" that provides rest?

Recreation centers Krasnoyarsk

At the same time the base can accommodate 200 people.Accommodation of holidaymakers takes place in a three-story building, in which there are rooms of different comfort and, accordingly, cost. Double rooms of the category "Standard" are equipped with a set of necessary furniture. For the convenience of guests, they have a washbasin and a TV, and the hygienic rooms are on the floor. Block numbers are arranged in pairs (double and triple rooms). Toilet and shower with washbasin are shared on the unit. In an improved double-room single room guests are provided with a TV, refrigerator, bathroom, and in the two-room suite a sideboard is added. The most comfortable holiday recreation center "Buzim" provides in three-room apartments, equipped with two baths, TV, refrigerator, a wide range of furniture.Base on the Krasnoyarsk Sea

Things to do?

In a very beautiful place there is a recreation centerThe Buzim. The photos taken by tourists show the water surface of the lake framed by trees. On the territory of the base there is a nice beach. On the opposite side, where usually there are tents, there is no such level descent into the water. On the beach can be holidaymakers and savages, but the latter will have to pay for the entrance to the base. On the lake you can make walks on boats and catamarans, they are provided at the hostel for a fee. You can also take bicycles and barbecues for use, but experienced vacationers advise you to bring your own, as there are not enough bazovskys at all. To services of visitors - a sauna with a pool, a small golf course, a billiard room, sports grounds, tennis tables. There are halls for banquets and conferences. Meals on the base are organized in the own restaurant, where breakfasts pass through the buffet system, and lunches and dinners can be ordered according to their preferences (children's, vegetarian dishes, menus for those engaged in fitness). On weekends, discotheques and music festivals are arranged on the base.Buzim Holiday Village Photo

Rest on the Krasnoyarsk Sea

The Krasnoyarsk reservoir, created on the Yenisei,so huge that many call it the sea. Several large rivers flow into it, at the mouth of which beautiful bays are formed. The most popular ones are Tubinsky, Biryusinsky, Shumikha. On their shores, magnificent recreation centers are built. Krasnoyarsk is located about 45 km from the hydroelectric power station, and the reservoir itself stretches for almost 400 km, so the distance and time on the way to the resting place will depend on which bay to choose. But in any case, you need to go to Divnogorsk (by car, bus or train), and then - by bus or taxi. Landscapes on the Krasnoyarsk Sea are magnificent. There are beaches convenient for bathing and launching boats, there are fringed with dense green forests, and there are decorated with steep rocks. One of them has the form of a ring. They say that if you go through it and make a wish, it will come true. On the reservoir in winter and summer, many fishermen, because the fish here is always enough. And in Derbinsky Bay not only animals are caught, but also household items, since here a whole village is flooded.Rest in the Krasnoyarsk Territory

Where to stay?

Many come to the reservoir by savages,break tents and rest in Spartan conditions. There are wonderful recreation centers waiting for lovers to live in comfort all year round. Krasnoyarsk, Divnogorsk, Minusinsk, Abakan - not a complete list of cities whose residents are constantly coming to the reservoir. In summer the weather is here, as on the southern seas. Air warms up to +30 and above, and water - up to +25, so you can swim and sunbathe. True, comfortable beaches are not everywhere. In the bays of Sisim and Tochilny they are sandy, and in other places they are mostly stony. Another drawback is the lack of toilets. These facilities have almost every base on the Krasnoyarsk Sea, but "savages" are not allowed there. And there are bases not everywhere. For example, in the bays of Daursky, Volchikha, Sisim, you can only settle in a tent. Excellent modern facilities, where vacationers are provided with the widest range of services and rooms with all amenities, there are in the bays Shumikha, Tochilnoye, Shakhobaiha on Ogur, in Primorsk. The cost of the rooms, depending on the category, is from 600 to 1500 rubles per day. There are several free hunting lodges in Volchikha Bay. Here are the options for accommodation in the Krasnoyarsk Sea.

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