Kosher is ... What foods are kosher?

We all once heard the word "kosher". It means "fit or fit." Often used in relation to food by Jewish believers. Shops with the same name must have a certificate from a rabbi. It guarantees the sale of exclusively kosher products. There is a special set of rules that determines what you can eat and what you don’t eat. It is called kashrut. These rules are very difficult for an ordinary person to understand, but for Judaism this is the norm. For example, you can not eat dairy with meat at the same time or pork. We will not go deep into the essence of the rules, we will only say that the modern concept of "kosher" is not at all what we described above. Now its value has acquired a new shade: "normal, fit."

kosher it


Kosher food is becoming increasingly popular. This desire is not at all connected with religion, but is a simple desire to heal the body, make it easier for him to work and free him from heavy food.

Kosher is a diet that includes environmentally friendly, healthy products for people, which are included and allowed to kosher. They are marked with a special sign, which gives a guarantee of usefulness, environmental friendliness and the highest quality. Much more expensive is kosher food. What is it specifically - we will tell a little further.


As for meat, it includes lamb, beef, goat, wild herbivores. Kosher animals are those who have cloven hooves and the ability to chew. Here there are a number of rules for slaughtering and processing meat.

Everything is easier with fish. If she has fins and scales, it can be safely attributed to the category of "kosher products."kosher food what is it

"What does this mean, every fish has scales," - you will be surprised. We will explain. Scales are not present in all types of fish. For example, in eel, catfish, sharks, sturgeon it is absent. Accordingly, black caviar is also not suitable for consumption, and kosher is, as we already know, meaning "suitable." Seafood is not the same because of the lack of fins.

As for the birds, the Torah says nothing about them, it says only predators and scavengers. They can not be used.Cutting and slaughtering here should also take place in a special way.

Insects and rodents are prohibited. Forbidden species also include meat of hares, rabbits, amphibians and reptiles. For honey, Thor makes an exception, although it is produced by insects.

Kosher food: what it is and how to cook it

Cooking this kind of food baffles many. For example, you can not cook together meat and dairy products, as well as eat. If you want to cook a bird in white sauce - it will be just unforgivable. Deeply religious people prepare these products using different dishes. Some even use different slabs, but this is already a cost of beliefs. Dairy products can be eaten or drunk only six hours after the meat, and this is correct. For the body is not very useful such a mixture. After cheese, eat myasco is also better after six hours.

Milk consumption for Jews is allowed only from kosher animals. According to the rules, the rabbi or his confidant observes products what is it

So kosher. What does this mean for products? In relation to bread, this word implies baking by the believers themselves. In the process of baking, you need to tear off a piece and burn it. It is called challah.If bread is not baked at home, even there the oven should include only Jews and watch over them.

With regard to eggs, they should not be specks, especially blood. In everyday life, we do not pay much attention to this, but for believers it is very important. Also, you can not cook them all together. Allowed cooking in one pot only three, previously washed, pieces.

If you think that vegetable food is easier - you are mistaken. Let's understand the concept of kosher products, what it is and how to use them. Since insects and various worms are forbidden to use, Jews have to carefully examine and sift cereals, flour, legumes, greens, fruits, vegetables, and berries. Of course, we also check the food for the presence of the above, but we are not so scrupulous about this process.

Is Kosher Goods Good?

These goods include wine and all beverages that contain grapes, as well as its derivatives. Such wines are much more expensive than even the highest quality, foreign. They are manufactured and manufactured exclusively by Jews. Grapes need to be collected at a certain time from those bushes that have reached the age of goods are

Before each production, a ritual sacrifice is done and a prayer is read. In factories for the production of wines at this time must stop all other processes. You still do not understand the essence of the term "kosher products", what is it? Then we dive in and say that this is a permanent sterilization of everything from equipment to communications. This is done not only to decontaminate, but also to clean everything. Something like cleansing before a new one.


In no case should anyone be allowed to see how the wine is made. It is believed that this is a sacred ritual, during which outsiders are strictly forbidden.

Working on Saturday is a terrible sin. All production stops for one day.

If someone with non-Jewish blood touches the products, they will lose their kosher nature and become unsuitable for cooking.

Kosher wines were pasteurized. All this is done to prevent the loss of "fitness." Consequently, such and any other wines should be uncorked and bottled only by Jews.

Of course, you need to understand that this is just a religious approach to the manufacture of products, and it has nothing to do with healthy eating.Today winemakers often avoid such rituals, as it takes a lot of time, and produce ordinary wine drinks.

kosher products what is it


Summarize. We covered only the main points in the article on kosher products. These traditions are significant only for Jewish believers and do not apply to ordinary people. Do not confuse the usual ecological and healthy products with kosher.
Alcoholic grape drinks are widely used in other cultures, different nations. For example, Christians use it as communion wine, as the blood of the Lord.

Still, kosher products are many times healthier, tastier and cleaner than usual. All production is well controlled, and goods are produced according to all the highest quality standards. You can even not think about hygiene, as it is constantly checked, especially regarding meat. All animals pass total control and are constantly being tested for diseases and so on. Even an injured animal cannot be eaten, let alone a sick one. When taking care of and feeding, do not use hormones or antibiotics.

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