Kixx (oil): customer reviews, types and features

If the budget for the purchase of original lubricants and spare parts is limited, a suitable solution is to use third-party products. Products characterized by an optimal price-to-quality ratio - Korean oil Kixx, reviews of which are somewhat contradictory. The advantages, features and nomenclature groups of the goods supplied are all covered in the review.

Kixx Motor Oil Types

Kixx - oil (product reviews are dual in nature), which is produced by the Korean brand GS Caltex Corporation. The manufacturer manufactures lubricants for different equipment.

Among the range you can find both industrial compounds and oils for cars. The brand supplies 3 types of products for components and assemblies:

  • engine oils;
  • transmission fluids;
  • lubricants.

Engine oil Kixx, reviews of which are positive and negative content, is implemented for gasoline and diesel engines of various viscosities.Among the range of the brand products are presented on 3 bases: synthetic, semi-synthetic, mineral. To improve the washing qualities of the brand, various formulations of used additives are developed.

kixx oil reviews

The range of sold lubricants for gasoline engines has a lot of units:

  • PAO, PAO 1;
  • Neo;
  • G1, G1 Dexos 1;
  • Gold SL, SJ, SF / CF.

For diesel engines, the brand supplies several types of products with different tolerances, the formulas used, the basics used:

  • D1;
  • SUV;
  • Dynamic CF-4, CH-4, CG-4;
  • DX and PAO DX.

Types of Kixx gear oils

Korean brand GS Caltex produces gear oils for several types of components and assemblies:

  • CVTs;
  • automatic transmissions (AT);
  • mechanical gearbox (MT);
  • transfer cases;
  • bridges;
  • gearboxes.

All products have different formulas for specific sites due to the nature of the structure. The manufacturer notes in the technical specifications of the characteristics and tolerances for which units this or that gear oil Kixx is suitable, the reviews of which were divided into two groups.

kixx 5w30 motor oil reviews

Tolerances and standards

Kixx - oil, reviews of which are varied, with a variety of manufacturers tolerances.Among the supplied goods, each motorist will find a suitable lubricant for the make and model of the vehicle for the engine or transmission units.

Studying the specifications for special liquids, one can find that most of them meet the requirements of international standards:

  • API;
  • ACEA;
  • SAE;
  • MIL;
  • ILSAC;
  • Psf.

This means that the high quality of bases and additives, well-thought formulas distinguishes the Kixx (oil) brand product. Customer reviews suggest its use for a variety of makes and models of vehicles, with lubricant performance characteristics average.

kixx motor oil reviews

The basic rule for the selection of fuels and lubricants is a thorough examination of the tolerances before purchase, since not all Kixx products meet the requirements of manufacturers. For example, the PAO series has the BMW LL-01 standard, but the G1 does not.

The basics

Pledge of high-quality lubricant for the engine or transmission - the basis. Korean manufacturer uses 3 types of base oil:

  • synthetic;
  • semi-synthetic;
  • mineral.

Synthetic oil is a base of selected base fluids that have undergone certain chemical synthesis reactions so that the finished product has the desired performance properties.This type of lubricants is characterized by a special molecular structure, which provides resistance to low temperatures, oxidation, thermal changes, wear, and friction.

A semi-synthetic base is a mixture of mineral and synthetic bases. Most often used for old-style engines.

Mineral oil is a product of petroleum refining, characterized by unstable structure and viscosity, which provokes evaporation, burning fuels and lubricants, sensitivity to low temperatures.


There are innumerable additives to give the oils optimum properties. Kixx applies the following:

  • viscosity;
  • antiwear;
  • antioxidant;
  • detergents;
  • dispersed;
  • extreme pressure;
  • anti-foam.

Viscous additives are a group of elements introduced into the composition of the base oil to impart fluidity, to avoid freezing of the lubricant at negative temperatures.

Anti-wear components reduce the load on the moving parts of the unit, covering the surface with a protective film, which increases the operation time of the components.

The antioxidant components in the formula of substances increase the stability of the oil, neutralize through interaction undesirable chemical compounds that occur during the operation of the product.

Detergents are detergent additives whose purpose is to prevent the formation of deposits on the contacting surfaces: carbonaceous deposits, oxide compounds, carbon deposits.

Dispersed substances in the composition of the oil soften the solid impurities formed during the operation of the engine elements, help reduce the level of dirt and soot.

Extreme pressure additives give sliding properties, therefore Kixx (oil), reviews of which are different in content, reduces the load on friction parts, reducing friction.

Anti-foam components eliminate the effects of interaction with other additives, which improves the formula of the lubricant, increasing the technical characteristics.

oil kixx g1 reviews

Pros and cons of motor oil Kixx

Kixx motor oil is popular among car enthusiasts. Reviews about this lubricant are not bad. Owners using Korean brand products have several positive features:

  • affordable price;
  • optimal performance;
  • well thought out formula;
  • suitable temperature range;
  • resistance to low thermal values;
  • decrease in wear level of parts.

If you delve into the composition and performance, then the negative points can not be detected due to a well-thought formula by technologists. But negative ratings among buyers received motor oil Kixx 5W30. Reviews of it emphasize several shortcomings:

  • unstable structure;
  • high consumption of lubricant;
  • combustion.

Selecting engine oil, you should carefully study the technical characteristics, compliance with manufacturers standards. One of the most popular lubricants for belt-driven motors is Kixx 5W40. Reviews of this special liquid are diverse, for the opinions of car owners are divided.

 gear oil kixx reviews

Advantages and disadvantages of transmission oils

Transmission oil formulas are ideally matched to certain types of components. According to customer reviews, the products used satisfy the price, quality and properties.

Disadvantages may occur if the oil for the transmission type was selected incorrectly.In the specifications for the supplied goods, the manufacturer warns in which cases it is not recommended to use a certain product in order to avoid breakages.

What to look for when buying engine oil?

Before buying, you should study the specification for the oil, where the manufacturer indicates the important characteristics:

  • class SAE;
  • API standard;
  • base number;
  • viscosity index;
  • flash point and yield point;
  • sulphate ash.

The temperature viscosity, specified in accordance with the SAE class, determines the thermal limits at which the oil does not lose its properties and is suitable for use. The smaller the value, the more liquid the product, which makes it easier for the engine to start in cold weather.

The API standard index, marked on the container, indicates the type of engine for which the special liquid is intended: gasoline or diesel, old or new type.

 kixx 5w40 motor oil reviews

The higher the base number, the more pronounced the washing properties. The indicator is the proportion of potassium hydroxide in the product volume. If you choose the oil with the optimal value of the index, you will be able to reduce the corrosive effect on engine parts.

Viscosity index indicates the stability of the properties when the temperature changes, while ensuring the optimum thickness of the oil film on the surfaces of the internal combustion engine components, which reduces wear.

The higher the flash point, the better the oil is considered to be, due to the absence of flammable fractions the volatility and burning of the substance is reduced.

The value of the loss of fluidity indicates a negative temperature point at which the oil freezes. The lower the rate, the better the car will start in the cold.

The number of sulphate ash characterizes the content of additives in the composition of the oil, preventing deposits on engine parts. Excess ash content negatively affects the engine components, as the working mixture ignites earlier, which leads to wear of parts of the power unit, inoperability of spark plugs.


Korean brand engine oils with a viscosity of 5W30, 5W40, 10W40 have gained popularity among car owners, as they have optimal characteristics for the Russian climate.

For the winter often pour engine oil Kixx 5W30. Customer reviews speak of easy start-up in cold weather, fluidity.Some owners note the volatility and combustion of the lubricant in the belt units with runs. In the chain of internal combustion engines of such a deficiency is not identified.

Suitable for use in summer and winter for used cars is Kixx 5W40 engine oil. Reviews about him are controversial. Among the fans found the owners of SUVs, older cars.

For engines with the development of mechanisms using oil Kixx 10W-40. Positive feedbacks provide information on optimal density, reduced lubricant consumption. The only feature is a difficult start at -30 ̊ C.

oil kixx 5w40 reviews

If you need to buy a lubricant product, which is characterized by an acceptable cost, resistance to oxidation, low temperatures, the available option is Kixx G1 oil. Consumer feedback has both negative and positive content.

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